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Horrible attack today :(

I had a really bad anxiety attack today I was on my way to a friends birthday party and all of a sudden I went from being ok to feeling sick heart rate sky rocketing feeling like I was going to die!!! It was overwhelming to feel as if I had no control...I tried opening the car window trying to focus on something else other than what I was feeling....I took a baby aspirin because I was afraid I was having heart problems...I have seen my doctor about this but I really don't want to be on medication... I just feel really lost.....The attacks are not to frequent but when they happen they last up to 3 hours... I am so sad that this takes over and I I have no control..... this is the first time I ever looked into a site for anxiety support... I usually just jump in the shower to relax and calm myself but sometimes it doesn't help.... I am glad that today's attack is finally over thank you Lord.... sorry for my rant just trying to see if this will help me....

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I never knew that's what that was. I always thought I was about to have a heart attack, they come out of nowhere.


I know it's the worst!!!!!


Stay strong .. breath and be on medication it will help you

You are not alone


Thank you so much I tried to do it all on my own but I don't feel like I can anymore

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I'm completely understand you .. you can't do that anymore

I feel about you

But please don't give up things will change may be not too soon but it will


I used to get panic attacks. Not all are the same, but all feel terrible and scary and like they are never going to end! That feeling of being out of control is the worst.

Unlike you, I WANTED something to take to help. I didn't mind the idea of needing medication.

We don't think twice about going on medication for diabetes or high blood pressure or any other kind of physical illness. Well, this is an illness too!

At first, I took Valium, then Xanax and now I take Klonopin. The first 2 can be physically addictive and and they give you a feeling like you are high. I didn't care, but my therapist and Dr were very wise taking me off of them.

Klonopin just helps you to feel steady and calmer but not high at all.

I hope you consider meds for this horrible illness.

Keep coming back here and let us know how you are doing.




In addition to some of the good advice here, it might help you to start keeping a logbook, of what going on around you when the attacks occur. There may be hidden triggers that are setting off your anxiety attacks. A useful log entry might contain things like:

*The date and time of the attack:(if and when you can remember it.

*What the weather outside is like;

*what were you doing at the time of the attack (ex. Driving along a country road and a certain song comes on the radio, washing dishes after lunch, out seeing a movie with friends,) etc.,

*what were you feeling, (symptoms)

*what medication (if any), were you taking at the time.

***what techniques you have tried to calm yourself and quiet your mind

*** Important: which techniques worked, and which didn't for this attack.

Having this information on hand can help you and/or your doctor to pinpoint any triggers (both known and newly discovered) and form a plan of action to regain a sense of control over the situation.


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