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Advice please

So I teach adult group fitness once a week and I had to cancel one class this week bc I was down and got the help I needed. Today they are saying they want the hospital release if I ever want to teach there again that apperently it's a policy which I can't find in their book. The thing is I don't want to give them the release bc I don't want them knowing I'm depressed and that I tried suicide and that I hate my life. What can I do ? If anything or should I give up the class. I can't and don't want them knowing I'm scared

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maybe you can ask the hospital to give you a release that does not include all that detail


I'm sorry for your struggles.

I'm not much help I don't think, but what about telephoning cab and trying to get some advice.

Ask where it states in their terms that they must have the hospital release note, and the reasons for it. Would a fit note from your gp suffice, maybe?

I hope someone comes along who has some experience of this and could guide you.

Best wishes.



Just cross out the reason why you were there and if yhey give you any crap tell them to talk to your lawyer lol that ususlly will back them off


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