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How can I convince myself that My heart is ok?! In the past month I've been to the ER twice, have had countless ekgs, blood work, and seen a cardiologist. They all say I'm fine. I have an echo next week but the cardiologist says he's not worried about anything. So then why do I worry about it day and night?! I keep thinking that maybe they are missing something or maybe I developed something in the past month! I know it's so irrational but everyday I feel like I might drop dead. My chest hurts, my left arm goes numb or hurts, I get dizzy or short of breath. I'm on meds and in therapy but I know that ultimately it has to come from me. How do you guys overcome these thoughts and feelings?


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  • I know exactly where you're coming from I've lost count on how many I've gone to the er. I'll be at work and start feeling like I'm going to drop dead! Or being out in public some where. It's been a little over a month since I've gotten back on meds. Little by little it's getting easier. You just need to find different out looks keep yourself busy. N trust what the doctors tell you. Just remember you're waking up everyday for a reason.

  • Thank you :) I've been on meds for about a month too so I'm hoping it starts to get better soon.

  • I get the same thing you not the only one but i refuse to take meds but the thing that worrys me the most is the chest pains its severe like all the time but then goes away i dont get it been to a heart docter told me am good aswell

  • I'm getting discouraged with the meds so I'll probably end up stopping. There has to be a natural way

  • Medications are a temporary patch for a problem that can only be cured by confronting the underlying issues. If you are having heart related discomfort and issues go to your doctor get all of the tests he tells you. When they come back okay. You must accept this and deal with the anxiety and its causes.

  • That's what I'm trying to do. My therapist says it's a vicious cycle of seeking reassurance. I need to accept the anxiety and it will eventually get bored and subside.

  • Just read through your post history. Healty anxieties can be overcome. I have successfully worked through a very similar issue not that long ago. Send me a message if you want to learn more. The more you react the longer symptoms will persist.

  • Thank I will!

  • Get yourself to a naturopath, herbs will help with the stress and anxiety and calm the mind and you are probably low on some vitamins or minerals. I was low in magnesium, zinc and I now take these daily. I have also found that bananas keep the palpitations away but I now take 2 magnesium malate a day, eve and mor, zinc orotate and half a potassium morning and evening and I haven't had a palpitation since. I go for 2 good fast walks a day, only 15-20 mins but I have felt a lot better and do mindfulness, like listening to the birds and watching the clouds on my walk. I also got some Mp3 hypnosis recordings. I also made myself an anxiety file so everything I could find which would help me I put in there. After several years of no anxiety now its still in the car. I also carried rescue remedy and calm tablets with me. I used stress teabags. I found the therapy didn't help, it just kept reminding me every week. Perhaps you have low thyroid. Perhaps you are over breathing. All sorts of things can cause it from anemia to B12, weakness of diaphragm due to low thyroid, inflammation of the ribs attaching to the sternum ie costo condritis, if you feel down either side of your sternum, is it tender anywhere? There are websites that help, I printed out the information. Gradually it will go. Is your bed comfortable, perhaps its sagging and when you relax at night is it stretching your ribs and back. Have support in the fact that they have tested you, so don't even think that way. Go to a naturopath who can help you and give you support. You will get better. I was there, had all the tests for heart. Naturopath, vitamin and mineral check up and hypnosis.

  • Thank you. I've been considering this too. I prefer a natural approach. I'm taking magnesium twice a day and eat two bananas. Fish oil and evening primrose oil. I was taking inositol for a few weeks but stopped I think I need to start again. I've started walking in the evenings and its improved my mood. I think I'll tell my dr I want to come off the meds.

  • Yeah i went to a whole alot of docter all am waiting for my mri results but the docters say everything is normal and okay

  • Having reassurance is a vicious cycle my therapist says. We get an answer and are relived for a bit then go back to worrying and wanting more reassurance.

  • Yeah honestly this so tiering my like my body is just tierd i lost wieght aswell and i havent had any vitmains

  • I've lost 22 lbs since November since I have no appetite. I take different supplements but stopped since I've been on meds. I have an appointment next week, I'm going to ask the Dr if I can come off of them.

  • yeah am trying to eat alot to gain wieght again but some reason my hurt wont relax i could alwaya feel it on my chest beating hard or it eather speeds up fast

  • and have chest pains

  • Try eating bananas. I've read that they are natural beta blockers. Also magnesium

  • yeah ama try those

  • I worry about just about everything! I have to try and take things one moment at a time. If I get in my head too much about things that have not happened yet I can really go crazy. It is not easy. Good to know that others journey as I do. Sometimes I feel safety in numbers.


  • I find reassurance in knowing that these ARE anxiety symptoms and nothing else. (As long as the dr has ruled out anything serious)

  • Understood.


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