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Help with results please

I finally paid for some blue horizon tests. If anyone has time I'd be really grateful for some interpretation. I'm on 75mg of Levi but must admit I've increased it to 100 without asking doc as felt so tired still...

B12, vit d and folate all v high or above range.

Total t4 128 (59-154)

TSH 1.57 (0.27 - 4.2)

Free t4 17.5 (12-22)

Free t3 4.9 (3.1-6.8)


Thyroglobulin antibody <10.0 (0-115 negative)

Thyroid perox antibodies 10 (0-34)

Main questions are do these results mean I don't have antibodies? If so does that mean I'll never get them?

Also should I persevere with levy only or should I try some t3? I have some ready to start....

Thanks so much


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Beligo, Most people on medication are comfortable with TSH just above or just below 1.0 athough some need it in the lower range 0.2-0.5 and others need it suppressed <0.04. FT4 and FT3 are 'ideal' in the top 75% of range ie your FT4 >19.5 and your FT3 >5.87.

Increasing Levothyroxine or adding a little T3 would improve symptoms and bloods. You will notice improvement quicker by adding 10mcg or 12.5mcg T3 to your current Levothyroxine dose.

What were your B12, vitD and folate and were you supplementing when you tested? Above range isn't good.


your results look soo good to me, BUT

vitamin d-probably thee 25 one? above the roof, and folate above the roof....this can make you tired too!

vitamin d3 is prohormone just like should check calcium lvl in the blood too, and stop immediately supplementing it if its higher then the range which is very tight for the reason i think vit d lvls should be in the mid of the range optimal! not close to the top

having no antibodies tells nothing particulary atm, but its good, i suppose you are in good condition and can be easily regulated! so be happy :))

looks like you are converting t4 properly and on this 100 mcg you may feel fine...did you notice some improvement beeing on it yet?


Thank you all. Just for extra info then:

Total vit d 105.7 nmol/L

Greater than 50 adequate, more than 200 toxicity

Active b12 >256 (25.1-165)

Red cell folate 1239 (158-1099)


That vit D level is just right.

Folate I don't know enough about to comment, but mine is also high (19.8 in a range of 2.2-10.6). GP notebook says of high folate:

pernicious anaemia (or may be normal)

periods following folic acid administration or eating


blood transfusion

some cases of blind loop syndrome (secondary to folate synthesis by bacteria in the gut)

false elevation in haemolysed specimens (due to folate in red blood cells)

falsely increased to normal in some patients with severe iron deficiency (aetiology unknown)

I'm a veggie.


beligo, the results for thyroid you posted: were they when you were taking 75 mcg T4 or 100 mcg T4? To me, anyway, it's not clear. If it was while on T4, how long after you increased the dose?


Beligo, use the orange Reply button underneath the post you are responding to and the member will be sent an email alert.

Were you supplementing B12 and folate when you were tested?


I was but I stopped a week or so before the blood test... Thanks for all advice


Beligo, elevated B12/folate isn't of concern when supplementing as excess is excreted so no danger of overdosing. It takes 4 months off supplements to get an accurate B12 reading as it takes that long for red blood cells to replace.


That's really helpful, thank you. So should I continue to supplement or stop? Sorry to be so ignorant, it's all so complicated


Beliigo, I'd stop. You're over the range and basically peeing out the supplements so wasting money. You can test again in 4/6 months if you're worried about levels or think you have symptoms.


Sorry. I've been on 100mg Levo for about 6 weeks now


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