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I ended up changing therapists, because I could not go back to my old one. Altogether this will be my 4th therapist since November of 2015 (2 of them were due to circumstances out of my hands). I only saw the first therapist for a couple of months, because she had to have a double knee surgery. She was older and reminded me too much of my mom because of her age and the generation that she grew up in. The second therapist was in her late 30s to early 40s and I saw her for over a year. She was a very kind and supportive person. Although it took me a while to open up to her, I felt that she really understood where I was coming from and I wish that I still am able to see her. Unfortunately, she had to go on maternity leave and even though I had a choice to continue to see her when she comes back, I chose to switch to another therapist, because at the time I needed to see a therapist every week. That never happened though and the therapist that I switched to was pretty young, (in her mid to late 20s), new to the agency and forceful. I only saw her 3 times since February and I wasn't clicking at all with her. I then called to see if I could switch back to the therapist who went on maternity leave, and the answer was no due to the agency's policy. :-(

Freaking out, I called other agencies and ended up going with a therapist from my insurance. This new one meets on Saturdays, which is very convenient. I have not met with her yet, but my insurance said that she will give me a call in 3-4 weeks once she is assigned to me. Here's hoping that this therapist works out.

On another note, I am over due for a physical. Because I switched medical groups in January due to not liking the hospital or doctors from that particular medical group, I have been in limbo. When I saw my psychiatrist two weeks ago, she recommended that I see a primary physician soon. After much research these past couple of weeks, calling various places, scheduling and then cancelling appointments, I finally found one yesterday that seems to be pretty reputable. Also, she is affiliated with the hospital that I spent a lot of time at because of physical health reasons and she is familiar with the doctors that I saw at that particular hospital. Plus, my sister in law works at the hospital as a head administrator in their admissions department. Because of this, the new doctor could get my medical records easily. I already went through the registration process where I updated my name, address and phone number so now I just have to go to the appointment scheduled for late June. :-)

From now on, I am not going to change any more doctors.

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I am so sorry about your therapist troubles. Is there anyone in your life who understands depression and anxiety? Maybe in the short run, they can sub in. I hope it all works out. I will be thinking of you :)

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Thanks for your support, irishmermaid. My husband is always there for me. However, sometimes it gets too much for him. I also have two friends who know what I am going through pretty well, but I haven't​ hung out with them in a while. I definitely need to socialize with them more. I've pretty much have been a hermit, besides work.


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