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Vitamin B complex question (regarding anxiety and dosage) and other vitamins?

I've been on Vitamin B complex for the past several months, and I have found that they help with heart palpitations. Not sure if they help with anxiety. I was on Boots make of Vitamin B complex, which was 100& daily allowance of the vitamins. My mum bought me Superdrug Vitamin B complex, which I was on before the Boots one, but I've just noticed that it's only 40% daily allowance of Vitamin B12 and over the daily allowance for other B vitamins (B1, B2 and B6),, Would anyone know why the dosage would be different? And why it would be over the recommended daily allowance?

Also, has anyone found that taking Vitamin B complex has helped their anxiety? Any other vitamins that has helped? I was considering taking Omega 3, but not too certain. I would much rather get my daily allowance from just food, rather than supplements. But this can be difficult. Thanks xx

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I've started taking Magnesium supplements as I've heard his can help the nervous system


Hi, The RDA of supplements is usually set at a very 'safe' level, the recommended level for the 'average' person. This is why some manufacturers supplements will be above the rda and/or may have a different formulation. I would suggest checking with the pharmacist if you feel at all unsure.


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