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Is it essential to have a prescription for NDT

My case is 40 years old and have suffered with brain fog and other problems for all this time. Diagnosed with Overactive Thyroid in 1994 received RAI made me worse and it is obvious that I am not going to get the support I need from my GP or Endo. I consider it a waste of time trying to convince either that my thyroid system is not functioning properly and that the TSH T4 and T3 blood test readings all within the range are of no use to me . I have had the private blood tests with Medilabs done recently readings already posted . There are signifcant deficiencies and I am taking the supplements suggested for Vit D, Ferritin, Folate and B12. My question is do I have to have a prescription to purchase NDT. After reading the Thyroid UK website on the page headed "Where Can I Get

Desiccated Thyroid Hormone?" all suppliers are insisting on a prescription. Can I bypass the system and order direct without a prescription and obtain good quality NDT .Or should I consider supplementing with T3.

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Thai NDT is available without prescription and some members find it as good as the prescription brands at much lower cost.


You can source your own NDT - there are several brands available. It is not illegal to source your own but it isn't permitted on the open forum of where to source prescription medications.

You can put up a fresh post asking 'Where can you source NDT' and asking for private messages to be sent to you. The post will then be closed to answers on the forum but you will receive messages from those members who source their own.

Research has shown that those whose thyroid gland is removed should really be on a combination of T4/T3 and many feel better with T3 added. I don't know what the situation is in your area but have you requested T3 to be added to levo?


Hello Shaws

Thank you for your reply. I did see an Endo In Nov 2017 he said that my TSH and T4 blood tests were now all normal so I was discharged. I told him that I felt rock bottom and mentioned T3. He replied trials done with T3 did not prove it was helping people and in November last year T3 had been deprescribed. Wrote to him recently said I had to go through GP again. I have not had thyroid removed received RAI in 1994 but this made me a lot worse. T3 was never mentioned then. I feel that I am own my own because I have been banging my head against the NHS wall for 40 years .I have to find a source of NDT or T3 on my own. Reading the book by Dr Peatfield he feels that 99% of GPs and Endos know nothing about the thyroid.

I do not know if I have Hashimotos or not

I want to try T3 as soon as possible . I need to find a reliable supplier who can provide me with a high standard of T3. The Thyroid UK website has quite a section on various types of T3 without a prescription.

I will send a fresh post for names of suppliers of T3 asking for private posts.


RAI kills all the thyroid gland cells, so I believe (not being medically qualified) so in effect your gland produces no hormones.

I hate the word 'normal' doctors use when they look at blood test results whilst ignoring the patient who feels anything but 'normal'.

We do not want normal blood tests, we want optimal ones and that means a TSH of 1 or below with FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of the ranges.

I have my thyroid gland and levothyroxine felt like poison and I was so much worse on it than before being diagnosed (TSH 100) but as soon as some T3 was added into my T4 I felt an enormous difference and next appontment the Endo didn't like my results and wanted to remove T3 and I refused, so instead my T4 was reduced. That's when I decided to change tactic so I could look after myself and found TUK before this forum began.

One of our doctors, now deceased, a Dr Skinner was a virologist who was sent patients because of the 'mysterious symptoms they had'. They had been diagnosed with CFS, ME, or Fibro.

What he found that all the majority of patients were hypothyroid, he treated them with whatever hormones made them well and I doubt that the GMC ever had 10,000 testimonial letters from patients who stated this doctor 'saved their lives'. Dr S had been called before the GMC due to 'complaints' being received - (he was prescribing what suited patients and not necessarily levo). Who complained to the GMC - not the patients I believe.

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Hello Shaws

Thank you for your reply and for all the information provided.

I have just sent another general post requesting suppliers of NDT and T3 where no prescription is required asking for replies under private posts.

I feel I need to try T3 as soon as possible .


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