Difficult to accept this is anxiety

Hey everyone,

So I had been doing well for a couple weeks and had been feeling better; but this past weekend I had a cold, had been recovering from a concussion and had been worried about a recurrent DVT even though I just had an ultrasound a week and a half ago that came up perfect.

So the past few days I've been having pain on my ribcage below my armpits, no swollen nodes just pain on my ribs. Been having lower back pain and feeling like my spine is hurt, and then pain in my leg that I had the ultrasound on making me believe again I've got a dvt. It is just so crazy that these feelings seem to be stemmed from the anciety? maybe just not sleeping well enough from the anxiety or just a huge combination of it all but then it just starts getting my anxiety going all over again.

I can't seem to fully accept that anxiety is causing this and keep thinking something else is wrong with me. It is infuriating. My muscles ache on one side, my ribs hurt, I feel every sensation in my body and it's insane.


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  • Thats exactly what anxiety does, it makes you more aware of every single sensation, every single thing becomes more of an issue and another illness or possible condition, we become.completely over sensitized to things that we would once have just shrugged off, its not easy to accept these symptoms of anxiety, but its the only way forward, acceptance is our key, I understand your struggle, I'm having the same problem right now, but I realize that.once I begin to accept and let the feelings come and go, I then will be on a journey of recovery xxx

  • Suzie...agreeed with what u said...we become over sensitive with every single thing..any charges in my body cause me over concern..I'm like watching/listening to my body all the time.I hate myself for being so sensitive .how can I overcome it?


  • You have to accept all the sensations/symptoms regardless of the fear they may cause, anxiety/panic symptoms will not kill you, you body and mind is over sensitized, it sees everything as a possible threat, your producing more adrenaline than needed too, allow the sensations to come and go as they please, if you have to distract yourself at first to take your mind off these unpleasant symptoms then do so, but work towards acceptance, your goal should be to eventually be able to continue doing whatever it is your doing even when the symptoms are there, eventually these symptoms become less frightening or worrying, you'll get used to them untill they slowly become less noticeable to you, they'll eventually become less important, acceptance is not easy and you may find yourself feeling disheartened if they still scare you or reappear from time to time, this is normal, it won't go away over night, try and build up with gradual exercise, short walks etc, keep hydrated, read as many positive replies and experience from other's as you can, don't research your symptoms on the net, if you feel over anxious or.have severe pain go get a check up at the doctors, people do get through this, I have experienced a full year completely symptom free, I recently relapsed and anxiety raised its ugly head once again, but I'm having check ups and I will conquer this again, I'm struggling but I know its not going to kill me, acceptance and allowing time to pass, breathing through the fear, telling yourself your ok, exercise, talking, fresh air, listening to soothing sounds from youtube like rain or ocean waves etc, try and keep to your normal routine as much as possible even with symptoms, these are the things I did before and they got me through it, you can do it :-) xxx

  • Ik this is a old thread but i really needed this @ this very moment i dont want to accept this is aniexty but each day i see that it is & i wanted to give up & let it have it way but a part of me saying no you can fight this. I really appreciate this on so many levels.thanks Again

  • Sometimes we just need a little reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel and your not alone with your fears xxx :-)

  • Thank u suzie482 i appreciate you responding back, by this being so new to me i tell myself all these things even with new symptoms everyday! If i didnt have my 💕kids idk where i will be! With this

  • Thank you for all the positive replies, I know I can get ahold of it there's just times when I lose the control and it gets to me. I'm doing my best to get in control of this struggle we deal with

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