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Anxiety / Rib Pain Question

So I've lost quite a bit of weight since I was diagnosed with the anxiety...and I was wondering if anyone in the same situation has experienced any rib pain that goes along with this? It's usually the lower ribs, back and front (though more common in the front). I've had an abdominal scan and it showed nothing wrong. My GI doc wanted to do a endoscopy to see if I have bad acid reflux causing the rib pain...but its way too costly for me to afford it. Even more so after all these hospital ER pills over the past few months while they were finding the anxiety. I think I'm going to pass on the endoscopy because I imagine it will be like every other test I've had over the past 4 months and will show fine. Any suggestions?

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Hi there I had been suffering with rib pain for months went to Doc and she did blood test for hpyorl bug that lives in the stomach and can cause all sorts of nasty pains and very bad belching and make you feel very in well my test came back positive for the bug I did a week of tryple therepy and now the rib pain has gone and I feel so much better I hope this helps you because that rib pain was driving me mad .

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That does make me feel better. I'm sorry you had to deal with that pain. Hopefully it wasn't as bad as mine feels. I will ask my doctor about that when I go see him next week. Thanks!!


I've lost over 20 pounds so far and have discomfort under my left rib. I need to make an appointment with my dr. I was in the ER last Sunday thinking it was my heart but everything checked out fine.


Yeah the only reason I'm not freaking about it being my heart is because they've done so many EKGs, chest xrays, blood work, a CT scan, and a stress test and can find nothing wrong at all with my heart or lungs. I've finally cracked and decided to take some pain killers (hate taking medication) and it seems to have lessened. Maybe I've just irritated my rib cages somehow. I hope your appointment goes well too :)


I've had all those test done too and am still always terrified it's my heart. I'm having an echo done in two weeks. Hopefully that will convince me that everything is fine.


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