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Recent blood tests- need your advice

Case is now in its 41st year, would very much appreciate your advice and recommendations as brain fog is worse now than ever- extremely depressed coupled with constant anger.

Recent blood tests done by NHS lab in Royal Hospital Liverpool got total backing from GP and included many tests not relevant to thyroid and adrenal gland but which might cause Chronic Fatigue .Unfortunately his knowledge is limited.

Blood test taken Mon 26th Feb 18 at 9.45. I did not take T3 or T4 for 24 hours before- B complex tablets contain Biotin.

I have worked hard on supplements B12, Vit D , Folate, Ferritin, B Complex and Selenium but brain fog is worse now than ever - very depressed and very angry inside - whatever is wrong with me I feel is not psychological although NHS says it is and is definitely not the thyroid. Please see my profile for Medichecks test done in Dec 2017

TSH <0.05 0.30 to 5.00

T4 7.4 11.00 to 22.00 Note from lab ? Patient on T3 treatment

T3 4.7 3.10 to 6.80

B12 1037 181 to 910

Vit D 199 75.00 to 150.00 received call from doctors whatever dose you are taking reduce - started on 10000iu reduced to 5000iu considering dropping altogether

Folate >24 range >5.40

Ferritin 79 22 to 322

Adrenal gland

Cortisol 307 145 to 619

DHEA Lab refused to test stating of limited clinical utility in males Book by Dr Barry Peatfield mentions DHEA many times adrenal gland very important particularly DHEA

Since blood test in December 2017 by Medichecks, I continued with 100 mcg of Thyroxine whilst supplementing with B12 Vit D Folate Ferritin and Selenium - no improvement obtained Unipharma T3 from Greece started on 6.25 increased to 13mcg after 2 weeks increased again on 14th Feb to 25mcg and reduced Levo thyroxine to 50mcg.

Had Blue Horizons Genetic test special offer 5 weeks ago results out next week.

Will cease Unipharma T3 in 1 week's time- due to receive NDT from Thailand soon will try that .Need to keep working on Iron did try liver but reluctant to carry on research shows cholesterol in it sky high also trans fats . Will find better source of Iron.

Planning on having another blood test with Medichecks end of March- I will include full tests on Adrenal Gland -they test with saliva rather than NHS blood sample .Will also include as much as possible relevant to Thyroid and Adrenal gland.

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Trying to figure the out so apologies if questions seem disjointed. First did you stop your b vitamins for a few days before test? Second t3 should only be stopped for maximum f 12 hours before test so your actual ft3 would have been higher. Ha, you weren't on t3 then were you? Confused have you got the results from February? Have you any results since being on t3? When my t3 went very high I was angry all the time. I wouldn't stop vit d for more than a couple of weeks, month tops then just reduce to maintenance dose 1000 should be about right, then re test after three months to check your on the right dose now. just my opinion as mine plummets when I stop. I personally found ferrous fumerate great t increasing my ferritin, took each tablet with 1000 vit c. To be honest I would repost this, more people may be around who can advise 🙂 better than I.


Hello Fibrolinda

I did not stop taking B complex tablets 3 days before because I was not aware that Biotin affected results until after blood test.

I took T3 and T4 7am Sunday 25th Feb did not take 7am Monday 26th day of blood test -Blood test taken at 9.45am

Results I have posted are from last Monday.

I will find a good make of Ferrous Fumerate

I did post at midnight last night and amended my post this morning and reposted about 9.30 this morning .

Thank you.


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