What OTHER CONDITIONS can cause anxiety

Hi all,

Suppose all my symptoms aren't purely from anxiety itself, but rather caused by a deeper condition..

I know that 90% of the time, it IS purely anxiety and everyone has a hard time accepting it.. so please don't give me the lecture on that as I am fully aware..

Just a lot of the time - because of how I feel now even when i'm at home in my room in a relaxed environment, it just feels like more of an adrenaline disorder..

Like a lot of people seclude themselves to their home, because if they go out they feel high anxiety, but in home they feel it less.. This strange feeling is there ALL the time for me from when i wake up to when I sleep.. it's almost like a permanant panic attack feeling (I know it sounds ridiculous)..

I've had anxiety for years but how I feel now just feels.. different.. like a disorder with my adrenaline.. I don't know.. any advice OTHER than 'it's classic anxiety etc'..

Just curious.


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  • Hi KWater, Well there is something called "free floating anxiety" which has high and low periods throughout the day but it's always with you in some shape or form. Then there's adrenal fatigue which is rare. I went to an Endocrinologist and asked if he would do an Adrenal Panel blood test. He wouldn't , instead he got mad at me saying he doesn't appreciate when patients ask for testing. It's supposedly expensive as well as a drawn out test that they usually do when you are an in- patient. So I got nowhere and ended up feeling that something more had to be wrong. Good Luck if you can get a doctor do delve a little deeper if you really think something else is going on.

  • Conditions that can result in high levels of anxiety include B12 deficiency and thyroid problems. There is a very long list but those are two that spring to mind for me.

  • Yes it might be good to have a thyroid check..as it could make you feel more Anxious. .......plus. If you do have thyroid issues. Don't have. Soya or kelp. Or. Too much. Brocolli. It's a goiteroid...

  • Also cut down on Caffiene helped me ..

  • I've recently found that certain smells and household cleaning things can set me off at work they have these sprays that blow out a blast every so often through the day and I'm constantly of edge since they stopped them I have felt better

    Just wondering if there might be anything in your home that might not be helping

  • I have a constant feeling of panic too, and I've had just about every test taken and they've all come back normal. Can't help but think it's something else though.. but then again, my brain does have anxiety lol

  • Hi! I know exactly how you feel! I was camping this past weekend and my anxiety peaked... Sitting quietly on a sandy beach with my boyfriend in the most relaxed of environments. Sometimes I wonder if subconsciously I trigger my anxiety MORE in places where I think I definitely should NOT have anxiety... If that makes sense. I also feel Adrenaline pumping through my body some days more than others.. But the past 6 months I have really noticed there is something going on with my adrenaline.. I could be sitting watching a movie and get several adrenaline rushes that start in my chest and shoot right to my head and leave me feeling sick, overwhelmed and dizzy. Do you drink coffee or tea?? I have noticed I have an extreme caffeine sensitivity... I will get one of these strong rushes a couple hours after drinking a cup of tea. TEA!! Not even coffee!! It also happens with ice tea, and now I'm wondering if sugar might also be increasing my anxiety, so I'm in the middle of doing some experimenting with that as well. I limit myself to one cup of decaf tea a day now, even though decaf still has small amounts of caffeine. My anxiety is still through the roof on most days, but the amount of rushes I get is significantly reduced.

    I hope you feel better soon,


  • It is always very hard to accept our symptoms are only due to anxiety hence why it is very important to go to the doctors and explain what you are feeling physically and emotionally and your symptoms : usually, fear of future, of having a disease, insomnia, body pains, digestive issues, breathing issues so anxiety can encompass many other conditions. In my case, I have thyroid issues but also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Both can mimic anxiety or/and anxiety is a symptom. And of course, there is genetic : I come from a family of anxious people. My dad used to be given sugar pills and was told it will help with his symptoms and it would wrk. The brain is amazing! It can fool you in believing all kind of things. Try to sit comfortably on a chair, close your eyes and breathe in and out normally from the nose and focus on your breathing. It is very healing though someone with anxiety is more likely to feel body pain, itchiness, tingling, muscles twitching after just 2-3 minutes of relaxing breathing. if you can just accept these body issues, then you can learn to relax. Some days I can, some others I cannot! Sometimes, medication is the answer. Constant anxiety, especially the one that comes with fear of dying is dreadful. I know! I have learned that a clean diet, no caffeine, no alcohol of any kind is very important when one has anxiety but also to spend few minutes throughout the day to just do relaxing exercises, let it be yoga, tai chi or just breathing exercise or just plain walking. Also, one biggie if you have anxiety : no smoking. I stopped 20 years ago! Another thing, you mention that you are sensitive to smells. It is one of the many symptoms of fibromyalgia. I can't even stand any longer any kind of perfume or deodorant and cigarette smoke makes me nauseous.

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