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Health Anxiety it's getting old what's your way of coping?


Everyday it's a new ache or pain that scares me. I have leg pain and groin pain and the doctors say everything is fine, I thought it was leg thrombosis. Now I have this sharp pain in pelvic region which they say is due to constipation but I think the worst, silly me is googling symptoms. I'm not hungry, nausea and ofcourse the pain it sharp for a second then dull pain follows then again the sharp pain mainly when I lift something heavy or use stomach muscles does it hurt really bad. What can it be?

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I'm sure you don't need me to point this out but it is most likely your health anxiety. I too have had a spell thinking I had DVT and went to urgent care but needless to say I was fine. We get these ideas and obsessions and they just won't let us be sometimes will they. Constipation can also be your anxiety too you know, especially if you are not eating well or drinking enough water due to it. Also in terms of health anxiety googling is not your friend. Don't do it if you can help it, or if you must then put a limit on the amount of time you spend doing it.

Health anxiety is a real pain, sometimes literally. You will get through this. Hope you are getting some help with it? X


Thank you anxietyang I needed that. Anxiety does cause all the mayhem.

There is one thing I don't know if it happens to you but say you get a pain like probably a few seconds later do you get dizzy or shortness of breath because of the millisecond of you thinking it's something bad?

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hi there, I'm new to these forums but came across your concerns when googling my own issues!

I suffer from anxiety that lays dormant for a while then something as simple as getting a head cold triggers me into panic. I had some recent stress lately and back to feeling extremely anxious (borderline panic attacks) and as a result feeling all sorts of wacky pains in my legs my groin my stomach ... funny thing is this "pain" goes away at night only to return when I start thinking about the next day. I try telling myself this has happened before and it was only anxiety but trying to convince myself that doesn't give me relief .

The gripping fear of something that may be life threatening always looms over me. it really is a vicious circle.

and yes I too get that sudden swirling dizziness feeling if I think of something bad for a second. It's then accompanied by nausea.

I haven't had a bout of anxiety this bad since 2011.

It's driving my husband bananas cause I'm always panicking that's something's wrong with me

Oh yes. I have terrible panic attacks to the point of actually vomiting. It's awful and obviously the more anxiety symptoms you get, the more pains/ symptoms you get, the more your health anxiety kicks in. In short it can be a vicious circle. X


I ask because just minutes earlier I felt a pain on my left ribs right below the breast and I massaged it which caused more pain then came the dizziness and a warmth feeling from the top of head to the toes and right now no more pain but I feel like there is something heavy on my back. I hate all this I told my roommate and he just rolled his eyes and said "now what?".

So I can't really talk to him about it and it's late for me to call anyone else. I got a call from the doctor today and he said I have a elevated enzymes in the liver ordered a ultrasound to be done :( could it be my mind running wild and causing these things?

Do you drink much? X


Not really. twice this month once before the test barely got a buzz and this sat which I guess i did get to a drunk state but other then those two times it has been a while, I'm a social drinker. I was thinking could it have been elevated because of the drinking but it was 2 weeks before the test.

I believe that stress can have an effect on your liver. Ps don't google it ha ha. It's probably related to your anxiety but you're doing the right thing going to the ultrasound cos if nothing else it will put your mind at rest and it sounds like you need that. X


You sound like me lol

I think I have a dvt regularly

I do have inflammation in a few veins that plays up every now and then but, I can say hand on heart 99% of this is in my head, every headache is a tumor every leg pain is a dvt, lol I have ibs too and that don't help because every stomach pain is converted in my head to a life threatening illness!

Some times I sit on the sofa with my family in the evening thinking I'm gonna die and don't say a word!

I think I became like this though years of crap happening to me and also loosing my mum and good friends to serious illness. And years of having to be strong with no one to turn to for help now it's funny I have the life I've always dreamed of I'm so happy so now I have this because I'm scared of my bubble bursting some how I don't think I deserve to be happy lmao

My advice is stay off google! It's not your friend!

If you are really worried see your GP

Also don't watch any medical dramas or fly on the wall documentaries they are really bad, well they are for me lol

I'm starting to use this to help me....

Check list

Can stand up, sit down?

Stand on tip toes?

Bend and stretch?

Is my eye sight ok?

Eating and going to the loo ok?

If all the above are fine

I take two paracetamol or rub some deep heat on the effected area and go for a brisk walk.

And work on the assumption that if was so bad it was gonna kill me paracetamol wouldn't work!

If any of the above list are not so good exercise a little and try and eat well and visit your GP :-)

I'm not saying this will work for you but your not alone I know totally where your coming from :-)

Take care Mel x

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Hi Spells33!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. :).

If only it will go away for the both us and all who go through this because it's not living if we are locked up in our minds thinking this stuff.

Add being in a good place with your life/family (emtionally & physically ie. all heathy, roof over your head) to your list. My relationship with ex ended because of all this :(( which has caused the majority of stress and increase of health anxiety. Don't get it to this point :(.

It's actually a great idea Mel I'll be trying it out, thank you.

I've been to the doctors a lot they are sick of me :(.

Talking on this forum/group. Reading old posts has helped more then the fluoxetine, something with a c ( only to take when I have an attack) and Ativan, the docs put me's confirms that I'm not the only one and it's comforting in a way.

Thank you for your reply and let's hope we all get through evil anxiety.

<3 Yaz


I am going through a lot and stress can cause it. I saw it before you told me actually right after they told me. I guess I'll find out today what's wrong. Thank you for your time. :)

the etheric body causes powerful sensations in the body.Not recognized or measurable by science but very very powerful.Think of love,rage,grief.

I have the same think, started with frequent urination, and then moved to sharp pain for a few seconds in the groin area. Went to urologist, had blood tests that were fine, urine test found some blood, PSA was fine, ultra sound was fine, pielography was fine, sperm culture showed infection on my prostate. Took antibiotics for 3 weeks and i had a sperm culture again that showed i was fine. The pain still continues, not every day, it comes and goes, sometimes i get this frequent urination, i am terrified, i get nausea, dizziness, I am thinking about it every day, every minute and i get worst. Everybody thinks i am crazy and i make it up. I will visit a psychologist probably will help me to get it out of my head.

Download and work your way through these:

Great resource from Australia!


I am exactly the same as you, I find news aches to obsess over all the time and they've always been found out to be absolutely nothing. I had a DVT scare too recently, I'm on one of the contraceptive pills and they say that these slightly (slightly as in you taking a cup of water out of the sea technically makes the sea level drop) increase the risk of a DVT. I started feeling a dull but consistent pain in my left calf and convinced myself it was a DVT, the GP did all the necessary tests and of course it was fine - the pain then went away within a week or so. So I understand your stresses.

Please stay away from Google! Whenever I feel the urge to look up symptoms I have to physically get up and do something else to stop myself, otherwise I'll be looking at websites for hours. Also, anxiety can cause constipation so I would recommend finding any way you can to distract yourself from the anxious thoughts. I hope you start feeling better soon! :)

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