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Blood test results - advice please


Hello again forum.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Sept this year, and as mentioned in an earlier post the GP I saw at that time said my bloods couldn't be re-done for 3 months. Thankfully, following advice here, I went back after 6 weeks on levo and saw a different GP who was happy to re-do my bloods sooner.

31 Aug 17 results, before treatment:

Serum TSH 6.89mi/L [0.27-4.2]

Serum free T4 11.1pmo/L [12.0-22.0]

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level 220 U/mL [>34 = positive]

Serum vitamin B12 503pg/mL [197.0-771.0]

Serum ferritin level 22ng/mL [13-150ng/mL]

Serum folate level 7.1ng/mL [3.9-26.8 ng/mL]

Serum 25-Hydroxy vitamin D3 level 58.4nmol/L [50-75nmol/L is adequate]

30 Oct results, after 6 1/2 weeks on 25mcg levo:

Serum TSH 3.58mi/L [0.27-4.2]

Serum free T4 14.3pmo/L [12.0-22.0]

First bloods were late morning and not fasting. Latest bloods were at 9.25am (earliest appt I could get), fasting, and having not taken previous night's dose of levo.

So my TSH and T4 are both back in range - is this quite good progress given I'm on such a low dose of levo? But TSH still high in range, T4 low in range and my energy is still rubbish and various other symptoms continuing too. I am booked in to speak to the GP on Friday; am a bit worried as the admin lady said "The doctor says your results are normal", but I know I need to push for a dose increase, don't I? Hoping she agrees... I have the BMA book and Pulse article to hand in case of need!

(I am also supplementing vits and mins as per advice on this forum, especially iron, and have been gluten-free for about two weeks. And awaiting kefir grains to give that a go too!)

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Hi Tasker .. I have recently been diagnosed too and am due my first week check up on Friday to discuss results . again like yourself am learning as I go but this forum has been a great help .. unfortunately I have no advice or answers for you but wanted to say hi am on same journey lots to learn eh ! Good luck at your appointment;)

Tasker in reply to Mitch70

Hi Mitch70 - good to hear from you. Sounds like Friday is an important day for both of us! I was initially relieved to get my diagnosis and know there was really something wrong, that it wasn't just life and middle-age making me feel so rough. The NHS website presents the treatment as being so simple but in jut a few weeks I've learnt how complex this condition and its treatment can be. Am doing all I can to learn and to try to help myself feel better. But I really think I need my dose increased. So fingers crossed for Friday, and good luck to you too!

Mitch70 in reply to Tasker

Indeed Tasker very complex ! Trying to take one step at a time at the moment .. so far have had to give up running as gp thinks this won’t help get levels up , hope to get back to it slowly ASAP .. finding it all a bit overwhelming .. Diet , exercise .. vitamins .. gluten free ... so much to learn but 1 step at a time and breathe lol I’ll post my results on Friday then hopefully learn some more .. Take care n hopeful u get an increase ;)


I'm in a very similar position to you and got my second set of results today.

Basically the gp had marked my results as normal but I saw gp this eve and said but I'm def not feeling normal, I'm afraid to admit I even burst into tears!!

See my post earlier this eve for my results.

Good luck but as with me it sounds like you still need a raise of your thyroxine.

Tasker in reply to Thyroidprobs

Thanks for your reply - I've just looked at your post and well done for getting your dose increased! I shall take heart from that and hope my GP does the same. It's so hard dealing with the emotional side of this so I do understand you bursting into tears; we try to stay calm and rational but it isn't always possible, is it? I hope the mew dose helps you feel better once it kicks in.

Thyroidprobs in reply to Tasker

Thanks Tasksr, I hope you manage to get an increase too when you see the gp on Friday.?

Make sure you go in with all the advice you can get.

I received a good article that was recommended on here. It was by Dr Toft answering a gp questions. You just need to email Louise someone to get a copy of it.

Let me know if you want the email address. I think it was Pulse article.

Tasker in reply to Thyroidprobs

Thanks Thyroidprobs. I've got the article already and will have it close to hand on Friday! But thanks for mentioning it.

Thyroidprobs in reply to Tasker

No probs. Good luck

Hi - you are going the right way but yes you need a dose increase. The aim for a patient treated with levo is to have tsh around 1 or even below, with ft4 in top quarter of range and ft3 in top third. Once you get to that, fine tuning may be necessary depending on indiivdual to alleviate all symptoms.

Well done for listening to advice on supplements and gluten - it can take a while to feel effects, but trust me they will help.

Good luck


Thank you! Am so grateful for the advice on this forum and, while it's hard to know for sure, I think I am feeling some benefit already from being gluten-free. My palpitations which had become almost an ongoing thing reduced markedly within a few days of no gluten, so that must mean my body isn't having to fight so hard (very non scientific way of putting it, but hopefully you know what I mean!).

Will push for dose increase on Friday.

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