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Hey guys i have a few random questions i've got about anxiety and a few of them are symptoms that i get, just wondering if someone knows the answer to my ''weird deep thinking questions'' and do share if you get the same symptoms as me.

So the first question is, can anxiety kill you? because anxiety for sure causes a lot of stress for me, i hear it can give you higher blood pressure and you care more prone to die from a heart attack ect from it. Has anyone had a blood test to see if they have higher blood pressure?

The second thing is sometimes i randomly get this weird feeling where I'm in like a dream almost? like I'm floating and its not real and i have to snap out of it before i freak out.. is this anxiety?

i also want to know if anyone has a death anxiety? i mean it freaks me out so much that we are all going to die one day and the fear of unknown makes it so much worse

i was also wondering how often do you guys get anxious? i get anxious almost everyday whether its a small one or a massive one.. and i feel like when i get days i don't have any anxiety at all i feel like i will have a bad one, this is probably just me being negative or whatever..

thank you for reading xx


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  • This stress can't be good for us. I know the deep thinking, fear of death, fear of the unknown, and health anxiety is there for every single human being. We that suffer from GAD feel it more often and feel it stronger. It can engulf us. And yes, anxiety makes you experience depersonalization. It sucks.

  • No, anxiety won't kill you, its preparing you for fight or flight, its there to protect you

    The floating symptoms is a very common symptom of anxiety as is the fear of death

    Your blood pressure is taken using a machine

    If your struggling with your symptoms you may want to consider seeing your doctor, you could write down any questions you have to help you remember what things you'd like him/her to support you with or provide answers too, theres so many different symptoms that anxiety sufferers experience, some more common than others and yes alot of people get their symptoms everyday, see your doctor and let him guide you in the right direction :-)

  • to be honest my doctor kinda sucks. every time i go and tell them how i feel they prescribe me with medication which I'm totally against.. for myself anyway. Im not against other people using them as its what works for different people but for me being a paranoid person i do want to stay away from medication as i know for me if i was to come off it i would feel lost and my thoughts and paranoia would make me anxiety worst. I did try and be open minded once and tried the medication the doctor prescribed and it made me feel so much worse. i am practising self healing at the moment so that would mean reading books and watching youtube videos to help with my breathing so I'm seeing how this goes :) thank you so much for your reply

  • I suffer anxiety about death all day everyday.... anxiety sucks completely I hate relying on tablets.... yes I most of the time feel like I'm in a dream world and its freaky it scares the hell out of me xx you are not the only one xx

  • Yes I understand completely, I too have gone along the route of self help by gaining knowledge and watching youtube vids, Dr Claire Weekes wrote some amazing self help books, well worth checking her out :-) x

  • I get everything you mentioned I was told by ER doctor's it is anxiety but I feel something is wrong with me.. I had a deadly infection in my jaw it caused bad anxiety panic attacks I had it treated now the panic attacks never went away now I'm constantly thinking the information came back and I'm done I'm gonna die.

  • I suffer from extreme death anxiety since 11 but I'm still here..I have no answer..I seek solace in an afterlife..but the worst case scenario is we die and that's it..just like sleeping.... I truly think people who suffer this way are special people who were put on this earth to use our empathetic nature to help others..if there is a god or higher being he knows how big out hearts are and we will be duly rewarded...I hope so anyway

    Keep going

    "This too shall pass "

  • i love this! thank you, i will remember to read this when I'm feeling low god bless

  • Death also freaks me out, the idea that one day I will just desapear and don't be here anymore makes me crazy, but don't have anything we can do to avoid this, so what I do to calm me down is think that this day is still very far away, and I will live a awesone life before this

    have periods when you are anxious very often, that depends what is happening in your life, but relax, isn't always like this, you will have happy, calm days

  • I developed health/death/cancer anxiety from last year when I lost my father to cancer. It was my first big experience (and I hope the last one for many many many years). The fact that I might die at any point freaks me out too. What makes things worse is that I am a young woman and I have not had kids yet etc...And what makes things worse is that if I die soon then I wont experience all the things that other people experience. I want to a mum. I want to get old with my partner and go for walks in the parks holding hands not because it is romantic but because we have to support each other...etc.etc. It is hard to stop yourself. What helps me though is that if I die...I would not care anymore. Death is the only thing which makes us all equal and which releases people from all their demons/worries/etc. There is some beauty in it but I am hoping all of us are not going to experience it for many years. The fact that you do not know when it happens makes things harder but again...we have no control over it so...if is happens...then it happens. I do not believe people who say they do not fear death. I just think that such people made their peace with the fact that it will come and they live their lives in the present moment. I am hoping that those who have death anxiety (including myself) will find their peace in living today irrespective of the fact that death is the final stop for all of us.

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