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wow what a night i really had fun :) i forced my self to go out

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so i went to a club i first i felt my heart trying to go fast on me and like a rush in my body going up like really nervous soon as i got use to being there i didnt feel anything i was alright i felt like stuff was trying to creep on me but i didnt let it like holding my breath with out knowing i drank a beta blocker way earlier idk if i cant drink with a beta blocker but i drank two beers or three soo yeah i was alright i was just not use to it like before but i knew a dj there that was my friend from a long time ago he calls me through the microphone he's like come up here i went soon as i went up i saw every looking and he was talking saying good things about me i felt so nervous my head got numb and my heart was going super fast i felt like i was going to die there and drop dead like i feel like my nerves are ode sensitve i felt like i was going to pass out but i went past it i fought it that my body now hurts i feel so tierd i had to look down aswell because i felt like i was going to die my heart went crazy fast like never before but i control it and it went down i felt a rush and like a nervous feeling in my stomach and heat ness and my head numb i thought i was gonna drop dead but guess what im still here im fine i guess i got to get use to it or get on treatment for my nerves to get passed this because my nerves are really bad its like i get nervous for everything .

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Johnnie1234, have you thought of trying the Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety disorder that I'm always banging on about? It was written by Doctor Claire Weekes years ago titled 'Self help for your nerves' available new or used from Amazon.

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everyone is telling me about this book is it realky helpful and good book?

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Johnnie, I first read it 40 years ago and I couldn't have recovered without it, the book was written 50 years ago but don't hold that against it, it has withstood the test of time and untold tens of thousands of people have recovered from anxiety disorder by reading it. The authoress herself experienced anxiety disorder whilst studying to be a doctor and worked out the acceptance idea to help herdelf, it worked so she wrote that book to share the cure with others. It's not a quick fix solution but with practice and persistance it works. She wrote many other books on the subject but the one I mentioned, the first she wtote, is the key one. First it explains exactly what causes anxiety disorder and then explains 4 steps to recovery. It will bring immediate reassurance and you will recognise yourself in its pages. I commend it to you and all others on this forum (No, I don't have shares in the company that publishes it😊

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yeah my nerves are really bad plus my family and friends just think im going crazy when im really not like i really feel these things

Well done you got though it and look nothing bad happened to you 👏 I think you have had these heart concerns for so long and there just false alerts all the time your accepting them and that's the way forward for you. 😊

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Yess lol i thought i was gonna drop dead its really crazy like i just think i have bad nerves and its controling

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Yes you thought but you didn't did you 😊 it's difficult controlling your nerves am the same but it's just nerves they can't kill you our mind can over think but you are the one who controls it. When I get anxious my heart races and I get dizzy and I always think am going to faint but I never do got fed up of the false alarms they don't bother me as much now I think that's why they symptoms have reduced I take no notice get on with what am doing it soon calms down .

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yeah its a powerful thing

Yaaayyyy I'm happy for You 😊😊😊.

yeah are you taking any meds i was thinking about it because my nerves are bad 😩

No no meds, my nerves are really bad too. I just take a pill for acid reflux/Gerd but I don't like it so I'm about to stop. Have you always had bad nerves?

not that bad after the smoking weed and had a panick attack for 30 minutes my heart racing super fast like it gave me a heart disorder or something it goes fast or beats hard 24/7 and i feel this nervous feeling in my stomach always or a rush and my head feeling wierd and head aches

I always have the nervous feeling in my stomach. It's like butterflies. Maybe you're having tension headaches now. I think we all get them. Just know you will get through this. Keep telling yourself it's just a feeling.

yeah i keep worrying sbout my hesrt doe like something is wrong with it

Trust me I worry every day too. Eventually time will pass and we'll forget about the aches and pains. It's not easy tho. You just have to keep going like you did last night.

Yeahh how long you been with it ? like bad nerves

Since I was a kid lol. But, the anxiety kicked in when I got older and just like you I was 18, smoked weed for the first time and that's when I first felt it but it went away and I didn't feel it anymore. I just recently started feeling it again only at night time and since like maybe December it got really bad because of a few things triggered it. That's how I know you'll be okay.

Yeah you think because my heart is going fast 24/7 like arrythmia im a little worried about it

It's normal to worry. With due time it will go away. Don't fight it and try not to give it so much of your attention. The more attention you give it, the more you'll feel it. It's not easy.

so you dont think the smoking weed gave me a heart problem ir hesrt ryth disorder because its everyday thing

No, I think you're just having uncontrolled panic and anxiety because of thoughts in your sunconscious mind but I can't really say. Especially when you said you're having butterflies in your stomach all the time.

yeahh soo its probably bad nerves and panick attacks but im just a little woerrid because its 24/7 hesr rste really fast and pain that comes and goes i saw alot of docters and even cardiologist they say everythingis fine and normal he said i have a little bit arrythmia but not a dangerous one but i was thinking seeing another one idk doe if i should

If you feel like getting a 2nd opinion, please do it just for your own satisfaction. It's okay to get checked out. I'm sure the Drs. Are correct but do it for you.

if i go this might be my third opinion lol

Lol that's funny. Well do what you feel is right for you.

yeah i could tell doe is that i have bad nerves thats why my heart is always racing

When you feel it, next time try this... don't stop what you're doing, continue what you're doing as if nothing is going on and say in your mind "I am Strong" " I am Healthy" "I am brave". Just keep saying that over again in your head.

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