Where to get NDT or 5mcg doses of t3

Hi, I'd like to try adding a small dose of NDT to my t4 in order to be adding a tiny amount of t3 as I'm finding it very hard to standardise chopping my 20mcg tab of t3 into 8. I'd be really grateful if people could mp when to get NDT, or thyroid armour or whatever it's known as, or else buy time release t3? What doses does NDT come in and how much t4 to t3 is there in it?

Thank you

Replies where to obtain NDT and T3 without prescription via Private Messages please in line with posting guideline #22, thank you, Clutter.

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  • Sulamaye, 1/4 grain NDT will contain 9.5mcg T4 and 2.25mcg T3.

  • Thanks Clutter, that's slightly more than the 80/20 ratio isn't it? Cant do maths anymore - brain fog!

  • Sulamaye, Check the liinks and see whether the pharmacies sell 2.5mcg and 5mg T3. If you can get a prescription I believe Paddocks T3 is available in those doses via Boots.

  • I get Paddock Labs 5mcg T3 from Boots in bottles of 100 tablets.

    It takes a few days to be delivered, as it is a special order.

  • Thanks - maybe I could convince a GP to prescribe me 5mcg of T3, since they used to prescribe me 20mcgs 2 months ago and now I am nearly grinding to a halt!!!

  • Unfortunately USA liothyronine tablets were £4.31 each in the latest report I could find. (I think that Pfizer/King Cytomel and Paddock generic are similar costs.) Your chopping tablets up is saving a fortune!

    Capsules (specially made) seem to cost £2.99 each.


    Best of luck!


  • Thanks helvella, it's just difficult to divide a tab into 8 and yesterday I got a big lump and that did nt help any. To be honest nothing's helped any I feel crap. Not as bad as when I first got 'm.e' but probably back to three years ago. I'm so worried now that it's just messed up everything, I'll have to spend the next 3 years crawling my way back to where I was in June and ultimately it won't be my thyroid, just that the m.e made me overreact to the change in meds! I know when I tried amytriptalin when I was first ill because the doctor said it Wd help me sleep my body thought I was trying to kill it and I spent the night praying I Wd still be alive in the morning. Ahhhhhh I just don't know which way to turn with everything.

  • Don't worry - I understand why you want them. Was (perhaps rather too strongly) saying why they might refuse.

    I wish I knew what would help you - if I did you would know!

    All the best.


  • Thank you Rod :-)

  • They offered me Amytripataline and would not take it. Said it was for pain in small doses, doctor just recently offered me another anti-depressant and I said "No thank you".

  • That is absolutely scandalous, is this why it is so difficult to get T3 in England? I get 42 tablets every 28 days as I am now on 30mcgs of T3, how much does this cost roughly then please helvella?

  • One and a half 20mcg liothyronine tablets a day would cost the NHS around £180 a month.

    It appears to me that there is a reluctance to prescribe T3 because of fear, lack of understanding, lack of experience, etc., plus the cost issue. It is mostly seen as something used temporarily around preparing for other treatment.


  • This is true for when I saw them counting them out at the pharmacy it was almost as if they were gold nuggets, but then to be put in a boring brown bottle. Does not make sense, when you think of all the other ailments and symptoms we have to incur through negligence.

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