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Hard to accept its anxiety!

I've had increasing panic attacks for the last few months. I've just come out of admission as it was so bad. I've had blood tests and 24 hour ECG and 24 hour urine all normal apart from the 24 hour urine test as I'm still waiting for it. I'm really worried I have a hormone problem causing the rushing in my chest and fast heartrate. Most of the consultants I've seen have said it's pretty unlikely that I have this but after reading up on it. Every time I get symptoms I thing omg it's this and it's goin to kill me ect. I don't know how to cope whilst I wait for this result

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Hi Mcminn

All your tests so far are normal and it sounds like you are suffering from a health anxiety. I have spent many a night in the A & E thinking I was dying when infact I was just having a panic attack about dying. It sounds like you are worrying unnecessarily. Your tests are normal so far so I am sure the urine one will be to. If you find yourself worrying like this often it might be worth a visit to your GP to try and seek some therapy for your anxiety. Good luck with it and I am sure your concerns are due to your anxiety.

All the best



Hi McMinn

Well done for going to check your symptoms.I think is important to check our body first before getting to the conclusion that it s just anxiety...The body is like a car...at times can have problems too!So if you have a condition can be fixed...it could be your heart or it could anxiety..you can work on it... Accepting anxiety it s not easy but with time it can become easier to accept it..we all went trough that phase unfortunately...And remember if it's panick attack you re not going to die..have you ever heard anybody die of panick attack???

Best of wishes ,be patient,results will come and if you need to discuss it further we are always here to help you



Thank you. I'm having cbt witch thankfully starts next Thursday. It's just the wait for a week and for the last test. I do feel I'm worrying unless early but it's so east to point the finger on a problem than anxiety. I'm taking diazepam 2-4 mg at the moment. Luckily I've managed a week without having to take it. Although I know the effects stops the symptoms I don't like feeling dizzy and weirded.


I understand how hard it is to accept Anxiety, when I got diagnosed with it, I ignored it until I had either a panic or anxiety attack and how I have had both and I didn't admit my anxiety/ depression to anyone till a week after I was diagnosed. Everything will be fine, the more you worry, the worse your anxiety is going to be and once your anxiety gets worse, its very hard to get yourself calm again, my anxiety comes in 'waves' so one week I will be fine and the next I will be anxious and my anxiety hit Monday just gone, which makes it hard for me to stay in the classroom (especially English)


Have your blood checked and make sure they check all your levels including Vitamin D. I am deficient in D and it could make you feel really crappy.


I have been through all of it in the past two years. There are still days I have an attack and your mind will tell you "oh but this is different maybe it isn't anxiety or panic" and it always is. I have finally accepted it. I have a wonderful doctor who works on the basis of acceptance anxiety. I have had every test known to man and I am otherwise very healthy. I can say that with his help I only have slight attacks every couple of weeks which was every single day. Get the book." At last a life" by Paul David. It is the basis of where I started in my healing and it started helping me the very first day I read it. I had racing heart, dizziness, heart palpitations, hives, I feel like my throat is closing or I can't breathe or like I have something caught. Guess what...... All how my anxiety presents itself. In the middle of the night and often times the sense of dread you actually feel like you may die. It is very real and unless someone else has had that feeling they cannot understand. Get the book, get a doctor who teaches the acceptance method. Cognitive takes too long I have been that route too. I still keep my xanax with me, and if I have an episode sometimes I still take one just to prove to myself that it is anxiety. It always goes away. (by the way that is the wrong thing to do because the worst thing you can do is try and control it. It makes it bigger. Welcome it in and let it be there focus on something else in the present moment (counting helps me) and dont try and figure out what is, what caused it, what you ate, etc... that makes it bigger. Feel free to contact me if you want. I wish you luck. I don't wish this on my wost enemy. I understand. Stacey

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Hi Mcminn1,

I know exactly what you mean. It is hard to believe that your healthy when you feel as if you are dying. Panic attracts, have to be one of the most cruel things to endure. You should be enjoying life as a healthy individual, but instead can't help but constantly think there is something wrong. I had my first panic attack when I was 11 and it wasn't until my 30s that they stopped. I believe they stopped and this is after hundreds of trips to the ER and doctor that I realized that I had to stop looking and waiting for the next panic attack to happen. After many many years and back when I had mine it was the early 80s and no ER or private doctor knew hardly anything about panic attacts. I was young, scared, and alone and had to find a way to help myself. My advice is , never sit and just wait and wonder if or when you will have another attack, force yourself to keep your mind off of it and if you are having one try to focus of something anything easy. I know its hard, because when you are having a panic attract it is impossible to think about anything else. Drink chamomile tea its a natural antidepressant, don't drink anything with caffeine, take walks even if you have to walk in place, and tell yourself YOU ARE OK AND HEALTHY. if we can convince ourselves that something is wrong than we can convince ourselves just as easily that nothing is wrong.



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