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Can anxiety really make you feel so ill?


I'm so worried and my aniexty is through the roof I constantly think I'm dying and can't stop looking up symptoms on google it's becoming a real all started 3 weeks ago I woke up and my arm was dead and floppy...I think it was caused by the way I was sleeping. Anyway it completely sent me crazy I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom where the room was spinning and I felt like I was going to drop to the floor. I was burning up dizzy clammy hands and feet. Chest pain and I had about ten mins of utter craziness I found my self ruining up and down the street and couldn't speak properly. I honestly felt drunk or drugged up. The ambulance came and I was taken to hospital my pulse was 153.? I ws monitored and had blood pressure etc done and I was told I had a virus and anxiety attack. I could not believe it I felt like I was having a stroke or something. Anyway in the last three weeks I've been to A and E twice more and the doctors twice aweek...I've had my heart checked loads of blood tests and nothing is wrong. I keep getting told it's aniexty and it's all in my head. I've been feeling weak tired dizzy sick shakey heart palpitations poor vision and when I go out I start to feel like I'm going to drop to the floor and get a really hot feeling wash over my body.I've been signed off work for three weeks I can't see an end to this. My family are finding it hard to understand and support calling me mad n mental. I'm so scared I really an going mad. Can aniexty really make u feel so ill I really haven't felt like this before. I don't know if my first trip to a n e has messed with my head. Feel so low and broken

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Id love some advice xx the dizzyness n light headedness is making life impossible. I feel like I'm going to pass out 24/7 especially outside and it's hot

Nyc22 in reply to riroar

I am going through the same thing :( I feel like I will pass out at any time and I barely leave the house because it makes me scared That I might faint outside. Shortness of breath is also one of the things that add to it

Gaynor55 in reply to Nyc22

I'm having exactly the same plus sharp shooting pains in my left side of my cheast and bloated belly

Nobody666 in reply to Gaynor55

Gaynor55, you should go see a cardiologist asap.

Josie670 in reply to Gaynor55

Gaynor I'm going through the exact same thing, I'm so scared I don't know why it's happening either.... just suddenely see my health deteriorating

emmalou3422 in reply to Gaynor55

Gaynor, I had this time exact thing not long ago, and then my left arm went numb, thought I was having a stroke! Took myself to hospital (mind you I would not have been able to if I was genuinely having a stroke, but nonetheless thought I was having one) Turned out to be an inflamed rib and a dead arm completely unrelated lol.

emmalou3422 in reply to Gaynor55

Anyone with chest pains, if you can find a spot that's tender to touch then it's not your organs, it's muscle spasms, they are sharp nasty shooting pains that take your breath away! Have a feel where the pains are

Kljody in reply to Nyc22

I feel like I go pass out to get short breath I been get chest pain shoulder pain left leg pain rib pain neck pain

I feel like this everyday .and it's horrible the worst thing is no one understanding I feel weak all the time feel like someone is sweeping my chest n can't breathe .i pray everyday that it will heal but I know it won't. Try and stay positive n take deep breaths .sorry ur going through this my prayers are with u n ur not alone!!!! Keep pushing n don't give up

Mbrill2213 in reply to riroar

Do you still have these symptoms ?? If not what helped ? You can email me as well

Mark1256 in reply to riroar

rioar, hows it going? Ive had anxieties forever and it changes for me just to keep me guessing. I feel like you do on your post 2 yrs. ago. Have u gotten better? what have you done to improve? The dizzy feeling is the pits or off balance should say. I try to calm myself down and it seems to work or i use ice behind my neck. Just when I thought I had this stuff under control! lol

Jenmarie8806 in reply to riroar

I'm the same your not alone

staceyhx in reply to riroar

I understand that this is a really old post, but if you have Facebook or anything, I’d really love to speak with you. I’m really struggling myself at the moment xx

Kylir in reply to staceyhx

Hey I just came across your message. If you wanna chat, my Facebook is Kylie Sene. I suffer from severe anxiety and would love to reassure you if you have any similar symptoms. I know ho debilitating anxiety is xx

Dorsey in reply to Kylir

Would love to have a chat these symptoms never go away. So over it all.

staceyhx in reply to Kylir

Hi Kylie. I have only just seen this! I will add you on Facebook now. The request will be from Stacey Leanne, if I can find you lol xx

Dorsey in reply to staceyhx

Sorry your going through this i get terrible symptoms for the last thirteen months strange feelings through body shakey twitchy legs. Feel like I'm dying unable to enjoy my life this sucks.

Crystal1534 in reply to Dorsey

Omg I can't believe I'm not the only one . I meo tired of feeling these feelings. It's like I'm always sick and nobody knows what's wrong. My blood pressure is even going up. My vision goes blurry and I'm always feeling hot and shaky. I can't even enjoy my life. I try and take shit that makes me sleep. I know something's wrong . Do u really think it could be anxiety, somebody talk to please to. 😢

I go through the same exact things! Yes it is possible I wish I had a solution for you but I’m still working on this myself..

Dorsey in reply to Crystal1534

Hi Crystal how are you feeling these days would love to know how your feeling.

Karl1983 in reply to staceyhx


Have you got any advise ?i have same symptoms is it just anxiety I feel like it’s a lot worse x


I know exactly how you are feeling. I've been there and to a degree still going though it.

To answer your question, yes anxiety can definitely do this to you.

I started to stuffer really bad last year after giving up smoking. My health anxiety is related to my breathing and when I coughed or had a lump in my throat it would send me into a major panic attack.

I had to get the doctors out, I went to A/E and I wouldn't believe what the doctors were telling me.

Finally the doctors treated my anxiety with antidepressants, however they made me much worse and I completely crashed.

I ended up having nearly 2 months off work and I had councilling as a form of treatment which worked really well for me.

I can now live a fairly normal life, but my anxiety still catches me out on occasions.

My advice is to go back to your doctors and open up about your anxiety and hopefully they can look at options to treat it.

Also, don't ever Google your symptoms!!

All the best.

leeboy in reply to MMoo

Its suck i fill like im alon weth anxity plz tall me im not going crazzy and im no the only one weth problime like thes

susannaylor in reply to leeboy

People that don't suffer with this anxiety problem will not understand how your feeling x they think your bad x yes I know that feeling x I have just started going to a healthy mind and healthy eating Clinuc which I have met alit of people who suffer the same anxiety problems as me and it does help to listen and also talk about your problems x you don't feel as your the only one going through this x does help x go to your doctor to see if you can join a CLinux to help talk with people who suffer the same

Mark1256 in reply to leeboy

nope, a lot of us suffer lol

Dianaehnen in reply to MMoo

I just stopped smoking 2 days ago. It has been hell. But i was only getting a 3 from nicotine so I don't think it was just from that. I think part of it was from me having to change the routine of what where and when I smoked. I would be fine and it would hit me bang.sweats, feeling like I had fever, going to nod out and feeling outside my self.

Crystal1534 in reply to MMoo

Thank u

Yep anxiety can cause all that. . I was pretty much just like u 4 mos ago. I woke up with a fever of 103 and just felt sick. I assumed it was the flu. Later that day I felt really hot. I sat up n that's when it got bad. . My heard started racing I was sweaty. . Weak. . Dizzy. . Couldn't breathe. I had my husband call 911. Got to the hospital my heart rate was 148 beats per minute with a temp of 103. After 7 hrs and lots of test I was told I had a virus and anxiety. For the next 4 mos up till 2 wks ago I was so sick. . With every symptom possible one day id have weak arms and legs and the next id have a stomach ache and be nausated .. the weakness in the arms and legs and dizziness has stayed all this time I hate it. . And for the last week I can't sleep at all. Anxiety really sucks!

Anxiety75 in reply to samiaml

Do you feel like it's a heart attack or something and they tell you your okay?


Hidden in reply to samiaml

Hi I'm getting same symotors as you. It's taking over my life. Do you still feel like this. If not what helped you xx

Hello riroar

Yes this ugly thing they call anxiety can indeed make you feel this ill. It's worse than actually being sick.

Pretty much on a daily basis I feel weak nauseous lightheaded and dizzy heart palpitations heart racing and that's an everyday thing that doesn't include the crazy scary symptoms I get while having an attack :(

Hope your hanging in there

Rose_33 in reply to Pink1181

Hi Riroar,

I have the same symptoms as you. It's been 2 years since you're post. Can you tell me if you figured what it was. I'm worried sick

falkraven in reply to Rose_33

Hi Rose,

I see you are desperately looking for answers to these symptoms that you are suffering.

I am a 33yr old male & have suffered these symptoms on & off for the past 14yrs. I have had several A&E admissions including ones for heart attack & stroke symptoms which have all been proven to be due to anxiety disorder.

It's such a horrible illness to suffer & the people who don't suffer or have not suffered from this do not understand as it's so hard to explain that you have as many symptoms.

The main thing to remember while experiencing an attack is that your racing heart, short breath & tightness in the chest along with various pains, muscle spasms & tightness is all down to the fear factors causing your body to produce more adrenaline (racing heart), experience hyperventilation (shortness of breath making you dizzy) this together makes your body tense causing the muscle tension ect.

It's all easy for me to explain this to you & but trying to tell yourself you are OK while experiencing an attack is extremely difficult & can be an absolute nightmare.

The past year has been difficult for me to control my anxiety & panic attacks I am currently on a waiting list for councilling & am expected to complete a CBT course (Google this for more info), I also take 200mg or Setraline per day but my attacks are still frequent regardless of the medication.

I would suggest simple breathing excersize's or breathing into a paper bag along with having someone with you to reassure you that you are OK & keep talking to you the whole time you are experiencing an attack (even someone on the phone) & go out for a walk & take deep breaths of fresh air. Basically you are multi-tasking to keep your brain busy thus taking your mind off your panic attack.

These are all things I do myself & depending on where I am at the time of the attack I choose what I am able to do. Sometimes it's difficult when it is during the night & you are alone but you can only try....just keep telling yourself you are fine, strong, fit & not going to die.

I wish you all the best & hope my loooong comment helps you.

TheaFox in reply to falkraven

Omg ! I like your comments. Anyways. Im having an attack now. Goooooosh :'( I HATE THIS. Usually occurs at night b4 i sleep. *sigh*

Reading your message is exactly what I am having. I've had anxiety before. Didn't recognise it at first. Presented it's ugly self with what I thought was s t.i.a.ive all of the symptoms as you. Recognising it is the only way to beable to deal with it for exactly what it is. I hope you are feeling better. Sympathy with you.

Mbrill2213 in reply to Pink1181

Are you feeling better ? If so what helped 

QueenieLynn in reply to Pink1181

Hi! I have the same symptoms as you. I don't know what to do.

Dorsey in reply to QueenieLynn

Me either tried meds some make me worse just started new med for last 3 nights although i sleep well symptoms still here not good. Are you taking anything.

QueenieLynn in reply to Dorsey

No, i don't take any meds right now.

Crystal1534 in reply to Pink1181

Hi. Wow! That is exactly what I'm feeling to a T. I need help..

Def anxiety it can cause any sympton I have good days and bad days I try and carry on best I can I also feel dizzy sick heart racing fast pulse red hot flushes acid its awful had it for over a year im trying to come off tablets as I knpw they haved helped a bit but think they cause my acid your not alone mine always go off at night for some weird reason hang on in there :)

Rose_33 in reply to Patti41

We're you able to solve your issue? Are you off tablets now. Has it helped

Thank you everyone. I can't seem to shake this heavy groggy drunk feeling away from my head. I'm going back to the doctors tomorrow to ask to see a nose throat n ear doctor and a brain scan. If these come back normal I will accept it's all down to aniexty. I just can't relax as I feel ill and noone can give me answers. I guess everyone on here has been through the same or similar pattern seeing doctors....going to A n E etc with no answers. What scan should I be asking for to double check my head/ brain please?

yoxxz in reply to riroar

Well #1 get your thyroid check 99% its your thyroid dats why causes hormones in your body and creates anxiety I been going through hell so your doctor will not get u a MRI scan only way is to go to hospital play dead and u will get it get lots of blood work also good luck

yoxxz in reply to yoxxz

Dats the only way u will get blood work and MRI body and head scan my doctor never did it only way is do wat I did or u will suffer only way people will take u serious is if u kall ambulance play dead and hospital will do those tests

Johncmathews in reply to riroar

Did you ever find out what the drunk feeling was?

I want to know too

Hi riroar,

I think it's a CAT scan. But I doubt your doc will give you a referral if he/she is pretty sure it's anxiety. I'm pretty sure my anxiety does have a little to do with some physical aspect of my breathing, sleeping and digestion. But the anxiety could've caused all that turmoil in these areas too. Which of course, will just make it spiral further. It's like, what came first, the chicken or the egg?? (or Schrodinger's cat!)

I eat anything at all, then almost immediately, it's belching for literally hours. Unbelievable. If I try to sleep, the wind (I don't think it's gas) just builds up, causes tension in the chest and upper abdomen and wakes me up. I of course used to think it was choking from sleep apnea, which I also have. I really think it was the wind build up though.

Yes, you must try to stop looking up symptoms, that certainly won't help. You can look up help, though.

riroar in reply to frekks2021

Hi Frekks2021 thanks for your reply xx I've had alot of tests done on my heart..bloods etc but noone seems to be listening about my symptoms in my head. My head feels really heavy and when I stand up I feel really light headed weak n dizzy. I feel yes I may have aniexty but also an underlying issue that there failing to pick up on because they can't see past the aniexty symptoms. They look at me like I'm mad it's getting to the point now I feel like just shutting up and waiting to see what happens n theb say I told you so unless its too lste :-(

nahtan in reply to riroar

You sound just like me ! Seriously.. Are you taking meds?

riroar in reply to nahtan

Hi nahtan no the doctor asked me what I wanted to do...I was shocked as I'm not the doc it's like they have give up on me....I guessed the choices were meds or speaking to someone. I felt meds would just mask the problem for now n wouldn't deal with the reason I'm feeling like this. I chose to speak to a counciler but it's about a yeard wait. Seriously considering going bk to get put on meds.

frekks2021 in reply to riroar

I think the meds have a place here. They only treat the symptoms though, but remember, we have to make it through the day first, before we can get to that CBT appointment 6 - 8 weeks away (a year???), that supposedly looks at the cause. Sometimes, I just say, stuff it, it's too hard to cope with it, and pop a Valium.

I was told, too, that on the first consultation, the psychologist will discuss my story and we won't really be getting to any treatment options until the second consult.

Gayfly in reply to riroar

I take beta blockers, they slow the heart down. I refuse to take anti depressants as I didn't like the possible side effects.mi am also having CBT at the mo. Anxiety has SO many symptoms at different times. I am always convinced it's something serious and the Drs tell me it's anxiety again. Which makes me anxious that they are not taking me seriously. Vicious bloody circle isn't it?

Popples25 in reply to riroar

Hiya doll I'm the same as you feel like I'm having a stroke and stuff can't seem to come to terms I've got axintey never had this before it's horrible xx

Dayana87 in reply to riroar

Hi... I've had the same feeling for about 4 weeks now. From the minute I wake up I'm light headed and has lead to other symptoms such as; palpitations,panic attacks, unclear vision, numbness feeling on the face and that wooziness feeling that you are not in control and always feel like your gonna pass out 24/7. I've had CT scan done MRI, ear and throat specialist done blood test, seen the neurologist and everything has ruled out. Only thing missing is cardiologist and psychologist this week. I feel so desperate and hopeless at times. This has taken a tow on my life and completely disable me to work and do so many things. I do have thyroid problems but my blood work shows everything is good. This thing is driving me insane I just want it gone. I'm only 28 this is no quality of life.🙁

OMG!!!! We have the same exact symptoms. That's so crazy. I'm praying for us both. Just know you're not alone in this. And we're both so young. I've also been going through this for 4 weeks.

@SheezusChrist it's sad but at the same time it feels good to know I'm not going crazy. Feel free to email me we can exchange numbers. Your not alone if u need someone to talk to

Nyc22 in reply to SheezusChrist

Same here...its been 3 months for me :( I feel like I am alone in this and not everyone can understand

Mbrill2213 in reply to Nyc22

Are you feeling better if so what helped ? I am feeling the same way 

Are you feeling better if so what helped ? I am feeling the same way 

Spn_mommy in reply to Dayana87

Do you happen to have an Iud? I had one and had caused me to have the exact same symptoms as you. I removed it and I feel a little bit better.

Crystal1534 in reply to Dayana87

Me to me too.

Rose_33 in reply to riroar

Sorry, this post is long. But I hope you can help. May you be blessed for all the help extended!

Did you pinpoint your underlying issue, Riroar? I feel exactly like you.

My main concern is - it all started with a dizzy, light headed feeling on few days when I was sick (my prior health issue - had muscle weakness for which I was taking Tendon strengthening tablets for 3 weeks. I had a reasonably bad backache & tingly feeling on my legs & inner thighs, where lifting one of my legs while trying to wear my pants, hurt real bad. The back hurt while trying to stand from a seated position. I was diagnised with Muscle weakness. After the 3 week course of the Tendon tablets which was prescribed along with Calcium supplements, it helped heal my muscles & those pains almost vanished but I'm still weak with fatigue & my back hurts if I tire myself a little or bend forward to do any chore. And the legs around knee cap & thigh has a faint pain now as compared to before the medication). Th doctor said it would take me 2-3 months to recover completely. ( I hope I do).

So this dizzy feeling started on & off while being on this medication (tendon healing tabs + calcium tabs). After the 3 week course of the tendon tabs, my dizzy spells were more prominent & eventually this has snowballed to me feeling feel light headed, dizzy with a tight head, disoriented feeling throughout the day. I'm more sensitive to light & sounds. I feel like the lights are too bright. And my vision is very slightly hazy. I fear at night that the next day will again bring on the dreaded feeling. I'm living with all of those symptoms now. Yesterday I had a full blown attack when I took my car out to the store for the first time in months. I had symptoms of diziness, like the place around is spinning, tight & heavy head, feeling of loss of balance, disorientation, confusion, couldn't concentrate much, perspiration on soles of feet, shaky trembly feeling, prominent ringing in ears ( I've had this as a kid) which was more pronounced during this episode. I felt a tingly/slight electric shock like feeling all over my face, tingly sensation in my extremities feet, hands & legs, sensitivity to light & sound - too bright & loud, trembling hands, pulsating/throbbing in certain areas of body. Some nights I feel like I can heart beating so loud from inside while Im trying to sleep.

As of now everyday I wake up I'm left with these symptoms "throughout" out the day - lightheadedness, more prominent ringing in ears, slight hazy view, disorientation, & slight tingly feeling on face. Other than this, on occasion I have the full on episode as mentioned above.

I know I've been really worried & scared about my health ever since I startedtaking medication for my Muscles to strengthen. Because that when all this started. From reading your post I understand I could be having some stress/anxiety but the underlying cause that caused it - my worry about my health & the giddy disoriented feeling throughtout the day while on those medications.

I want to know what you did about your main issue. We're you able to figure what it was? Can you help me? I'm desperate & scared. I fear I'll never be okay again. Any help/suggestions provided will be appreciated. Sorry sbout the ling post. Thank you!

Rose_33 in reply to Rose_33

Also clarifying a little more to all who are reading this - the doctor said the Muscle strengthrning tablets have absolutely no side effects. So this was a cause of worry as I couldn't understand why I was feeling dizzy ever since around the time of the start of taking in the medication.

I want to know what could bring this terrible dizzy feeling about that just refuses to go away.

If any of you have had the same symptoms. And have found out what caused those symptoms. Could you please share your story. Thanks

erialcsitruc in reply to Rose_33

I m sorry for your problems. It seems your sensations are unduely heightened. I think there is a possibility that you have super heightened sensitivity. As you are very aware of every unpleasant sensation in your body. This is a true condition.the questions is are these awful symptoms causing your anxiety. Or is the anxiety causing these sensations. Either way massage therapy is very good for this. It gets the body used to touch and of course very relaxing. Good luvk

Crystal1534 in reply to Rose_33

I feel the same way exactly. It doesn't go away. How is it anxiety if I have it from the moment I woke up. So.confused

I know the GP's can tend to look down upon one. I certainly have anxiety and my panic attacks, I believe, are indeed, P A N I C attacks.

In the earlier days before I had some control or even knew what was happening, my head was a MESS! And I don't mean like my head looks like a dropped pie!

I had dizziness, light headed, trembling severely, I felt like I was going to faint when I had an attack, like you. I was scared sh1tless and that made it worse. It's important to know this, that anxiety makes you think you have everything and can give you all these symptoms.

I was up to the ER with all these symptoms, BP checked at 204/170. I found the emergency doctor's opinions to be calming, but somehow, I was having trouble believing them. As time went on, I did.

The head stuff is fairly rare now, I'd say non existent thankfully. Although I have a severe lack of sleep that makes my head feel yukk, but I know it's lack of sleep, because I really have... a lack of sleep.. due to the symptoms of the anxiety. Proper breathing exercises helped, and walking, which we should be doing regardless.

Maybe your GP will let you have the scan, you can only ask.

Hang in, Peter.

Hi my name is Donna and yes I know how you feel I had the same exact symptomsI wake up I feel so sick that I feel like I'm dying and physically I feel so nauseous at times and just a headache my body just can't move like it's supposed to the mussels don't feel right and I had all kinds of tests done also and its anxiety and depression it started when I delivered both my children from postpartum it went into a hormone imbalance and I have panic attacks and anxiety depression and its been here since I'm 23 I'm now 55 so I side with you and know how you feel you're not alone you could always text me and talk to me I'm here for you

Hi what Medes are you on ...

idam in reply to donnamaltese

Hey I was reading your story so this happened to you due to hormonal imbalance

Hi i was wondring if u stiill get panic attacks my are so bad ive lost weight my heart just takes off to 140 pulse it just happened iam afraid i will get afib i sooo scared . When the heart beats fast its scarey i think iam gonna get a stroke.


I have the same symptoms!

It all started 3 months before I had my son. I'm currently 31 yrs old, my son is now 2yrs old. I have the dizzy, foggy, disoriented feelings.. especially if I drive on the freeway. I get really dizzy and my eye lids feel heavy and it feels as if I'm going to pass out while driving.

I've seen an ENT, eye specialist, cardiologist, and neurologist. All test are normal! After countless visits at ten ER I'm convinced it's really anxiety.

Some days are better then other days with the whole "drunk" feeling I get. I also notice in the morning it's a bit worse than evening time. Also do to my toddler im sleep deprived and I'm really tired. I sleep an average of 4-5 hrs each night.. so the lack of sleep makes my symptoms worse. Last week I had a bad episode and ended up at the ER which every test came back "normal".

I'm do to see a cardiologist again because I was having chest pain and chest tightening.. and in a month I will seek a second neurologist's opinion about my "drunk" feeling.

The only thing that helps me a bit is acupuncture.. I've been getting it TWO times per month.. helps a lot!

My email addressis Donna Maltese

So nice to know I'm not alone! My family and friends just don't understand because they have never felt this way before. I'm constantly in a brain fog and it never goes away! I've been to the doctor and hospital more times than anyone should go in a total year! I've had complete blood work twice they checked my heart I've had a cat scan and each time they tell me everything is cold blood normal no tumors and blood work completely normal. I feel like I'm losing my mind it's an everyday thing and I just feel so alone in this because no one understand and they think I can just cut it on and off. I had no clue how much anxiety could effect someone. Google had a big part in it I googled every symptom and each time it told me I had cancer and I was dying. I just wish it would go away :(

Imogen93 in reply to Curious5

Do you feel lightheaded / brain fog all the time??

Dayana87 in reply to Imogen93

I've had this feeling for about 4 weeks now and I don't know what to do

Mbrill2213 in reply to Dayana87

Have you got any relief ?? 

Ktbm in reply to Imogen93

I haven't eaten solid food for for 5 months due to fear of chocking so I feel light headed al day. I live on ensures build up drinks 4 a day it sucks. I got a tablet suck back in July and my Anxiety is at a high level right now. My Dr put me on a new drug today so I'm praying it works. I'm Bipolar too. I'm gonna start getting help for my eating in 2 weeks I've waited so much and has lost a lot of weight which I don't need to loose any more I'm under 8 stone. I'm so happy and it feel like my family are living with a Crocodile as I'm so snappy.

bellame15 in reply to Curious5

I feel your pain.. I started having panic attacks after my kids father passed...I took Prozac which made me sick and I'm not on anything and I'm dizzy all day and lightheaded.. I feel tingling sensation through my feet and hands.. Dr said all can make you feel hopeless..hope you find some relief soon

I'm not a Dr. But I was s nurse. I'm most certainly not poohooing your symptoms.they are real alright. But do you know that when we have these panic attacks that our breathing increases. And one of the key symptoms of this is pins and needle and tingling in our extremities.

And fuzziness dizziness as the oxygen rushes through us. Horrible and frightening.

Bevshauni in reply to Curious5

Name is bev I have had it for 8months now I do understand what you are going through it is a nightmare at the moment I am on line with a guy called Michael Norman he tells you all about what you are going through and how to get through them is site is just give a go and see what it is like hope it help you

Hi bev I know what it's like I have had more tests than an atom bomb the doctor says iam anemic he give me iron tablets that makes me feel sick another thing to cope with it feel dizzy some times and panic attacks sweaty hands and ice cold feet some times I can't go out its that bad it's all seemsorted to have started in 2010 when I had a car accident I have told the doctor this and all he has given me is antidepressants they worked for a bit but gone bac to how it started

Yes . ! Anxiety can make you feel downright and straight up like shit even if there's no logical reason why, And I know exactly how you feel, I hope it gets better, it's like your mind is backfiring against you and wants you to think negatively ,

Try and keep your head up, convince yourself you'll be fine and I'm sure you'll feel better , Much love

- Tabuu

Hi I know were your coming from I feel the same way x

I've been told by the doctors I have anxiety, and I am lightheaded all the time! Apart from when I'm laid in bed, i just can't seem to think that anxiety can actually do this to you I think there's something wrong :-/ been to so many doctors who have all said its anxiety and put me on anti depressants.. Anyone else feel lightheaded/woozy headed all the time??

bellame15 in reply to Imogen93

Meee 😩 its horrible.. I stopped the anti depressants because they only made Me feel worse..I'm constantly dizzy and light headed.anxiety is the devil..and the doctors take it so cripples you physically

Imogen1993 in reply to bellame15

Hey, do you still feel like that? I do :/ and I hate it!!


Hi I've had the same symtoms didn't want to go out had to have *2 weeks of work felt like I was dying manic episodes thinking my heart was going to stop and everything. People don't understand what we are going through hope u feel OK soon x

Hey there.... Im 26 year old male. Im Indian, born and brought up in Dubai.

We all are on the same boat..

Well, my symptoms started few months ago. One night after finishing my dinner I suddenly start feeling pressure (very weird one) on my head that was very strange feeling like my head was going to blast and then i start walking in my house like a mad man!! My heart was racing, i was sweating, wet palms and feets, chest discomfort, chest pain, shortness of breath (like i was not able to breath and gasping for it) chest tightness, sharp headaches, high blood pressure around 180/120, neck tightness, dry mouth, blurred vision, pain in the legs, shaking etc etc... I was like im going to die from a heart attack or a stroke! My sister rushed me to the ER guess what before reaching to the ER i was back to normal 😀 the only symptoms left was racing heart with shortness of breath.

All this strange symptoms lasted 10 to 15 mins and was worst i will say!! After all this nasty symptoms i start to feel very sleepy and i slept. The very next morning i start burping constantly (strange sound like trrrrr), acidic taste in my mouth, constipation, high BP, lightheaded, shortness of breath, dizziness. So I went to see my GP he said its acid reflux and asked me to lower your salt intake and said me not to eat junk, fried or spicy foods.

Sorry for very long paragraph!

Anyway, after taking meds for few days I felt this problem was never ending. I start feeling dizzy, lightheaded, shortness of breath all day 24/7!!

Literally the symptoms increased day by day and its regular now!!

I start getting chest pain (mostly on the left side) chest discomfort, pressure on chest, dizziness, out of balance while walking (feels like i will fall or pass out) urge of deep breaths, wet palms, loss of appetite, fear of death, hot flashes, headache, heart palpatations, increased heart rate(80-110 while resting) list goes on!! While with all this i was not able to live my life. I cannot go to the supermarkets, malls or for a movie and then i start avoiding social activities. Later again i went to see my GP and he said all is in your head! LOL

And sent me home. Strange!!

Few days back i was getting strong palpatations and i was not able to sleep because of that. Scared and sweating all night. Next morning (3 days back) i went to my GP again he asked me to go and see a cardiologist.

Same day i booked a appointment with a cardiologist and went for some test.

ECG - after seeing the report he said, do you have any stress?

Blood sugar - 91

Cholesterol - 201

Cholesterol/ HDL ratio - 4.3

Waiting for the Thyroid report.

I believe Im in a lot of stress and all this is happening bcoz of anxiety! Right now im feeling dizzy while writing this with sweaty palms. Hope this all will pass. Stay strong. Will update! Love you all!

P.S I never tried Alcohol. Already stopped smoking since 2 months. Im a Student. Soon will start training for commercial Pilot license.

- Hussain.

mens in reply to huss47

hi hussain,

feel very sorry that you have to experience this at such a young age. i can resonate with your condition because i have suffered varied conditions because of my anxiety. my breathing problems is 24/7 like yours, Mine started in 2000 and still living with it. presently i experience all the symptoms you have described. the most scariest is the breathing. try to relax and meditate and pray as hard as you can. do self talk each time this feelings come over and say that you are fine. i believe you have done all the medical tests so rest assured nothing to worry in terms of medical. this is the thing i kept telling myself. its so unlucky that we have to go through this phase but we will breeze through. take care

jeffreyscott in reply to huss47

yeah i would think its thyroid, hope u solved your problem.

beatanxiety28 in reply to huss47

hi mate yes i get the heat and sweaty parms had it for ages please let me know how you get on

tillimack in reply to huss47

THIS MIGHT SOUND CRAZY BUT!!! i would just forget all about it!! Instead of worrying about what it is!!

Let me tell you a lil story about myself... I have been suffering from PANIC and ANXIETY for 6 years!! I went to every doctor and specialist you could imagine!! Every place gave me the same answer... "its all in your head"

I was going CRAZY!! My breathing,shakes,sweating,heart racing,fatigue!! You name it, i thought i was gonna die any minute!!

I loss 3 jobs over it and i almost loss my family... Everyone thought i was making these things up!! I would literally lock myself in my closet for days... all because i felt safe in there!! I would miss out on family trips to places like costa rica.. because i was scared of having a panic attack!! Around my 3rd year i started to get tired of it, i started researching online... The only thing that made it get better at the time was, hearing someone else story about going through the samething as i have!! Realizing i wasnt alone with this battle... After finding out that panic and anxiety CANNOT kill me, i started to take my chances!

Me and the wife planned a trip to the bahamas , she asked me was i ok to travel because of my panic and anxiety .... I decided that if iam gonna have another panic attack.. Than it will be in the bahamas lol... Because i gotten sick and tired of letting this BS run my life!!

So we went on the trip and i didnt have one attack!!

I know its easier said than done but! U have to put your foot down.. Thats only if anxiety is the reason for your conditions.... MAY GOD BLESS U ALL.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE....

Hi hope you are feeling better. I also having problems. You have the right attitude. Recognising it for what it is is the key to getting better. And realising it won't kill you. It is hard work.

Girl, I know exactly how you feel. Every time I get symptoms, I will psychologically tell myself this is the worst that it has ever been. Thats what anxiety does to you. I mean I'm going to see a pulmonary specialist on Tuesday just to rule this breathing issue out. It really does make you feel like you will die or the worst of situations will happen. I have been dealing with these thoughts and feelings since I was 13. I was constantly going to the emergency room and racking up huge bills just to be told it was anxiety. One calming thought that helps me at times is: "This has been happening for years and I am still here." The anxiety wants to try and trick your mind to think that there is definitely something physically wrong with you. One of the things that makes anxiety so worrisome for me, and a lot of other anxiety sufferers, is the fact that anxiety onsets for no reason. Ill be out at a restaurant with my boyfriend or friends and BAM I feel like I'm going to faint or have a heart attack. It is important to realize that you need to work with your anxiety and not against it because then it will only come back stronger. Hang in there girl. There are plenty of supportive people on this site and it will come to a halt sooner or later.

My anxiety does that as well..I'm dizzy and lightheaded all day...attacks out of nowhere.. It sucks because I've tried medications but none seem to work

Imogen1993 in reply to bellame15

I also feeling lightheaded / drunk all day! Do you seem to notice it more when your moving your head etc?

Yeah Ive been having this the whole week and it makes me extremely worried an anxious! Especially when I move my head

Rose_33 in reply to Johanna777

We're you able to fix the issue, Johanna? If you did, coukd you let me know how. Ty

Vava8686 in reply to Johanna777

Same here!😓

I can't drive in the freeway because I get so dizzy .. I've seen many diff specialist and they all say it's anxiety

I do! Did you get any relief ?

Rose_33 in reply to bellame15

Did you find a cure, Bellame?

THIS MIGHT SOUND CRAZY BUT!!! i would just forget all about it!! Instead of worrying about what it is!!

Let me tell you a lil story about myself... I have been suffering from PANIC and ANXIETY for 6 years!! I went to every doctor and specialist you could imagine!! Every place gave me the same answer... "its all in your head"

I was going CRAZY!! My breathing,shakes,sweating,heart racing,fatigue!! You name it, i thought i was gonna die any minute!!

I loss 3 jobs over it and i almost loss my family... Everyone thought i was making these things up!! I would literally lock myself in my closet for days... all because i felt safe in there!! I would miss out on family trips to places like costa rica.. because i was scared of having a panic attack!! Around my 3rd year i started to get tired of it, i started researching online... The only thing that made it get better at the time was, hearing someone else story about going through the samething as i have!! Realizing i wasnt alone with this battle... After finding out that panic and anxiety CANNOT kill me, i started to take my chances!

Me and the wife planned a trip to the bahamas , she asked me was i ok to travel because of my panic and anxiety .... I decided that if iam gonna have another panic attack.. Than it will be in the bahamas lol... Because i gotten sick and tired of letting this BS run my life!!

So we went on the trip and i didnt have one attack!!

I know its easier said than done but! U have to put your foot down.. Thats only if anxiety is the reason for your conditions.... MAY GOD BLESS U ALL.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE....

Yes recognising it is half the battle the first time I had it was when I was young. I had s three-year old. Then had twins. I had postnatal depression. I didn't know I had it but worse was all these things like s head ache was s brain tumour and etc. I had this really bad symptom that was really awful. I'd be watching TV. And all of s sudden had thistoverwheming feeling that I was just going stop breathing. The feeling of utter fear was dreadful. I felt pins and needles and felt i was going to wet myself. That was the strength of the fear. I have it again now. I'm sixty. I recognise it and I am able to address it


Anxiety can ruin your life...mine came out of nowhere...I was in the mall and just felt the urge to run, heart was racing and I felt faint..after tests and tests they said anxiety...they said that loosing my father in a tragic car accident to suddenly triggered it..I've been on Prozac and Zoloft..didn't work..I'm dizzy all day, tingling throughout my body and just want to lay around...I'm now looking for some natural remedies..Its definitely hard and you are not alone

Vava8686 in reply to bellame15

Try acupuncture.. it helps me a lot

Yep I was the same way

Rose_33 in reply to QuriusGeorge

How did you cure it, QuirusGeorge?

I have been dealing with anxiety for about 3 years.

I feel really nauseous throughout the day and I will often end up crying uncontrollably no matter where I am.

My chest feels sort of tight and I find it difficult to take deep breath. I have shakey legs which gets worse at night.

Sometimes I really feel like just giving up but my parents have been really supportive.

I am leaving my home country for study exchange in a week and I am seriously freaking out as I will be flying alone. The thought of being miles away from home is making go crazy and the physical symptoms I am experiencing obviously makes it worse.

Everyday is just so hard to get by....

Hmclean86 in reply to Xxinxxin

Did you leave he country? How did it go I am going away next week and thought is unbearable and so close to not going! AV been so I'll thinking about it AV not even got out of bed today.

Xxinxxin in reply to Hmclean86

I did not go in the end coz I ended up in the ER few days before I flew and was having a panic attack right in front of my psychiatrist when I saw her in the same day. But I'm glad I didn't go. Till today I am still having anxiety attacks and I'm seeing my psychiatrist tmr.

Hmclean86 in reply to Xxinxxin

I don't think I am going to go as well I got no sleep last night and feel so ill today :(

Xxinxxin in reply to Hmclean86

I know how it feels. I woke up at 3am last night and couldnt fall back to sleep. To prevent myself from being overly anxious, I listened to soothing music for anxiety put on loop and laid on my bed till the day brightened. Hopefully we can fall asleep tonight.

Hmclean86 in reply to Xxinxxin

I tried deep breathing a panic attack woke me up at midnight I got back to sleep at 6 then woke up at 7 for kids :( so 2 hrs sleep I don't understand why I can't sleep now! When I shut my eyes I can feel myself getting anxious

Xxinxxin in reply to Hmclean86

You are too anxious to sleep! Your whole body is too tense and cant relax which is why you cant fall asleep. Gotta try to do something to help you calm down. It will take a few guess and tries before you find something that works. You can try listening to those music for anxiety on youtube.

Hmclean86 in reply to Xxinxxin

I have just downloaded a hypnotherapy relaxation app. I will try this do u ever get sore throats? I never get them but woke up today n feel so sore!

Xxinxxin in reply to Hmclean86

I get them when I eat too much fried stuff of drink too little water. Or when I have a blocked nose and end up breathing through my mouth.

Rose_33 in reply to Xxinxxin

Did you find a cure Xinnxinn?

did you pay for your psychiatrist?? i have them all and cant find any help anywhere

Fbax12 in reply to Xxinxxin

This is exactly like me!!! Cant stop crying, even when something has made me laugh, i will instantly want to cry after.

Bevshauni in reply to Xxinxxin

I Hun I no just what you are going I am the same my hubby is finding really hard to understand what it is like today has been really bad for me today my chest is tight feels like some one setting on it dizzy shakey crying al the time pain in my left arm just feel so scared

That would make any one anxious normally. But to already have an existing anxiety must be awful

Are any of you on meds that worked and decreased feelings of anxiety?

That is definitely anxiety once your anxiety lifts you will that feel that incredible feeling that someone just took off a plastic bag over you head and everything starts to feel normal again. Don't worry so much what to ask them they know what to look for these machines see everything in the brain. You will be fine. One saying I keep saying to myself is "try hard not to worry about dying tomorrow cause it is wasting the time I have trying to live for today." Good luck hang in there

Rose_33 in reply to Timsmith

Timsmith, it seems to me like you have your anxiety under control now. Can you please tell me what you did. Are you cured completely now?

I sit a wise idea to taken anxiety medication. Thanks a ton

All the while you worried about dying your not enjoying living

Hey everyone i don't usually post on anything, but I've been going through hell lately. I worry about stupid stuff all the time but i thought that was just normal and have been experiencing all the symptoms raroar was explaining. Even though I've stop worrying about my wellbeing i still keep feeling dizzy but i realise i only feel dizzy when i think about being dizzy maybe I'm broken.

Rose_33 in reply to JamesCK

This is exactly how I feel. What have you done about it? Please share your story. Are you okay now?

yes i have similar problems to some of you currently at age 31, I have been dealing with anxiety about my body everyday for the past 4 weeks. Mostly concerned about my heart and things relating to the cardio vascular system of my heart. (The big difference is I have no healthcare but I am working on getting it so I can be seen.)

I like to think I'm a pretty smart guy when it comes to science and in the past (Age 19) I had episodes of panic and anxiety that would come and go....and cured myself of the attacks by forcing myself to laugh...I figured it was due to a brain chemistry imbalance and ultimately laughing would help neutralize by adding dopamine. (unlike what a doctor may give you to do something similar, this would be the correct dosage and none addictive) (its important to note, these attack would last 30 mins or so and I could feel them coming on...kind of like what people who have seizes I was able to test different methods to solve it) At first the laughter was very mechanical and even fake...and wasn't working so well but ultimately the attacks would come less and less until i didn't feel anymore coming on and i was normal for 10+ years.

Flash forward to today at age 31.

I have a difference case, this is constant anxiety and mild attacks..for the past month....the feeling of my heart being inflamed at times...heart inflammation and soreness feeling and Difficulty Breathing Everyday. Also feel light headed and i lay around all day...but some days are better and i move around and even try some exercises...seems like small exercises helps...for me.

My theories:

1. my brain chem might be back to imbalanced

2. I may have damaged my cardio vascular and heart.

I am not 100% sure if this is a medical condition or anxiety since I am not able to see a doctor currently but honestly I really hope its only anxiety. (constantly worrying about my heart, laying and not moving much...some days are better than others) I was having heart pains around week 1-2 mild slight heart pains...but i started taking l-Arginine a amino acid to help convert nitric oxide (Which would be a similar result to what the doctor would give for "Angina or heart pains" but its something I could have my family pick up at the local store) I have been trying a lot of things to solve my problems...krill omega 3, ASPIRIN is my friend (seems to help me...somehow)...take it everyday...every now and then sodium naproxen ...seems to take my nerves down...but I still havent cured myself and still feel somewhat worried comes in waves and leaves...i also check my blood pressure (it comes up all good everytime unless im freaking out...then the sys is abut 145 or mild hypertension...still not that bad), check my heart with a stethoscope as of recent...thanks to my sister whose a nurse and had a extra.. honestly by checking on myself it reaffirms my mind and makes me less worried...I generally sleep fine...and find myself pressing on m left side lower rib my main physical issue is just my heart feel "sore or inflamed" also feel like that idea has something to do with it...kinda sore there but maybe from me pressing...ok...thats my rant...just want to put it out there...if anyone has any remedies that helped share with me...or similar issues. I don't want to die!!! my life means a lot and I think I have a lot to offer the world in the long run, I will be a much better person too! ok im done with my rant :)

oh and i was tested with dyslexia so sorry about any typos or terrible writing..just a rant for possible help or suggestions.

Olovely in reply to jeffreyscott

Your story sounds so much like mine minus I do have healthcare, but am a bit 'anxious' about going to find out if there really is something wrong. This crap sucks. Not sure why I felt compelled to respond to you, (I too feel that I have more to give to this world to make somekind of difference) but wanted you to know someone else feels close to the same. I hope you are able to get it figured out and feel better. This crap sucks. Its such a helpless/hopeless feeling. We gotta keep our heads up. ☺

Just recently started noticing my anxiety... It goes really bad and can sometimes wake me up. Makes us all think something worse is wrong. Numbness... Aching.. Heart racing.. Numb sides etc all that. Would you believe that the best things I've found to make myself feel better are hot baths and keeping very stimulated. Something like sport or a games console. Try the hot bath, trust me :)

Massage c

Oh my God.. I thought I'm the only one.. it felt horrible, the constant nervous feeling, shaky feeling, weakness, hot flashes and light headedness. Not to mention the nauseous and fainting feeling it's also hard to get some sleep due to jolting feeling and constant feeling that I'm easily get started by anything, Im dealing with it since I was 25 and now I'm 29 and still battling with it.. it's very hard especially everyday at work.. sometimes I just sit in the corner in tears.. and just keep telling my self to "keep it together, you already dealt with this a lot of times, be strong".

I don't know, but knowing that I'm not the only one feeling this give me a sense of relief somehow.

I pray for all of you guys to be better.

Hi Guys, It's been 6 months now, when suddenly I start feeling all of the above symptoms out of nowhere, first time in my life I was rushing my self to ER because I thought I am having a heart attack, but when I arrive I feel like relief and sick feeling was gone, I went to some GP's and refer me to specialist and consultant, all the test was already been done and comeback fine, what's disappointing is they will just tell you that you have anxiety and only your self can help you, I am very optimistic that I can regain my life back, I am planning to try oriental approach which is Chinese medicine, I want to try natural herbal medicine and acupuncture hope it will help, crossed fingers.


Azmom82 in reply to r_s_g

Did u receive any relief with eastern medicine?

Yes I also have been suffering with anxiety,its dreadful and gives me hot flashes,the shakes,nervousness,loss of appetite,have just started on a course of Diazepam,

I also cant believe this can be all in the mind,I suffered months before I had to give in and see my doctor.It now seems like these extras are not doing the COPD a lot of good,but perhaps it's part of the basic cause,of struggling to breath,several times a day.

Now im trying to keep an open mind,and hope this will not turn out to be another merry go round of endless courses of meds,that never cure my chest infections,and however many sputem tests I have never found the source of either,that bring back the need for another course quite quickly.

THIS MIGHT SOUND CRAZY BUT!!! i would just forget all about it!! Instead of worrying about what it is!!

Let me tell you a lil story about myself... I have been suffering from PANIC and ANXIETY for 6 years!! I went to every doctor and specialist you could imagine!! Every place gave me the same answer... "its all in your head"

I was going CRAZY!! My breathing,shakes,sweating,heart racing,fatigue!! You name it, i thought i was gonna die any minute!!

I loss 3 jobs over it and i almost loss my family... Everyone thought i was making these things up!! I would literally lock myself in my closet for days... all because i felt safe in there!! I would miss out on family trips to places like costa rica.. because i was scared of having a panic attack!! Around my 3rd year i started to get tired of it, i started researching online... The only thing that made it get better at the time was, hearing someone else story about going through the samething as i have!! Realizing i wasnt alone with this battle... After finding out that panic and anxiety CANNOT kill me, i started to take my chances!

Me and the wife planned a trip to the bahamas , she asked me was i ok to travel because of my panic and anxiety .... I decided that if iam gonna have another panic attack.. Than it will be in the bahamas lol... Because i gotten sick and tired of letting this BS run my life!!

So we went on the trip and i didnt have one attack!!

I know its easier said than done but! U have to put your foot down.. Thats only if anxiety is the reason for your conditions.... MAY GOD BLESS U ALL.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE....

Did they ever figure out what was wrong? I've been feeling this way for many years now.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I also have been suffering with all of these symptoms for the past two years - really bad.  After seeing so many doctors, etc. I went to see a hormone doctor.  Apparently, I didn't have any progestrone in my body.  As soon as I started using the cream, I became a completely different person, within days.  I no longer have the anxiety and mine was terrible.  Not every day is perfect but it's nothing like it was.  I'm a single 48 year old woman but apparently you start losing your hormones in your 30's.

Azmom82 in reply to Kimbo456

R u still feeling better?

I get WAY less lightheaded after eating and drinking lots of water. Keep snacking small amounts throughout the day. Helps my anxiety soso much. Keep the coffee and sugar to a minimum and keep the thought in your head "so what if people are judging me, I can never get this day back ever again". Learn to think in a positive light about everything and the anxiety will slip away. Don't rehearse what you're going to say too much, trust yourself and let it come. I used to have major depression from my anxiety that still slightly lingers but is NO WHERE near what it was 3 months ago. Once I retrained myself to stop putting myself down and really appreciate things, my anxiety is a 3 now and not a 10. The meds will only cover up the real issue.

causeandeffect007, good for you in finding the key to reversing anxiety. I totally agree with everything you are doing. Keep up with continued success. xx

Very good positive attitude it cam only help. Well done. Atb

Hey there I looked up online to see if anyone was the way I am ... I'm sick now and it happen after I gave birth to

My youngest son he will be 7 mouths and I've been dealing with it for 5 and half mouths now to think almost a year of being sick but I'm on meds now and as

Much as I would like to say they help they do nothing my doctor said give it time but I've been sick this long I feel

Like I'm going insane 😡

sunnyg in reply to Ilycandyland

Your post was a while ago. Are you still on this site, and if you are how are you feeling? I suffered from postpartum depression years ago and have some advice if you are still suffering. Message me if you want to.

I had the exact same thing last night, I was sleeping and laying on my arm and it was numb so I freaked out and panicked, felt sick, heart was racing, shaking, hot flushes but I want to tell everyone it's all in your head! Just breath from your stomach and CALM DOWN! It's okay for this to happen and its normal but just remember you are fine and won't fire because your mind is very powerful and brings these symptoms on without knowing but just accept the fact it's happening and it's in your head and you will feel better within five minutes

Agora1 in reply to Jakezzzzz

Jakezzzzz, Thank you, my sentiments exactly. That is what has put me back in control of my symptoms. I no longer give in to what anxiety may throw my way. Stopping it cold is the way to go. Deep Breathing helps immensely. Good for you Jake. Keep thinking positive...


Hi riroar, how are you doing 2 years on? I hope things have improved for you. Unfortunately I, like many others, found your post from experiencing the same scary symptoms :(

A family member recently had a heart attack and now my anxiety has kicked in for the past three days now none stop I felt breathless sick supposed pains in my chest neck feels like it's closing up stupid things like that and I know nothing is going to happen and I tell my self nothing will happen but I can't stop the feeling

It's really horrible. Even when you recognise it atb


i have the exact same thing

matty01207 in reply to Hidden

It's so stupid isn't it it helps to talk to people about what your feeling and it also helps as horrible as it may sound to see people have the same feelsing as you do because i can tell my self it's defiantly just all in your head and I relax a little bit

It sounds like you not only have anxiety, but also you have panic attacks. They make you feel exactly as you describe. I have had panic and anxiety for over 40 years and after suffering for 30 years, I finally went on medication. Finally I can live a pretty much normal life. It is not " in your head". It is a real illness just like a little Diabetic or heart disease. Look up panic disorder, and then go see a Dr. Who unferstands panic attacks.

This is awful. I also have experienced it. It waned off after I got water baptized. But two days ago I had pain in my left calf. I was worried a lot since I have googled it before. The fear of having a heart disease or heart attack is gone but is replaced by the fear of DVT and PE. Tomorrow I will go for check-up and ask for a CT Scan and venous doppler scan.

For the past 7 months, my symptoms are dizziness, short of breath, chest pain, etc. All have been ruled out because I had a lot of test (except CT Scan and MRI). The psych diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. But this calf pain is new to me so I will have it checked just to make sure it's just anxiety.

I have OCD since I keep on obsessing on a certain thought. I pick my lips too until it bleeds.

The water baptism gave me freedom from a previous fear of dying of heart problem but it was replaced by another one. It is not fun.

Yes most definitely! Anixy can play a lot of tricks on you! But you need to remmeber it's all in your mind. I have been through exacrtly what you did that horriable morning. It does get better if you find ways of coping with it, now if I get a chest pain or feel dizzy I distract myself, keep myself busy & active. The fright of the pain attack slowly goes away as I'm focusing on something else. I can be in bed for some days with my anixy where I'm So fed up of feeling this way! So don't feel like your alone because your not. Right now I have had headaches for 4 weeks. Convinced myself its a brain tumour, been to the doctors over 5 times, but a headache can be caused by anixy and stress too.

Just take one step at a time.. I haven't had a panic attack in 3 months now! So hopefully you will find a way of coping. Even though I am still getting headaches all day everyday, we need to tell ourselves were going to be okay

I've experienced that wherever I have a panic attack, everytime I return to that place it happens again. I'm not sure why but I know it's a common thing to happen. Maybe that's what happening to you to 🤔

I deal with the same thing I get dizzy pretty much every day it keeps me from doing things. I have had so many weird symptoms it's really hard to believe it's just anxiety I'm on zoloft and it has helped not perfect but it's helped try to get help I know how u feel take care

I can relate to this. I don't work or go out. Sometimes it gets to the stage where I feel like I'm going to die I don't go out as it makes it worst its mainly bad in the day and at night I'm okay but that depends on how my anxiety really is its basically ruined my life it sucks I'm in bed watching TV mostly.

The symptoms in the OP are exactly like mine, only I haven't been as many times to the doc. Called the ambulance once because I was sure I was having some kind of heart failure and they did checkups but everything was working perfectly. The paramedics were chuckling about it, which irritated me a bit. Maybe they were just trying to relax me, but at the time it seemed like they weren't taking me seriously. The doc told me I have anxiety disorder and recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I can identify with all the symptoms mentioned - numbness in the limbs; strange tingling sensations; dry mouth; feeling like you're going to drop to the floor; going crazy (I start wailing uncontrollably like a child which is ridiculous for a 40-year-old man); clammy hands; a strange dizzy sensation like I'm weightless and am about to float away into the sky; disorientation (I can be walking in perfectly familiar streets and suddenly have no idea where I am); feeling like I'm on drugs; a tightness in the chest like someone's squeezing inside my chest cavity or pressing down inside my stomach; bursts of adrenalin washing over me from right in the centre of my chest outwards; a hot feeling; palpitations; a rushing sound in my ears; feeling like I need to take a deep breath but can't; and later acid reflux. Sometimes when I'm just on the point of going to sleep I wake up with a jolt because I realise I've forgotten to breathe in. Then I start getting scared to go to sleep in case I stop breathing while asleep or get heart failure and never wake up.

I'm obsessed with Googling symptoms to try and find out what's wrong with me and I scare myself shitless by taking my own blood pressure and listening to the beeps and freaking out! Every time I take my BP it is perfectly normal, even *desirable*. My friends then tell me there's nothing wrong with my heart and I'm fine and all I need to do is calm down and "breathe deeply", which annoys me because they don't seem to understand that I'm going through the emotions you'd expect from someone who feels they are about to die in a few seconds' time.

I still can't get my head round the fact that what I'm experiencing could be something so benign as Generalised Anxiety Disorder because every time I have a panic attack I'm sure it's a serious, life-threatening problem with my heart or lungs and I'm certain I'm about to die. It's so good to read accounts from people who have the same symptoms and invariably they've been told the same thing by their doctors. I guess I need to start believing the medical professionals and just try to relax and sort my head out and get some more exercise to get the hormones to the right levels.

Em2Fast in reply to noxiousdow

I normally don't reply to posts but reading your comment reminded so much of me. Sometimes I'm afraid to fall asleep because I think I could stop breathing or heart go out. I always have a habit to check my pulse on my neck to see if it's still beating lol. Sometimes it will feel like my heartbeat is weak and I'm like yep I'm about to go out any minute now. But by the grace of God nothing happened. I'm also 23 for crying out loud. Unfortunately I'm an unlucky bastard as I have family history of this sick twisted thing they call anxiety.

I get all this and more and have done for the past 5 years and am still here to tell the tale.

I hope since you wrote this you are feeling better.

Hi my name is bev I no just what you are going through I have anxiety and panic attacks to it it really hard for me to cope with them I can't go out lost 3stone in weight when there come on it feels like there never go away I cry lot to my hart racers go very hot in my chest and it feels like someone is pressing down on me shaking and lots more at the moment I am on line with a guy called Michael Norman at support @ panic free he is really good it is help me with it

So how are feeling any better??

Hi I have found great comfort reading this thread knowing I'm not alone living with anxiety.

A little bit about me:

This year I turned 30 and got married. I was very happy and feeling content.

Mid October of this year I had my first 'episode' heated pain in my head/neck, pins and needles down my left arm, hot flush, disorientation. It scared the s#!t out of me and I remember thinking I don't want to die. Since then I haven't felt the same. Not long after when driving down a familiar road I come over with similar symptoms, flushed and disoriented which caused me to panic as I didn't know where I was. It passed in a couple of minutes but scared me. Another time I was at home watching tv trying to relax and come over feeling extremely sick and needing the toilet. The hot flush then started, heart racing, feeling the urge to run or 'escape' and panic that I am going to die. This lasted about 10 long minutes and then I was wiped out and needed to sleep.

That fear of dying is with me 24/7 and I'm trying to train my mind to not think of it but it doesn't go away.

I feel like I've lost all my independence, I can't get on a train or go out of my comfort zones and I'm feeling very down and just want to feel 'normal' again.

My Dr has put me on Citilopram 10mg that I have taken for 2 weeks and have been on 20mg for a week. I feel sick everyday, my head is foggy, I often feel in a bubble and things are in slow motion, I can't stop yawning and tired, my neck is in constant pain and the anxiety lingers 24/7. I'm hoping these are side effects that will pass.

Last week I also wore a 24 hour heart monitor as the Dr wants to see if anything triggered the first episode - results will be back in about a week. I have had bloods taken and all come back fine.

Sorry for the long post I just wanted to share my story in case anyone can relate and wants to talk or can offer advice.

vracan in reply to Coral30

Hi Coral,

i'm curious did they find anything wrong with that heart monitor?

Laniben in reply to Coral30

I know this is an old post but I’ve been been on citolpram first 10g for 2 weeks now 20g just under a week ago now, I’ve had the nausea but had it a little before that so it might be making it worse at the moment, but mine mainly starts when I can’t sleep, it takes time for these meds to work apparently. Had a good day yesterday because I slept the night before but this morning I feel bad because I hardly slept last night. I think if I haven’t fallen asleep in after half to one hour I start worrying and then I can’t go back to sleep. Sitting on the sofa feeling so tired but can’t try to sleep. Hope you’re doing ok now

Please get your iron and vitiam D check both mine was in the single digits and I felt the same way..

Have you been checked for vertigo or thyroid problems? They're different illnesses, but both can cause the feelings you described. All the best.

I have the exact same feeling. I'm not really scared about anything in particular. It comes at any time it wants, I could be sleeping, eating, running, watching tv... Jüst anytime! And multiple times a day, I've been suffering from this for 5 years and I'm only 17. It was really hard to get to school everyday because I'd feel light headed, weak to where I couldn't move, sick in my stomach, my body overheating and with all that I just can't sit still. I feel like whenever it comes it get really hot and if it's hot outside it's a nightmare. I've been doing councelling on and off for 2 years but I have learnt a lot about anxiety and I have learnt the most common way to tamporarily get rid of it, and it's simply to slow your breathing. But I don't know the long time solution to get rid of it permantly? I understand I might have to live with it for the rest of my life but I can't bare that thought. I'm only 17 and have my entire life ahead of me and everyday is a struggle with the embarrassment and disgusting feeling but in the end, it goes away.

Nicki1984 in reply to Jacob99

I think a part of managing your anxiety is to accept it and learn how to manage it that works for you. Have you had counselling/cbt? X

I have it terribly, and I just know you can't end it until you forget about it

I'm the same but I'm loosing weight and I feel sick!!


I can relate. I used to go through some really bad “health anxiety” they call it. Every little symptom I’d get from anxiety would make me think something terrible was happening and that my health was failing me. Each week I had a new symptom and would obsess over it non stop (I went 2 weeks worrying constantly about having a heart attack/stroke) but please just know that any physical symptoms you have are from the anxiety and nothing but that. You just have to ride it out unfortunately but the best thing to do is don’t fight the feelings when they wash over you just say to yourself “I know this is just anxiety I have gone through it before and I’m fine” 😊 hope that helps a bit

Hi guys I’m back!! Not dead thankfully. Well what can I update you with I’ve been med free for 3 years. I’ve had 2 children. I have a 2 year old & a 8 week old. I still suffer with anxiety & struggled through out pregnancy. I’ve had one relapse in the last few weeks where I felt like I was having a heart attack & I ended up in hospital but all test results came back okay. I still get symptoms everyday but I try not to panic & just breath through it. Some times it works sometimes it doesn’t. Hope everyone is okay x

rajsam in reply to riroar

Hi Riroar, I noticed you were on Citalopram... did it help you in anyway?


Do u have any advise

Ivbeen feeling really ill for 6 weeks now and keep going dizzy and feel sick all the time

People just say it’s anxiety x

I've been having the same symptoms now for almost 2 years and I had test done just like you and nothing found. I just find it hard to believe its anxiety. I have a counselor and my counselor dont want me to get on anxiety meds but something got to change These are PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS!!! Dizziness, heart palpitations, hot feeling in my head , chest pains. Etc.. I dont know why we have to go through this . I found out o had high blood pressure so I've been taking these pills that just gets my pressure down and then I feel alot better though, but I just found out there also used for lots of things included anxiety .

Agora1 in reply to Crystal1534

Hi Crystal1534, it is true that blood pressure medications can also help with anxiety.

It is normal for the b/p to rise when we get anxious, fearful or are under stress. When

the average person reaches the peak, the b/p slowly comes down and starts stabilizing.

With the Anxiety ridden person, our fears tend to stay high allowing the symptoms to

persist as well as the rise in b/p. Eventually, we develop a fear of fear mentality and need

something to break that cycle. Pressure medication, SSRIs and Therapy can help in

bringing down our daily anxiety. However, that may still not be enough if we don't find

other tools/methods. Something within ourselves that can enhance our meds and therapy.

There are a multitude of methods that can be found on YouTube. I use Meditation and

Deep Breathing but I use other tools as well. One of them being Affirmations that work

well in giving us the confidence of what we are capable in achieving if we change our

negative thoughts to positive ones.

In place of an anxiety med, Self Hypnosis can work just as well and quicker. It is free,

it is with us at all times and with practice just takes moments to get into that zen state.

Of course it is always in your best interest to rule out any physical issues but once that

has been addressed then it's time to find other ways you can help yourself. Remember

that the Mind/Body Connection is powerful. Once we can get our minds under control

the physical symptoms will start weaning. Last but not least is a book written by

Dr. Claire Weekes on "Hope & Help for Your Nerves". It's the foundation for all of us

suffering anxiety. It's Acceptance. A simple action that can change how we think

and how we feel. I hope this helps some in knowing you are not alone and this too

shall pass. My best to you Crystal. :) xx

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