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....Blood results...PLEASE feel free to comment...HELP

I thought I would share..this lot.... for feedback PLEASE. My personal comments at this boy what a pattern- why can nobody else see....and secondly- why have comment boxes in blood results...if nothing is actioned!!!!

I started out postpartrum thyroiditis...picked up while breastfeeding problems with mega flu symptoms....and feeling really really poorly after a emergency c section and 2000ml blood loss then emergency surgery to stop the bleed.

Once I was on my knees as hyper they decided to give me propranalol.

Then once hypo they gave me and still on Thyroxine 100mcg

Dekrsitol tablet 1 per week

So here goes:

14/10/09 FT4 28.3 RANGE 10 to 22 SERUM TSH 0.03 RANGE 0.4 to 4

11/11/09 FT4 26.4 RANGE 10 to 22, SERUM TSH 0.03 RANGE 0.4 to4 -comment measure T3 (never done)

29/12/09 FT4 9.9 RANGE 10 to 22 SERUM TSH 35 RANGE 0.4 to 4

16/2/10 FT4 16.3 RANGE 10 to 22 SERUM TSH 1.91 RANGE 0.4 to 4- comment very hypo urgent review!

20/7/10 TFT normal

20/7/10 FT4 19.3 RANGE10 to 22

20/7/10 SERUM TSH 0.4 RANGE 0.4-4 - to me again just in the normal bracket

5/1/11 TFT normal

5/1/11 FT4 18.3 RANGE 10 to 22 - high side of normal?

5/1/11 SERUM TSH .48 RANGE 0.4 to 4

17/3/11 TFT normal!

17/3/11 FT4 18.8 RANGE 12 to 22

17/3/11 FT3 4.5 RANGE 4 to 7.8 - to me this says it is just in normal and low and not getting enough in my cells- hence me still not feeling well???- hey I am no doctor!

4/7/12 TFT normal!

4/7/12 FT4 18.8 RANGE 12 to 22

4/7/12 SERUM TSH 0.61 RANGE 0.4 to 4

18/3/11 SERUM VIT B12 507 RANGE 180 to 800



TOTAL IRON BINDING 72 RANGE 40-70 -comment SAS attention


SERUM VIT D 73 RANGE 50-150 -comment 75 is reccomended for bone health

SERUM IRON 7.3 RANGE 13-32 -comment box LOW

After pointing out black patches of skin on my knees, elbow and feet-

17/3/11 ACTH 425 range 150-680

20/7/10 305 range 150 - 680

12/5/10 255 range 150-680- comment hypo

16/2/11 Thyroid antibodies 198 RANGE 0-49- comment autoimmune thyroiditis check TFT (never done) TPO antibodies present in organs specific to autoimmune disease! (umm nothing done!- I can not believe they have let me see this and pay for the priv)

17/3/11 thyroid antibodies 110 RANGE 0-49- comment box- raised ABS pls check TFT as positive

25/7/11 Full blood count- comment box HIGH RDW B12 & IRON?

I am (today) in the process of 1 wk of cold turkey HRT..due to no period since before my daughter- even though I have said I think you are all wrong.....which a new consultant said on Tuesday..I should never of been given... BUT I have been on since 2010!!!...In one month I am to have full bloods redone..then what is not I will pay private..then go with all these results in hand at the age fo 43 with a nearly 4yr is hard :-(

Thank you for all being here- as it has helped me LOTS reading posts etc.

I have just read STOP THIS THYROID MADNESS..... which has been great in not thinking I am going crazy- as nobody is listening.

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Hi After a quick look at your results, I agree with you, you need less T4 possibly and some T3 ,definitely. it looks like your body is not converting the T4 to FT3. However I am sure only a good endo with prescribe the T3 on your TSH results. T3 helps all the symptoms, especially weight but does always lower the TSH.After child birth etc , I would also want my vit D checked as it is a hormone and so ,of course, effects the thyroid. and has unpleasant symptoms if very bad. Diabetes too is a hormone and auto immune, early stage it`s main symptoms are just tiredness. I would certainly find a good endo, research carefully, to see.

Best wishes,



Thank you for reading my question and replying- it means alot... I am these resutls were from a 2nd referral and the UK's top endocrine hospital in London...So I am going to wait for the cold turkey of HRT to work its way thru my system- 1 month apparently..then I plan to visit a private consultant with all the results long list of symptoms and how I this space...!!! Sandra.x


Hi Sandra,

it is horrid for you. Sometimes it is like a brick wall. persevere as you know you are right. Are you going to see a private endo? I ask because although a private thyroid doctor can be brilliant, they are no good for the wider problems. I saw 2 private thyroid doctors for sometime before having to see an endo, she found so much more wrong. Take as many tests with you when you see someone else, it cuts down on time and money.

Best wishes,



Hi there Jackie- thanks for your time.. I know the feeling re the brick wall- I seem to of had lots of further actions..after test highlight issues..the nothing!!- I thought by going to the top UK Endo's... then the would look further re the results...but a no go..hence me here today and next private thyroid...maybe look at meds..I tried combined..for 2weeks..but felt really back to the drawing board..maybe natural desiccated is the way forward?- what are your own issues? how are you now? So would you recommend private bloods before and what do these thyroid doctors want in tests?- sorry to ask lots of questions...!! but you start to feel you are going mad and is it all in my head! What treatment do you have?


Hi I have just typed a huge reply and lost it , so I hope I can reproduce it!I am very complicated as very ill with all sorts of things. Thyroid wise, I have Hashimotos, when I was first diagnosed on low FT3 by the GP there was no info etc, no site or anything. I saw 2 private doctors, one I felt dangerous, the other lovely and good but only tested for thyroid and then when I insisted. Given much too much armour, caused medical problems, because he was only good on thyroid. Cardiologist insisted I saw an endo. Lucky , found a wonderful one. She then tested for everything. ( hormonal )very low , osteomalacia ( adult rickets ), low Ferritin and severe osteoporosis. Later severe diabetes ( hormonal and autoimmune.. I had the vit D from GP under the endo, a huge dose. Thyroid stable in a year. On D it is essential to have calcium tests, first and later. Eventually my calcium ( corrected ) went above range. I then had a PTH ( parathyroid ) , calcium and vit D together AM, GP did not know abut this way of testing. They were all high , for me, the D just high for me, the rest well above range. Endo then arranged a PTH nuclear scan ( large Hospital) and CT and an ultra sound of thyroid, Result thyroid very enlarged and many nodules. Normally then would be a biopsy, but not suitable because my other illnesses. Hoping for the best! As endo a very good general doctor she also advices me about my other doctors, if not doing something etc. She discovered my malabsorption ( pancreas) I hope this is what you wanted. Any thing else do get back to me.



Oh Jackie...poor you :-( sounds like you have really struggled here fighting for good health. BIG hugs. Sounds like you are on the right road now and excellent care and support. I feel like my problems are minimal in comparison...bless you. I am on Dekristol 1 per week... but I have never been re tested since 2yrs of being on it...truth be known I feel no different for being on it.. Are you on Armour/levo?. The reason they put me on HRT was because all women hormones were results equal to post menopause (but 1months ago) my own hormones kicked in...:-O.... hence a mega they have whipped me off the conti patched that I have been on..hence feeling crap with the cold turkey effect of withdrawl of the truly is a minefield I think..All the way along I have said that I truly think they were wrong..and the shock of the emergency c section and then the postpartrum thyroid...which stops it all must be I kept saying.. Always here to listen..thank you so much...your support has meant alot. keep in touch. thank you for sharing your situation..sending positive thoughts your way hun. I keep saying to myself...I have all this...but I have been given the gift of a beautiful daughter...who keeps me focused and not loosing the plot...after my son died full term. lots of love. Sandra. xx


Hi Sandra, That was a nice email. I just thought the info might help you.I cannot take thyroxine, tried 4 times different makes made me very ill. Then I took armour, too much from a private doctor,when saw my endo,we reduced it a lot. Later t3 available so since then I have been on 2.5 armour grains and 20mcg T3. We have tried reducing the armour to 2 grains because of my heart but I always seem to need the extra half.

I hope you are soon feeling much better, The body takes a long while to adjust to any trauma.

Best wishes,



Hi Sandra

You don't say how you are feeling..? Do you feel over-replaced?

Can't comment on the other results, just the thyroid ones.

Perhaps you need to be tested again?

Sorry - not much help, I'm afraid..




Hi Louise- thank you for taking the time to read the long list of results over the last nearly 4yrs... how I might regret asking....horrendous.... with thyroid symptoms and now HRT cold turkey mixed is not brain fog..slow thinking and speech..shakes, sleep... bones ache like flu...more than usual...muscles ache..dry eyes and mouth... depressed..... you wish you did not ask me... I plan to visit a private clinic in 1month or so..when the HRT is out of my system. What are your thoughts on the Thyroid results....? thanks again Louise. Sandra. xx


hmm, don't necessarily sound like over-replaced symptoms, I think there may be a conversion problem.

Some new private bloods would be a good idea.




Hi Louise- I think looking at the results to me..I am no doctor..but I think there is an issue with conversion too..and looking at the results..and it has been highlighted by the tests in their comment box re not getting to cells.... watch this space...What bloods would you say I need to do/take with me?...obviously I want to let this HRT clear first..then I will be running with tests in hand to a thryroid doctor!!!!- Have you read the book stop this thyroid madness?x


Haven't read it. Got it in our library though. :-)

Well, full thyroid profile for sure. Maybe B12..




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