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How to accept the anxiety?

I've reached a point now where if I feel the vertigo or panic I almost have a numb reaction to it. But you know anxiety loves making its presence known so it gets a bit more intense until I finally give in and start to worry over it. I keep reading that I have to accept it and allow it but I don't really know how? just looking for other techniques please as whatever I'm doing is obviously not working.

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hope you're doing alright now.

it as been a long time since i last posted, i haven't been on for a year now..

what symptoms have you experienced, or have been experiencing so far?

i know anxiety is very hard to cope with, no matter what you are doing and as much as you try to occupy yourself with something to do, your worries are always there, so i know how you feel that whatever techniques you try seem to not work, and believe me, you are not alone.

try stay away from the internet (google) as much as you can, that is the biggest trap when with anxiety, since it is able to take on any symptom you have your worries about.

have you tried meditating before? for me personally, when i was at my peak of anxiety, i would literally go to somewhere really quiet with a somewhat nice scenery, whether during the day or at 1am, whenever i needed and just sit there. it made me feel a lot better.. over time i started to feel better, and i started to enjoy my own company aswell..

it honestly takes time for anxiety to take its course and slowly go away, i don't want to sound brutal but the truth is that not all techniques really work. It took me 5 months of crying and sleepless nights for me to realise what i should have done differently to overcome it. my best advice for you is to talk about it to your friends, family, even if talking to a pet if you have one.. it really helps, it releases stress.

try getting an anxiety app on your phone, they have some good ones that talk you through a breathing exercise that helps you calm down and eventually fall asleep!

Take care of yourself :)

all the best.


I've been dealing with anxiety for 8 years. I haven't had a panic attack in over 3 years until recently I've been dealing with them again. I feel like I had to start over from square one. I forgot all the stuff I learned years ago.

The first step is knowing it's anxiety. Good for you. After my first panic attack it took me years to discover I was having panic attacks. I was too afraid to go to the dr. After I discovered what they were I started doing a lot of research on them. I read every blog or post to fully understand what panic and anxiety was. Even then I wasn't accepting it. Reading about people's success stories really helped me knowing there was hope. One day after years of constant research and reading and talking about my anxiety I just grew tired of it. It's exhausting to constantly be reminded of something that is hard to live with. I realized all of my panic attacks I've had hadn't killed me and I was just too tired to keep fighting them. I one day started yelling at anxiety(in my mind) to bring it on! Give me the worst I've ever had! I yelled and got pissed off at myself and nothing ever happened.

I felt better taking a step to being back in charge of my life. Everyday got better after that. I would feel myself start to drift off into worry and I wouldn't allow it.

Since I was good with non for so many years and recently started having them again. I just did all of this again. It really is exhausting to be on the internet all day reading and researching. All the posts talking about getting over it do say the same thing. Accept the anxiety. Don't be afraid of it but Learn to live together.

I hope you get to feeling better.



Thank you! That's exactly how I feel, like I'm back at square one cuz I've had anxiety forever but never this badly. I mentally yell at the anxiety in my head all the time but then I just get so frustrated at it and with how slow the process I'm making is that I just break down. I'm just impatient that it's not going away overnight. I don't google anything anymore and honestly I've tried to avoid this site to not fuel it. I'm so sick of it I wish I could literally kick it out of my system lol


It is a slow process to getting better. It's like anxiety came on for the first time in one quick out of the blue and unexpected moment. We expect it to go away as quickly as it came on and that's where the frustration happens. Keep trying to remind yourself it takes time. We have to relearn how to think positive.

I understand about not wanting to look at this site some times. Getting on this site I tell my mind to not focus on other peoples symptoms as I'm reading them and thinking that I have them too. I feel like I have to face my fear a lot of times and it feels good if my words may help someone. It helps me move on from panic too.


keep on the go my friend


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