How im feeling

Ive been feeling dizzy and sick i checked my blood pressure 108/81 before i ate then it droped to 98 / 63 kinda like my normal that im use to seeing i just domt know why i feel rhe way i do im done eating my tummy hurts my tummy feels sick uhg ive tried calling every primamry dr and there not accepting new paitents sucks just my luck!!its going to be another long night for me left arm hurts a bit on and off my heart rate is fine idk what to do any more uhg ! 😕


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  • Keep your mind on other things clean, wash dishes etc.

  • I did all that already lol my blood pressure keeps dropn low i need to figure out why

  • Having just this week been to a heart attack rehab session they had a talk about blood pressure for a healthy person our aim is to get it to 130/80 now if you smoke, drink excessively, overweight or stressed this can greatly chage your blood pressure. I you want it to go up you may want to exercise more like a brisk 30 mins walk daily or aerobic exercise 3 times a week this will greatly up your blood pressure

  • My blood pressure is not more than higher than 120 /80 im skinny i dont eat greasy food offten i drink occasionaly or 2 beers a day i dont smoke ciggts im skinny only 108 i dont think that could be q problem just scared because i feel my left arm or chest pain time to time

  • Hi Crystal88, If you haven't already found a doctor taking new patients, you should. I can tell you that when people who have low b/p readings to begin with, after a meal the blood goes to the digestive tract to help with digestions. This causes your blood pressure to drop even lower. That is why it went from 108/81 before dinner dropping to 98/63 after eating. When the pressure drops it can make you feel a little sick to you stomach and or lightheaded. What you can do until you see your doctor is to have a 12oz glass of water before eating (which will help with the circulation). After eating, sit still and relax for 30-60 minutes giving your stomach a chance to digest the food and re-establish your blood pressure reading. Let us know what your new doctor says. Sounds like you are a healthy weight and eat healthy. Take care Crystal. x

  • Maybe you could try increasing your salt intake as helps you retain water and ups your blood pressure though do it gradually

  • ya i hate salt lol

  • Hey i also have a low blood pressure but doctors say its normal and its not bcus it makes me feel unwell i think before i had just a little over normal range but i used drink beer alot i quit 3 months ago and all these problems started happening but i bought a bp monitor ima try increase my bp see if it helps also my last bp was 101/53 i think thats really low

  • Mine is lo 98/55 idk why

  • I was told we can raise it by increasing salt in foods little by litte idk if my low bp is what making me feel unwell

  • It could be im not sure im the same way thats why i want to get blood work done but now i have to go look for another dr no luck yet

  • Ive gotten alot of blood work and they all come back normal

  • Dang thats good i need to get my done some how

  • Im sure your bloodwork will be normal too

  • I sure hope so this is stressing me out big-time just trust me a lot thank you though

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