Obtaining NDT on prescription in the UK

Good morning all

I'm new to this forum... been on levothyorxine for over a year and have felt sicker and sicker throughout this period despite my readings falling in the normal range.

I am currently reading ' Stop the Thyroid Madness', a book by Janie Bowthorpe which is an excellent book centred around the benefits of NDT.

Today I am visiting my doctor and will be requesting NDT on prescription.... Thyroid UK website states doctors ARE allowed to prescribe it on a named patient basis. However, having read a few of your posts today I see some people have not been able to obtain via prescription? I'll let you all know how I get on.



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  • I have only just found out through the radio that there is such a thing as natural thyroid treatment. Would be rally interested to find out how you get on with the doctor and the treatment.

  • See my response to to KateUK above.

  • I used to have it prescribed but not anymore. I'm fighting for this again. Can you let me know us know how you get on...

  • It would be rare for doctors to prescribe NDT - even on a' named-patient basis'. The reason being that the BTA guidelines state that levothyroxine alone is the only one to be prescribed. The also make False Statements about NDT.

    If doctors prescribe on a 'named-patient' basis they are then wholly responsible if the patient has reactions, etc to this prescription.

    I hope you are successful.

    If you aren't successful put up a post asking for a Private Message to be sent to you with information as you would have to purchase your own.

  • Good morning everyone and thank you for your quick replies. I have actually typed up a case which I will present to my doctor today to confirm why I need Armour Thyroid. I have also spoken with the MHRA this morning to double check that my GP can prescribe Armour (as a backstop incase my GP tries to fob me off). Essentially, Armour is not licensed in the UK... the general preference tends to be Levothyroxine, however, the MHRA do recognise that T4 medication is not suitable for all and therefore a GP can prescribe on the NHS within their own discretion... I guess this then becomes a bit of a lottery depending on the judgement of the doctor in question.

    'Shaws' thank you for explaining that doctors become wholly responsible for patients on this medication - this perhaps explains their reticence in prescribing it. However, I'm confident that the very strong case I will present today will put my GP in a difficult position to turn me away.

    Let's see and fingers crossed, I will be deeply unhappy if my GP is not supportive.

    P.S. I reference Armour Thyroid - is this the best? Aside from Armour I've read about sublingual versions and that would suit me because I struggle to swallow tablets. I think it is best for me to provide the GP with which NDT i'd like for simplicity.



  • Armour is not the only brand of desiccated thyroid product, although it is the one most commonly talked about. Many of us here take other brands such as Nature-Throid and Thyroid by Erfa. There is no such thing as 'the best one'. It's whichever one suits you as an individual and you may need to try more than one before you know if this type of medication is suitable for you at all.

    With respect to the NHS prescribing of desiccated products, even if your doctor (i.e. GP and / or Endo) is willing to do so, you may well find - like so many of us have - that the local CCG will flatly refuse to fund it.

  • Armour is prescribed for Hilary Clinton!

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