Vitamin b complex is good for depression & anxiety!!!

Just found out that B vitamin complex help depression so you can buy vitamin b complex or just b12. Google it if you want more information

Thought to share this with you all xx


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  • cool thanks

  • Hi Minni

    Love your posts with all your health advice they make me smile :-)

    You should ask for commission if sales start going up lol !

    whywhy x

  • Your welcome and I've bought one myself called b complex (nature aid) and hope it will helps as feeling bit anxious this evening about my dull headache on right side of headache with neck too all day but not painful, just bit annoy. Xx

  • P.s like to help you & others to reduce anxiety much as possible rather than rely on anti depression tablets xx

  • Im pretty sure that its b6 for anxiety u can get along wiv b12 in a vitamin b complex. Hav u read my post about valerion hops + scull cap strongly recomended:-)

  • Yes that's right, all vitamin b are in complex and have you try it? I've just bought it today and hopefully it will help along with magnesium also chamomile flower before bed time xx

  • I wouldn't advise taking Valerian in any of it's forms without speaking to your GP first.

  • Great! I got b complex but not sure if its same as ur? Let me know what you think of it xx

  • What do you mean?? X

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