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Is my anxiety ? a physical or mental ailment

Because I am still feeling ill every single day, my doctor has decided to do further tests which I am relieved about...I have had to do a 24 hour urine test and tests on my adrenal glands and am having a liver ultrasound. I am also having blood tests for B12..

I have read that if adrenal glands are not working properly, it can cause adrenal fatigue which can cause anxiety and all the symptoms.

I would be interested to know if anyone else ever gone down this route before and had these sort of tests

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Hi Tudor:)

I have to say, I've never heard of this. It's good to hear that your doctor is looking into this.

I hope you get the results soon:)

Hugs xx


Hi Tudor,

I had blood test done a few years ago which showed I had high levels of calcium in my blood which leads to hyperactive parathyroid and it can cause depression and anxiety. Chemistry in the body is very complex and can lead to mental and physical problems.

I have been taking magnesium and vitamin B6 and it has helped.

Good luck x


Thanks for your replies..I also forgot to add to my previous post that my blood pressure is going sky high on one reading and then drops down low on the next..I shall ask my doctor about magnesium and vitamin B6...Hopefully my results will not be too long


Hi there, I just thought I'd let you know my experience. I have been asking myself the same question for many years (although I didn't have the same symptoms as you have described). A couple of years ago life became unbearable and all dr thought it was stress/mental health inc depression and anxiety. However, I followed my gut and went to a private dr who said that my thyroid was not right (even though GP said readings were within the range) and I had adrenal fatigue (most conventional dr only recognise addisons or cushings). I changed to a natural type of thyroid, take supplements to support the adrenals, changed my diet so I'm eating clean foods and lifestyle. My mental health has improved significantly from this. So although it can be fairly costly, I'm so glad I went down this route. That is not to say that your difficulties would benefit from this approach but it maybe worth considering depending on your test results.

It maybe worth considering genova diagnostics saliva cortisol test which will give you a good indication. Stop the thyroid madness has good information on adrenal fatigue and so does dr Lams website.


Thanks for all your good advice


Hi, I reckon anyone who goes to doctor's with depression or similar should get checked for any physical problems like hormone changes, thyroid problems or vitamin deficiencies, they don't seem to offer anything unless you push for it, wouldn't it make sense to do some tests to rule things out before they prescribe anti depressants and no further investigation , I've learnt more from these forum's than any info you get or rather dont get from the health 'professionals'!!

Good luck with your tests :) xx


Totally agree mimii. I wasn`t afforded the courtesy of being asked if I wanted to go down the psychiatry route and was prescribed anti-depressants by my GP for some peculiar pains - all a long story. I finally got off the ADs and went to see a pain specialist privately. Got a diagnosis and it is being dealt with - needless to say I don`t see or have faith in any of the docs. at my surgery. Best wishes. :)


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