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Struggling w/ bad depression


Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm struggling with a deep depression. Mom of 4, supportive husband, feel like I shouldn't be so down but I can't crawl out. Selegiline and Celexa not working. Does it ever get better? I have been this way for 8 months.

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There are definitely ups and downs, but it can get better, and it is worth it.

Lindavg in reply to frommywindow

Hi there- thank you for the encouragement - so much. It really helps. 😇

8 months seems like a long time. Do you think you need a bed change?

Lindavg in reply to Elocin303

Hi there- what does bed change mean?

Catherine55 in reply to Lindavg

Wonder if she meant med change?

I understand your suffering. I was diagnosed with Major Depression/Anxiety Disorder a year and a half ago. Been going to psychiatrist for meds and counseling for stuff which can be addressed with that treatment modality. For most of that time it was all I could do to get out of bed. And sometimes I couldn’t do that. Then one of the antidepressants started to work. But finding right combination seems to be a crapshoot. At least I went from a 10 (10 being fetal position) to an 8. For a couple of weeks an additional medication helped me get to a 7, but the side effects weren’t worth the point. Two weeks ago, the new additional med started working and I’d say I’m at 5 or 4. My point is to keep putting one foot in front of the other whether you lose hope or not. It is TERRIBLE to be sad all the time and not care about anything. Try not to beat yourself up. Would you admonish yourself if you had diabetes? The flu? A broken leg? Be kind to yourself and let supporters help you. Hang in there.

Lilyannepuppy, Thank you SO MUCH. Your message was a godsend. What meds are working for you?

For many years I had a diagnosis of a mild clinical depression and a low dose of Paxil gave me an even playing field. It stopped working however once the Major Depression/Anxiety began They tried so many different meds I felt like a guinea pig. And none of them worked (I.e. Cymbalta, Buspar, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Gabapentin, etc). What seems to be working is Prozac and Abilify. I have an appointment tomorrow and we’ll see what’s next. Glad my post was helpful

I totally agree with you.

Meds are a crap shoot I've been saying that for years. Everybody has different chemistry so finding the right combination is very difficult.

I have seen some light at the end of this long struggle. Lots of therapy, lots of med changes and things feel like they are turning a corner.

Me too. And it’s exciting. It doesn’t mean I won’t have to vigilant about treating both my alcoholism and depression but an even playing field may be in sight. Hope you’re light arrives

I'm a mom of 3 myself. And I wanted to let you know I know it gets hard being a mama. It gets stressful I know.

Each day is a new adventure but when you have depression its hard to see the fun in being a mama.

If you ever need to talk, I am here

Depression has a funny way of taking away our joy... I've suffered from it for a while. Have you talked to your Dr about ppd? Dont be afraid to ask him/her to up your dosage, or even try a new medication. You're so brave for coming on here and fighting everyday.

You can do this. You're so strong. I can see this through your post.


Hi Linda with the right meds you should feel better if your unhappy with your present meds it's maybe a good time to ask your doctor to review your meds and maybe change them if they think it would help! I just noticed your new year welcome and I hope you get the answers to your questions the people on here are a friendly bunch ready to help if they can please take care All the best

I can relate to your post. Mom of 2 and 4 yr old. PPD was bad after I had my second child. It took a while to find right med and therapy but, I do feel better. I really thought I’d be at the bottom forever. Wanted to end it many many times. You know, the kids. I had to stay for them. You will get better. It will take time. Good luck.

It does get better. Can't say how soon, just that it definitely gets better. I suffered through a bout of very severe depression for a very long time. Although I have suffered with chronic depression for most of my life, this was really next level. I too tried various antidepressants. When it lifted, it was not clear whether the improvement was due to medication or simply due to the passage of time and other factors which I really could not identify. What I know for sure is that the steady gray gave way to the light. Painful but not permanent.

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