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Surgery went well today

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So I am home after receiving my come biopsy for pre cervical cancer cell it went good and I didn’t panic until they told me they heard a heart murmur from 2 drs and now I’m freaking out thinking about and wondering now If im going to die from heart attack why did they have to tell me this 😫 I just had an echogram done and holter monitor and dr said my heart looks really great now I’m confused could they have missed something but anyways ok bright side I’m happy surgery went well and I’m home now still taste the plastic from tube from anesthesia or feel i have air inside but

I will be ok

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I am glad it went well ! ;)

Heart murmurs are pretty common . If you had an echocardiogram and a holter you are fine !!

Breath and relax !!

Thank you :)

That’s what they told me I’m just curious as to what they didn’t catch it last month when I did the heart testing

I'm not a doctor, but I would think that they wouldn't have released you if the murmur was serious. Did they seem concerned about it when they told you? Just discuss it with your doc on your next visit, and give yourself some peace.

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No they didn’t they said I would be fine now I’m having a full blown Panic attack crying cuz of this right now going to call my dr tomorrow I was so out of it earlier today

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jkl5500 in reply to Stephanie89

OK, take a deep breath. Picture yourself calling your doc tomorrow. Picture your doc telling you exactly what the other two docs said - that you'll be fine. Listen to some soothing music for a while, and then get some sleep. You had a long day. You'll be OK.

Imagines with my happy childhood play in front of my eyes. When time passed and I grew up I was more and more unhappy, with physical manifestation of depression and anxiety. Today I'm lost in this life, feeling that I missed my purpose somewhere in the road of life. Many of you said that we should concentrate on present not on past but the past is the one which define us and in present we have nothing to like, to love, to enjoy.

I’m glad it went well and your heart it will be fine

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