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Help with latest boos test results please

Hello, I'd appreciate your help with my latest blood tests. I'm taking NDT since January 2017 and still suffering hypo symptoms. I'm wondering if I should increase my current dose of 1grain in the morning and 1 in the eve. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

TSH 0.044 (0.27-4.2)

FT3 3.53 (3.1-6.8)

FT4 10.51 (12-22)

TPO antibodies 207.7 (<34)

Tag antibodies >4000 (<34)

Ferritin 71.97 (13-150)

Vit D 117.10 (30-80) (I stopped supplementing since seeing the result)

B12 330.30 (191-663)

Cortisol 10.33 (no range given)

Transferrin 265 (200-360)

Total IgE 182.40 (<100)

Sodium 133 (136-145)

Potassium 4.2 (3.5-145)

Chloride 103 (98-107)

Iron 171 (33-193)

Magnesium 2.26 (1.7-2.55)

Calcium 9.58 (8.6-10.0)

I stopped supplementing with iron, vit d and b12 since I saw the results.

I'm off grains, dairy, and legumes since April.

Two weeks ago I also started LDN, which helps a bit I think.

I want to start trying for another baby very soon as I've been trying to get better for over a year and I dont want to be at any longer.

Thank you

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Did you have a result for folate?


I didn't have the footage checked. I've been supplementing Fitch b complex for a while and so I doubt I'm deficient. Thanks :)

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You do need an increase in dose as both FT4 and FT3 are too low.

Your B12 could be higher - towards the top of the range. Others will respond to your other results.


Thanks shaws, I though I perhaps should increase the dose but worried what dr will say about suppressed TSH. I'll get b12 on its own as was taking a b complex and it caused a rash on my face. Thank you again :)


You could try to get B complex with methylfolate and B12 as methalcobalamin. It's more absorbable and suits some people better.


We are more likely to get more problems on levothyroxine and the TSH is meaningless when we are on thyroid hormone replacement. Most of us feel best when TSH is one or lower. Thyroid cancer patients are given suppressed doses and they don't seem to come to harm.

You can supplement with B12 methylcobalamin sublingual. Not many chemists seem to stock it. Sublingual is best as we usually have digestive problems and you put the tablet under tongue and it is absorbed.

This is an article I've posted previously which may give you confidence.



Dr L only took a blood test for a diagnosis and thereafter it was all about how the patient felt on particular doses.


I just ordered Jarrows sublingual b12. How much would you suggest that I should increase ndt by? Thank you


I have just put up a new post regarding TSH and including suppressed. We usually increase by 1/4 NDTevery week or so.


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