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Sudden dizziness attack


As you know, I've been suffering from 24/7 off balance feelings for over a year now, and although I have been told I have anxiety which does play a part, I've also been sent for an MRI to scan the balance part of my brain to check for anything, and I'm waiting my results of my 24 hour heart monitor holster thing, as it could also be a factor for my symptoms.

However just nowI we sitting on the sofa and had a random wave of dizziness like everything was tilting and my arms flung out as I felt like I was falling. I get these very rarely, the last time I had it was a couple of months ago, and even though it's for a few seconds, it amps up my anxiety and I just sit in fear it's going to hit me again.

It's very different to the usual 24/7 swaying I feel, it's like a rush of dizziness.

Has anyone else had this? Is it anxiety? Is it a drop in blood pressure? I don't know what to do.

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Hi hun.

Yes I get this a lot.

I grab out for something to hold on too.its horrible.and then my head gets a rush feeling through it.

Have you ever been on to the anxiety centre website?there is a long list of dizziness/lightheadedness symptoms and it's so reassuring!it's anxiety I think.and then go through list of symptoms(you will see the link).

You are okay and these feelings are horrible but it's just adrenaline and a over sensitized nervous system x


I'll go and have a look in a moment, thanks for the link. :)

It's just odd though, it's not like the usual sort of dropping sensation I get where it feels like my body has dropped and I feel it in my head too, this is more like I feel like things are tilting and swaying for a moment and I have to jerk my arm out to hold onto something.

I have how it comes out of the blue and has me worrying about it endlessly.

I hope you're doing okay. X

Yep that's exactly what I get.its very un nerving.anxiety gives you so many horrible feelings.the lightheadedness/dizziness in the worst.

I get butterflies in my tummy 24/7 and palpitations too.its awful.

Mine all started after the traumatic birth of my daughter.i really think there is a link between that and anxiety as before that I had anxiety but not this intense x

Mine happened after I had my son too, It was a couple months after and the dizziness just hit me, maybe it's stress of everything changing and our bodies don't know how to take on this whole new thing, I'm not sure. X

I agree.i definitely think they are linked.something has changed in me since then and has never been the same since xx

Pretty sure we are twins!!! Have you taken your blood pressure when you have the dizzy spells?

I haven't as I don't have anything to measure it with unfortunately.

What do you use?

I just use my blood pressure cuff/machine that I bought years ago. They're a decent chunk of money but... it could put your mind at ease.

I may have to get one, although I'll just be even more worried if it shows a low reading, I worry about everything.

Hi, I think I have the same or something similar. Every now and then I'm standing or walking and my legs get very heavy, I have a sensation in my head around my eyes fear and big increase in heart rate. It only lasts for a few seconds. I have had this off and on for years but never knew what it was.

I get the exact same thing. Just had my results back for brain MRI and CT sinuses and all clear with no abnormalities, I'm assuming yours was the same too?

I seem to get the feelings out of nowhere but when I look back on it I think they happen in times where I'm either excited or apprehensive or just when my hear rate increases a bit and I get an adrenaline rush. I also get them when I remember that I have these sensations and it's almost like I bring it on to see if I can feel it.

The fact my scans came back clear has made things a lot easier to deal with as at least I can experience them and know that they're going to pass and they don't mean anything serious.

Let me know how you're getting on with it.

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