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Hi there,

So to just put it out there I feel really, really depressed. It's affecting my everyday life.

I was in a relationship for 5 years and have a 3.5 year old son. My relationship was very bad and unhealthy so it ended a year ago which I'm okay with but I have no friends. I know I'm not alone because I have my son but I don't really have anyone I can turn to. I'm lonely. I have no life except for my job which I have no friends in either. I feel dazed and confused and it's like I'm walking and talking and moving over all but I'm not fully here. I can't focus, I feel tired all day, I'm not sure what to do with myself anymore

I can't get out and make friends because my son is with me about 80% of the time and the other 20% I'm at work. Not to mention my severe social anxiety doesn't help .

Talking to a therapist isn't sn option for financial reasons and I have no time 😔

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Howdy Esti! I'm Brian and welcome to our little community! Here, money's no object and we're all willing to listen :) A lot of us have been, or are, going through something similar to you so don't hesitate to come and talk, or even vent :) You're not alone in this fight and we're all here to support one another. :)

Hi Esti! You are so brave to write it down! Bravo!

This place help so much.

Talk to us, talk it all!

It definitely harder when you have a small child. Maybe kids/parents activities? The park or the library?

You got a friend right here who happens to know lot about social anxiety

Hi Esti sorry to hear your feeling like this i hope talking to people on here can help. We have all been there sometime in life I had therapists but didn't find it helpful. It takes time and support which obviously you haven't got. Hope you come out the other side

I am sorry things are rough right now. I've been there. I am wondering, have you gone to your doctor lately. I know that after he diagnosed my depression and got me on medication, it was like a whole new world opened up. It took about a couple of weeks for it to really take effect, but it made such a difference.

Just some options: You might check if there are any Mothers of Preschoolers programs out there where you can get to know other moms with kids the same age while the kids play. Google and see if there are any Mother's Day Out programs or Mother's Morning Out, where your kiddo plays with others and you can connect with other moms.

Another thing I'm wondering is if you have a church. Our church family has been invaluable for having a listening ear, wisdom when we needed it and guidance. Our church family gave me free babysitting so I could go back to school. They provided Christmas for my kids, Thanksgiving Dinner for us, they gave me gift cards to Wal-mart, and when we were really struggling with our bills, they helped with those. A church family can really make such a difference. They really became our family.

Plus one huge bonus, you said you can't afford counseling, but if you get plugged into a church family, the pastor usually counsels for free. Those are just some options to look into.

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