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Advice on blood results please

Evening all,

I've got my blood test results and would appreciate your input in making sense of them.

TSH 14.4 (0.4 - 5.5)

FT4 3.9 (11.5 -22.7)

FT3 4.5 (3.5 - 6.5)


Haemoglobin Concentrate - 150 (120 -150)

Tot White blood count - 6.8 (4.0 - 10.0)

Platelet count - 164 (150 - 400.0)

Haematocrit - 45% (36 - 46)

Red blood count - 5.26 (3.8 -4.8) Above range

Mean cell volume - 86 (83.0 - 101.0)

Mean cell haemoglobin - 29.0 (27 - 32)

Neutrphil count - 3.70 (1.8 - 7.4)

Lymphocyte count - 2.51 (1.1 - 3.5)

Monocyte count - 0.43 (0.21 - 0.92)

Eosinophil count - 0.09 (0.02 - 0.67)

Basophil count - 0.05 (0.0 - 0.13)

Serum total 25-hydroxy Vit D level - 62.2 ( <30 = Vit D deficiency; 30 -50 = Insufficiency; 50- 150 = Adequate Vit D status)

I had thought that ferritin levels were done as par for course, when doing full bloods - but obviously not and suspect my iron levels are low- will have to ring and ask for that next week.

Expect FT4 to be low, as o T3 only 50mcg pd, unable to convert. Also take 3 NAX and 2 NT. I do take Vit C - 4000 pd, Also small amounts of D3/B12?coQ10


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Is TSH 14.4 a typo? That is very high TSH to have when taking 50mcg T3. FT3 4.5 could be higher in range so you might want to increase dose to 60mcg.

Dehydration is a common cause of elevated RBC but other causes are listed in labtestsonline.org/understa...

The rest of the FBC is within range.

Vit D is replete 75-200 and most people are comfortable around 100. I would supplement 5,000iu D3 daily for 6 weeks and then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days and retest in August. VitD should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

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Hi Clutter thanks for the reply. 14.4 is not a typo - so any ideas as to why this could be raised? I was on 60mcg of T3 up till last year, GP reduced it as FT3 was high - suspect (with hindsight) that raised t3 due to low adrenals. Will raise it back again, suspect that won't go down with GP but doubt fact I'm on t3 doesn't anyway. I don't think I'm dehydrated, but maybe I do need to drink more water. Will try that. Thanks also for the advice re Vit D, are you able to suggest a 'good' brand, via PM, generally just get H & B version.

And I'm guessing same applies to T3 as to T4 as far as gap between Vit D is concerned?

Thanks again.



I expect your thyroid function has worsened so you need more T3.

I like D3 softgel capsules. I like Nature's Own and am currently using Doctors Best both from Amazon. Yes, 4 hours away from T3.

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Cheers Clutter, I appreciate your input.



Have you increased your T3 dose from 50mcg and are you supplementing D3? If you haven't had B12 and folate tested it would be an idea to request your GP tests them when you ask for ferritin to be checked.


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