Can someone tell me if it's only anxiety effecting me

I'm 16 years old. Okay. So about 3 or 4 weeks ago on a Sunday I decided to smoke a blunt by myself. (the weed was not laced and it was not spice) I don't do any other drug and I've never done anything outside of marijuana. So I smoked then a few minutes later my high came in strong and I don't know if it was me having bad thoughts or something but my heart started racing and pounding and I could feel it. And I got up and started walking around scared for my life thinking my heart was going to bust (I don't have a history of heart conditions) and I kept feeling my chest thinking I was going to throw up my heart or something. But I ended up laying down and going to sleep. After that day everything went downhill I kept having this worrying feeling and I've heard about anxiety but I never knew what it actually ment. So at school I just felt so fatigued and depressed and I kept thinking "is my heart going to stop" "am I going to die" so I came home from school Tuesday of the same week and my mom was cooking and I was sitting down still thinking about my heart (btw I told her about what happened) and my throat felt like it was closing in and I got really nervous and it scared the hell out of me so I told her to rush me to the ER. My mom must've knew nothing was wrong with me so she took me to this urgent clinic down the street and then they checked my heart rate and my blood pressure and they said it was normal. They already called the paramedics and the firemen came in and asked me questions and they told me I have a lot of anxiety and I need to calm down. Then I went to the ER they gave me a EKG and I guess nothing was wrong because the doctor really didn't seem worried and he put us in a room and we sat there for about an hour and my mom just said let's leave and we passed the doctor and he said it was okay. So after that day I've lost weight and got skinnier and the bottom of my lower left abs are bigger then the right then I kept having anxiety and panic attacks every night before I went to sleep. So weeks pass and I start feeling weird feelings around my body like I could feel my blood shooting. It was painless and lasted for 1-2 seconds. And I keep searching the web for symptoms of cardiac arrest , heart disease, cancer etc because no matter what I do I can't get my mind off of it. And the left side of my chest is slightly bigger then the right and it's like I have a bump inbetween my chest. Today I had a quick panic attack and I felt like my heart busted. It felt so real but it was painless I felt like I felt the blood rushing for like 4 seconds or so. I just wanna know if this is only anxiety and my mind is playing tricks on my body. Because no one in my family had a history of any heart problems and the only cancer problem was lung cancer but at an old age because most people in my family smoke cigarettes. I promised I would stay away from those period.


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  • Have you seen a doctor to tell him the way you FEEL? Not just physically, but mentally. If not, please do; not because you are in 'danger' of anything physical, but for your own peace of mind. I have a feeling that smoking that joint would not have had any kind of physical effect on you...but it could be that you were WORRIED for having done so and that is when we usually invite all sorts of weird and worrisome symptoms to overcome us... Your mind was probably racing with negative thoughts such as 'oh now what have I DONE to myself..??' .... Then our imagination takes over after which the body comes up with all SORTS of strange symptoms! I know you will be alright... you need reassurance from a professional...Good luck to you.

  • Thank you and I will be sure to inform them when I go this Tuesday.

  • Having smoked a fair bit in my time, it's pretty rare to find a strain that makes you anxious. Sometimes though, high quality and high strength THC strains can really pack a powerful hit and make even experienced users experience a racing heart and "buzz". This won't kill you, it's just your body getting excited in its own way.

    It could be that, or it could've been what people call a whitey... Where you suddenly feel intense anxiety, palpitations and feel sick. I don't think anybody has died from this either so I wouldn't worry.

    So far cannabis has never killed anybody. If you have a pre-existing heart condition smoking won't do you any favours, but if you've got the all clear then I wouldn't worry yourself and just think of it as a one off.

    I'd buy a microscope if I were you, they're only cheap and if you get one at least 200x magnification you can really check the quality of your medicine and make sure it's not laced or tampered with. I reckon about 80-90% of all UK cannabis is sprayed, contaminated or mistreated in some manner. It's a scruffy market leaving drugs in the hands of criminals.

    Hopefully one day it'll be legal.

  • Saying that you're 16! Stop smoking weed haha!

    Weed is not good for the developing mind. But as a one off it won't have caused any lasting harm.

    Save the mind altering drugs for when your brain is matured and then there's much less chance for it to be permanently altered once you're older than 18+

  • Yeah like you said the strains were strong. It was a real strong bud and I'm not a regular smoker so it must've hit my mind hard because I wasn't really used to it.

  • Reading other posts you will definitely be fine as ive felt that after smoking when i was young.Can I give you a bit of advice,my son smoked a lot of joints when he was young which I never knew about.Now for the past15 years he developed psychosis with doing it andisnow left with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.I dont want to alarm you or anyone

    but I wish someone could have warned me of what might happen.His life now is ruined because of this.

  • How old was he? And how often did he do it?

  • Michael was 15years old when he was smoking regularly, but as Ive said I had no idea he was so bad.Seemingly the brain is stilldeveloping at this age and your more suscepticle to things going wrong.Im sure what you are experiencing is severe anxiety which I have and you imagine all kinds of things.Its horrible and no one knows how frightening it feels til you get it.Hope you are feeling better today.

  • Well said bengal. Lets hope Void17 takes note of what you've said. The same happened to my daughter's former boyfriend -he developed psychosis after years of smoking weed. Best not to go there in the first place.

  • Im glad you think im not trying to upset the young girl,if I can just help one person from messing up their life it will be worth it.

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