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Blood test results

Hi All,

These are results of my latest bloods. The GP I saw was very understanding when I told him I was self medicating with T3 and he said he is happy for me to continue monitoring this and he will do bloods.

He did suggest I might like to try T3 only as my TSH is out of range.

I had a thyriodectomy around 14yrs ago and am currently taking the following:

100mg one day and then 75mg the next levo 25mcg T3

5000mcg Jarrows B12


210mg ferrous fumarate.

Omega 3 .

My results for bloods taken fasting and 24hrs after last levo and vitamins are:

Serum TSH <0.03 (0.35-5.50) overtreated discuss at next appt

Serum free T4 12.2 (10.00-19.80)

Didn’t do T3!

Ferritin 41.6 (10.00-291.00)

Folate 18.25 (>5.38)

B12 1368 (211.00-911.00) - Overtreated discuss at appt.

can I please ask if you agree with the overtreated comments.

I am feeling fairly well, however still suffering with mouth ulcers, quite often feeling overwhelmed, bad back and always suffer with PMS.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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When you're taking T3, the only important number is the FT3. TSH and FT4 are irrelevant and tell you nothing.

I would be very wary of a doctor who told you to drop the T4 because of your below-range TSH. What exactly does he think that is going to do? If he thinks it's going to raise the TSH - and that it's necessary to raise the TSH - then he knows very little about thyroid. Your TSH will remain suppressed because you are taking T3. And, when you are taking any form of thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH is irrelevant and certainly shouldn't be used for dosing. The fact that it is low, absolutely does not mean you are over-medicated. And, if he doesn't know that, then you're going to have all sorts of problems with him. Only the FT3 will tell you if you're over-medicated.

You should probably lower your B12 dose, now, to a 1000 mcg maintenance dose.


gregoose Thank you for your voice of reason !!!!! Who could ever disagree with you when your RIGHT !!!!

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You'd be surprised! lol

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Thanks greygoose. I have another appointment on Monday to discuss the results. I’ll ask him to test my free T3 levels before I make any adjustments with thyroid medication.

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Yes, that would be wise. :)

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I presume these are the lab comments? Or are they your docs somments? Either way, if you're feeling well the only thing I would lower is your B12 supplements. Staying at top of range is fine. Oh, and ferritin still looks low. It needs to be half way in range or at least 70 for levvo to work well.


Yes they are the labs comments. I used to take 2 x 210mg of ferrous fumerate. I’ll start again from tomorrow just to lift it a little more.


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