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Im feeling very low and depressed


Hi im suffering with depression and anxiety ive been very depressed lately because first me and my family are homeless i cant find a place to live because of my credit score is really bad so places wont except me. I get ssi andso does my son and housing but the only looking at my credit not how ive been paying my rent on time never missed a payment of all the places i lived at . but thet dont seem to care. And plus my husband is acholic he got two dui and is gonna do jail time so i have no help from him now and my sister is mad at me because i told her her son was bulling my youngest son when her son was younger but my son waa to scared to tell my sister about it . this didnt come out until he had a breakdown and ended up in a mental hospital the therpist he was talking to brung it out of him and other things that hes been having problems with he fainted when he got a flu shot and still kept happing after awile they went away but he still scared hes gonna faint and also hes teacher humiliated him infront of class so everyone was laughing at him she was mad because he wasn't doing his class work but he didn't understand it he was scared to ask her cause she was a mean teacher. I took himt o a theripist and a psychiatrist he said the she wasnt really listing to him and the meds arnt working he said so i dont know what to do with him and my depression and anxiety happing at the same time i feel so alone right now i cant talk to my sister anymore we were close i thought but i guess not shes not respond ing to me anymore i just wanna move far away from here im tired living here. I just feel like dying.

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Can you tell me where you live (in private chat)? I'm really good at finding resources and have experience working with homeless women. You have nothing to lose, right?

Really sorry you’re going through so many things big things. Sometimes I think a fresh start is a good start but a move is difficult too it takes over a year to assimilate. Are you tied to a church?? It’s good to have a base where you can praise and see familiar faces and stability. Not to complain or explain to simply be. People run sometimes when stuff is that bad I know you don’t need anybody to put you down. I hope you find a place to live and you have reasons to be depressed. I’m sorry your spouse is an alcoholic too... that’s not helpful to you and picking up. You don’t need that and I hope you get strong enough to bring goodness into your life. You’re not going to die. You have kids that you love and love you. You’ll fight and ignore all negative comments. I hope the best for you

Thank you yes im trying to be strong for my kids i am feeling alittle better now my best friend is letting us stay at her house until we find a place so thank god for her. Im helping her with some bills and stuff around the house .

That’s awesome do you’re helping each other out. Just show you’re actively looking for a place no matter what she says & let yourself relax a bit in your mind. I’m so glad for you. Changing life is hard. It goes to show you have to let some people go and others keep near. Take care and big hug

So much to deal with at the same time. First give yourself credit for hanging on. Are there resources in your community or at your children's school that can help? Is there a local church that offers free meals or clothing? If so ask for help from all of them. Deal with one thing at a time and do your best to take care of yourself. You can't take care of anyone else if you are falling apart. HUGS!!! Sending you positive thoughts.

Thank you so much yes i started to go to church with my friend and i found food pantry place to go to . thank you for your kind words and hugs ..hugs back to you and god bless you.

My dear friend, you are certainly suffering more than anyone should in this country that has so much. Yet life hasn't been kind to you thus far. Don't give up hope. You are loved by your Creator. Practice His presence constantly in prayer. You are fortunate in one way that your son is able to get help. But you need it too.

You need an outlet to be with other people--perhaps a church group. And you need to practice good health principles for both of you. You can find suggestions on line. Also read what I said on another post. But there is a post offering help right here. See above.

I am praying for you right now.

Thank you so much yes i am praying to god every night giving all my struggles into gods hands and let him lead the way at what im supose to do .

you are very courageous. With so many problems you are hanging on and able to write. Must be difficult to deal with so many issues. Where do you live?

In camarillo calif

Thank you i feel like im barley hanging on. But i have to keep strong for my kids they need me.

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