Can anybody help me please x

Hi everyone my name is Mel and I've just joined here. Now I've read a lot of posts that people have posted and I'm really glad that I have found something or someone to finally talk to about the symptoms that I have. I don't really have anyone to talk to so when I found this I was relieved. 

I've always been abit quiet and to myself, I never use to be,I use be loud and out there,until one day I just started to feel down and I mean really down and didn't want to leave the house I was more then happy in my comfort zone sitting on my couch watch films or box sets etc (sad I know) but that was my comfort place.  I've always felt anxious.

Recently I went out on a night out and since then I've been feeling on edge, panicky, anxious, constantly feeling light headed and dizzy not being able to focus straight.feeling like I'm here but I'm not, going hot and cold and sometimes even a burning sensation in the back left of my head if that makes sense. When I eat I feel sick but I'm not sure if I'm hungry or not. I have butterfly's in my stomach and just don't feel me at all. Tonight I've been sent home from work I'm so tired and just wanted to be on my own in my bed. 

Tuesday night was a really bad night I just woke up n started panicking really really bad, my body was tingerling and not being able to control myself. I went really hot and stuck my head out of the window. I couldn't lie down as that made me worse, I was rocking backwards and forth not knowing what to do with myself it was horrible, I had to hold my husbands hand at one point to try calm me down, even tried to be sick, my mouth was so dry aswel.

I'm really sorry this is do long, but these are the symptoms I've been having and I'm not sure what to do, I'm scared I'm going to have this all the time now and not going to go away. As anybody or does anybody else feel like this? Xx


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  • A lot of what you describe sounds like a panic attack,I get a lot of these symptoms and many more, and I spend all my time worrying about things.

    Have you been diagnosed with anxiety? X x

  • I'm going doctors on Tuesday so I'm going to see what he says. I've just tried eating some tea and I feel sick and my digestive system feels off, feel like I need to burp but I can't (sorry if that sounds Mingin) I don't feel myself at all, I'm feel like I'm burning up again. X

  • I get like that, think it's when we're taking in too much air. I go hot and cold a lot, and when you say you feel like you here but your not, I get that too, I can be watching tv and the room goes really bright and dark and I don't feel like I'm actually there, same happened when I was in therapy a few days ago, she was talking and I started feeling dizzy, blurred vision and I could hear her but it was like foggy, was so strange X x

  • The light sometimes hurts my eyes, the littlest things startle me,or I think I see something moving but but its not,I feel like I'm being so head hurts. I'm tired all the time too. I don't have any problem getting to sleep i sleep fine believe it or not it's just when I'm awake. Things can be so noisie when really there not as noisie as it may seem. When people are talking to me it sometimes can go through me. I nearly rang out of hours doctors last night I felt awful and completely out of control of my body x

  • I no what you mean. I have trouble sleeping most nights, and I wake up lots too.i think I see things moving too, and easily startled also. I'm tired a lot, and feel achey and ill 😩 X x

  • Some of the Earlypart of your post sounds like depression or a touch of it . How do you feel about yourself?  Low self esteem and the like 

    The latter part sounds more like panic disorder. Ask your doctor to refer you for counselling or cbt preferably cbt.

    Take care be good to yourself. 

  • I just don't feel like myself at all, I feel really off and like I'm here but I'm not. This is horrible and not a good feeling at all x

  • I can't remember whether they call that depersonalisation or derealisation. It's somewhere on this site on a post with a list of symptoms 

  • Hi Melanie29,  welcome to this forum, I am so glad you found us too.  There are some wonderful people in this community who can not only support you but you won't feel as alone with your symptoms.   I have been very happy to sit in my comfort zone (house) for several years now. My life has revolved around tv shows and movies.  Sound familiar?  All the symptoms you described since going out that night sound just like the rest of us who have anxiety disorder.  Hot and cold, tingly and unable to calm down.  Rocking back and forth is a self soothing motion that some people use.  Dry mouth also a part of anxiety.   First of all you need to see your doctor who can make a diagnosis of anxiety/depression.  Then per his recommendation, possibly go on medication for a while  or get therapy or both.   Once you are on your way to coping and accepting anxiety, there are different things you can do before and when in the throws of a panic attack or anxiousness.   Deep breathing and meditation is something that most of us do on a daily basis in order for it to become so natural to do it  in times of need.  Keep coming back here and learn so much more than everyone has to share.   We care    x

  • I don't feel like I'm me,I feel like something as took over my body. I know it sounds mad but I feel like I can't be in control of my own suppose to be going to a meal for my husbands and father -inlaws birthday but I'm scared of leaving the house incase I start panicking. I hate feeling like this it's horrible, it's stopping me doing what I want to do. I went in Asda on Thursday and just wanted to get home, I was suppose to of be taking my son to have his hair cutt but I couldn't do it, I felt so dizzy and light headed I just wanted to get home. X

  • I know dear how horrible this feeling can be.  Anxiety has taken over  your body but just until you can get into control again. (it will happen) I can't tell you all the birthdays and family gatherings I have missed because of that "anxiety bully".  Taking your son for a hair cut and not being able to do simple things is unsettling and just feeds into our anxiety.  I do hope you get into therapy to help you overcome these fears.  Until then, they will control you and we want to change that. Some of the techniques used are deep breathing, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)  Start with your doctor and go from there, maybe a little medication may be warranted at the beginning. We are all here for you.  xx

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