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Hard to exercise bcs of anxiety


Does anyone find it hard to exercise because of your anxiety? I feel like all I can manage is an hour+ of walking and not anything too tough at the moment.I'm always anxious about my heart even though my ECG came back normal.Lately I've been having loss of appetite and trouble sleeping,and since I'm slightly overweight,my doctor wants me to exercise by doing brisk walking...I want to do more but each time I feel like there's a tightness in my chest,I get scared 😭

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Yeah if I work out to the point my heart races i get anxiety which maks me not wanna work that hard.. when working out or in general.. thanks anxiety i used to love running biking and all that now I barely so it

ugh...i know right?I used to love doing zumba and I could manage more strenous exercise..now even a simple home workout leaves my heart racing.and then I start worrying about a heart attack or if I'm sweating too much...it's so annoying 😭

I used to love doing push ups but when my head gets so red i fear blood vessels are gonna pop or something lol so irrational but its a true fear but the moment my heart races its over and i go into panic mode

It feels so restrictive and I'm so tired of feeling like I might pass out at any moment...I understand what you mean.The moment my heart beats quicker than normal,I get worried

Im trying to fight my agoraphobia but just letting anxiety flow during your worse times is so hard to do.. i wanna be able to explore the world but i cant even explore towns near my hometown..

I totally get how you feel...Idk how I'm going to explore other places when I don't even feel safe the moment I'm slightly further away from home.

Yeah i feel as if im in constant danger the moment I leave my town.. i feel as if if I died it would be a worse death or somethig... i fear heaven and hell not death itself.. i fear thT if I die im going to hell and that i cant do anything to change it idk.. i fear the unknown a lot and it bugs the heck out of me

I get what you mean.Same here.I'm scared of dying and ending up in Hell...just curious and I hope it's not an insensitive question.Are you religious by nature? I worry about the same thing..I'm especially scared of dying in my sleep.That's why i'm always anxious when i want to sleep

No i wasnt relegious until middle school and then came highschool where I lost the pathway got i to some bad things and bad people and ive been trying to find my way ever since.. i feel once i hit 17 and lost my virginity I was on a path of destruction... its like sex was the apple in adam and eves garden.... but im not afraid of dying in my sleep its noy how i die that im scared of its finding out the truth if the afterlife...the biggest fear is having there be NOTHING just as if you were born you have n oidea what life was like BEFORE you were born and visualizing that scares me i guess its a materialistic world I enjoy.. and elavig earh sucks as mu h pain as i go through daily with anxiety i enjoy the world itself and the activties I do that i can enjoy


I do bodybuilding and I used to be like that. I would always keep my reps low so I didn't freak out by getting out of breath and my heart race. Then I realised that my body was just trying to give my muscles oxygen and instead of panicking I just let me body breath and my heart race knowing I was doing myself good. I can still get the odd day when I feel uneasy after completing a lot of heavy weights and my breathing and heart go into serious overtime. I try to just let my body have what it wants now and don't try to stop it by getting worked up and releasing cortisol in my blood stream which isn't good.

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