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More meds

So I just seen my psychiatrist this Thursday and just last week I had called him because I was having a melt down so when he saw me I told him how I was feeling and he said he may have to add an antidepressant with my lamictal which I'm on 200 mg now and will be increasing it 250mg he said at my discretion if I have to before my next visit which is next Thursday, but I'm scared 😳 of antidepressants because I've seen how people have reacted to them and I'm scared how it will affect I'm sensitive to certain types of meds. Mind you I was on chantix to quit smoking and about 2 1/2 months in I was having all the side affects along with I did stop smoking which didn't last too long. So I'm just scared that it may make me worse then better. Those things are crazy I work in the medical field so I am knowledgeable about meds work in the body.

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