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Can someone listen to me?

I feel like a ghost. I find repeating myself over and over again more then 6xs.

It's stressful.

I'm mad all the time.

I was in out of the doctors this past week, for my leg at first it was muscle, then ligament then rushed to the hospital because doctor thought dvt in 5 days they put me on 600 mg ibuprofen which caused my stomach and chest to burn and right now my tummy ( upper stomach) is sooo bloated it hurts and feels uncomfortable. I had a dizzy spell after I felt my tummy squirm and felt like it was going to tear open. I can't pass gas (tmi I'm sorry) and it's causing me great anxiety. :(

I swear everyday it's something new

Also my thought are everywhere

When I talk I get my words all jumbled up.

I end up mumbling

Or just frustrated I stop talking altogether.

Why is this happening now??

I want to be able to enjoy my kids and not be in constant worry and snapping at them when they don't let me think.

At first it was my leg thing and now that I saw my legs are fine

It's my stomach, although that has a good reason since I was taking meds that aggravated my stomach. I read that the erosion in there can be so bad that you can just drop dead, I had gastritis a while back and it scares me that with my history of that and the ibuprofen that I can just drop dead. I called the doctors and they gve my Prilosec if I felt worse to go back to urgent care :(

I'm done going back and forth and not feeling any better.

Right now in the diaphragm area I feel a ball there and it is swollen and it hurts to barely touch it and I felt dizzy.

Is it all just cause of the anxiety? Always being tense?

I'm so Sorry it's so long..

<3 yaz

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Hi I just wanted to respond and say we are hear to listen. I can't really speak to what your going through as it could be medically related and not anxiety driven. Your anger as well could be anxiety over not knowing what your problem is. I suffer from anxiety and I know that one thing can lead to another in the most negative way.. I tend to pile on the dread which then elevates my anxiety and so on.... Most of the advice comes in the form of finding ways to side track the anxiety then the panic will subside. Thinking that you will just drop dead is an indication that your anxiety is controlling how you think .And we always think the worst when we are in a panic state ..I am looking into how the amygdala in the brain controls how we interpret our emotions and thinking processes...hope this helps a little .. steve


Thank you Steve I needed this I know for the most part it is anxiety, but my health anxiety doesn't accept it, it's my constant battle right now my stomach is fine but my calf in my right leg feels tight cramping almost I had an ultrasound in this leg and they said no dvt yet it feels off yes I had another stressful day, and like you said it can jus be anxiety controlling me and making me fear the worst.

Hopefully we will beat this evil thing.

Hugs <3



Hi Yaz,

All the symptoms sound like anxiety. If you have been to the doctors and they have fully checked you then you will be fine! I hit my head a few weeks back and now when I get a headache I think I am having a stroke or when I get heary palpitations (self caused) I think I am going to have a heart attack.

Unfortunately, anxiety makes us dream up syptoms and makes us create them mentally so that we think the worst when really if we just relax, drink a glass of water, and discuss/do something to take your mind off things (much easier said than done) we can realize it is going to be OK!

Tension will cause anxiety and also can increase your blood pressure ( I have high blood pressure!) which then makes you have all sorts of syptoms. If it gives you piece of mind then go back to the doctors and describe every symptom exactly when how why etc.

People on this site including me are always here to talk so we can all get through this together!

Hope you are feeling better, I find that nightime is my worst time as I lay in bed and start to over think everything!!!

Ollie x


Thank you Ollie,

I really appreciate you for answering.

Sorry to hear about your anxiety. I guess we all go through that horrid cycle of thinking it's the worst right?

I have gone to the doctors but it's getting excessive and draining (financially and mentally)

They tell me the same it's anxiety: my leg,sciatica, my tummy; acid reflux caused by anxiety . And that's it to be sent home :(

It's really bad now I'm here doing anything possible to forget sometimes it works and sometimes I'm up late at night like you just anxiety eating me up.

Again thank you so much for the support :)

We really do need all the help and I thank this site for existing.

<3 yaz


Hi - I read your first post and thought how brave you are for going to the doctors! I have been trying to win the fight I'm having inside that all the little (and not so little) symptoms that I have are anxiety and not health related! I lost my mom 2 years ago and my dad 8 months ago......I'm terrified of the doctors! I did go to the doctors, and have a bunch of tests and blood work coming up - which has kicked up my anxiety level. I have felt wobbly all day and so on edge, shaking on the inside, no patience at all. But I made it thru the day! And on a positive note I found this site and the first post I read (yours) I knew I was not alone in the way I have been feeling! Having people to talk to is key!


Welcome Need2relax!

Sorry about your parents passing, :(.

It's really a great site to help each other out and one of the things that will help you out is by first ruling out something serious. And by talking about your anxieties that's causing from going to the doctors should help you to get you seen. :)

I was afraid of the unknown and now I look to rule it out before tackling the anxiety there are ups and downs, doubts and discouragement but we will get through it :)

Wish you the best for your up coming blood work and tests .

Hugs Yaz


Thanks so much!


My symptoms are headaches and worrying I am going to have a stroke ATM which is far from ideal!

Having people to talk to is key! That's why nighttime for me is worst as usually there aren't people to,talk to :(

It's all in the mind Yaz! Doctors would diagnose problem if it was there! We need to try push through.

Hate anxiety it is the worst!!! X


Oh Ollie, Isn't it horrible being up thinking the worst and no one being there physically or emotionally.

I have come on here at night I've been able to talk to people in here that has been a blessing.

It is my mantra "it's all in ur head"

But it's one of those days where it is too much.


Hi hypoc :-) are you feeling any better? I have to take stomach meds due to the stress and anxiety... I tend to get the bloated stomach, the gas thing, dizziness too...I take a deflatine/windeze.... Sounds like you have wind/gas backing up :-( this is not a nice feeling at all


Hello evey37,

Yes I am thank you for asking. I Was given an antacid prescription previcid and it helped, it is a horrible feeling. Thank goodness Its just that and nothing serious you know.

I get these bad pains in my right side of the chest with the trapped air and it gets me going thinking the worst even though I know what it is :(


You and me alike, one wrong thing eaten causes mayhem.... I'm trying to keep a mental not of what causes the issues and pain.., it's like an ibs symptom. When it happens I look pregnant but far from it :-) it's just the air in the body that won't go anywhere, I find if my stomach gets cold that makes it worse so I try and keep it wrapped up as much as possible ... Glad the meds are working and glad you feeling better have a fab bank holiday Monday


It is a a guessing game when you happen to eat a plate of food and forget what's in It, the joy of dealing with the consequences. Oh my the pregnant looking belly! My 6 yr old asked me if I had a another sister for him in there! Lol. Yes keeping the area warm does help. And chamomile tea with anise helps tremendously.

And to you as well have a great bank holiday Monday.


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