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Advice on blood results pls


Further to my previous post I had my bloods done re: possible adrenal issues / anxiety poor coping mechanisms with stress.

The results are below. I’ve rung up and queried the cortisol as there seems to be no further action but no result other than the time of sample 09.16.

I’ve also been aware of being very low in range for potassium previously on tests. Could this be causing my migraines, muscle pain and fatigue symptoms? I’d appreciate any feedback thanks.

Serum cortisol level (XE2xW) time 09.16

Urea & electrolytes

Serum sodium level 141 (133.0 - 146.00)

Serum potassium 3.6 (3.5-5.3)

Creatine 73 (51.0-96.0)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 75 mL/min

Serum urea level 6.3 (2.5-7.8)


Full Blood Count

Haemoglobin 138 (119-149)

Total white blood count 8.50 (3.7-10.0)

Platelet count 187 (150-450)

Red blood count 4.72 (3.85-4.9)

Haematocrit 0.43 (0.35-0.46)

Mean cell volume 90.4 (82.0-100)

Mean cell haemoglobin 29.3 (27.0-32.5)

Mean cell haemoglobin concentration 324 (316-365)

Red cell distribution width 13.5 (12.2-15.4)

Neutrophil 5.8 (1.7-6.6)

Lymphocyte count 1.9 (1.0-3.0)

Monocyte count 0.5 (0.2-0.8)

Eosinophils count 0.1 (0.0-0.45)

Basophils 0.0 (0.0-0.1)

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Don't know much about Cortisol results , but that doesn't even look like a result does it? No details, no ranges.

Do you like Bananas - eat one every morning to bring your potassium up.

Just brought some but no good if I struggle absorbing the nutrients

We do absorb some nutrients! Eating a banana in the morning is healthy.

I know i eat a clean healthy gluten free diet of meat fish fruit and vegetables but with hashimotos most need extra nutrients in addition to our diet as we don’t absorb as well. Even with this my potassium is still only just in range so think I need a supplement to help.

I’m like that 24/7 I’ve had a lot of serious traumas especially over the past 7 years so think it’s all taking its toll. I’ve requested sertaline now as a last resort as I’ve just no other options

Hi @MissFG. Low potassium can cause fatigue and muscle cramps, but probably not migraines. Low in B vitamins, D and magnesium can cause migraines. Did you try adding those extra B's and COQ10? I know that you work out. Do you drink a lot or possibly too much water? This will deplete your electrolytes, such as potassium (k). Since your K is low, do you know how your levels of magnesium and calcium? Your electrolyte sodium is good. I frequently have low K, too, which is a little odd because I eat a lot of sweet potatoes and avocado on practically a daily basis, and occasionally eat cooked broccoli, prunes, a small bit of yogurt. I believe my low K is because I drink a lot of water, so urinate a lot. Electrolytes are depleted if you aren't constantly replenishing them in your diet if you drink a lot of water. Malabsorption of vitamins and nutrients is common in people with Hashimoto's or with other autoimmune diseases. I also have a long history of low red blood cell level magnesium, even though I take more than one type of magnesium every day.

For your migraines, how is your D level? If you're low, this can contribute to migraines. I had had a migraine for 6 weeks starting in May that I fixed with vitamins. Prescription migraine medication did not help. I have now been 95% migraine free for over 5 weeks. When I feel one coming on, I take certain B vitamins and that can stop the migraine in it's tracks 95% of the time. One the rare occasion that it doesn't, I take my prescription migraine medication and that will usually stop it. I must have been deficient in a bunch of B vitamins, because after taking therapeutic doses, I am still migraine free and I am no longer taking all those B's every day. I normally take folate, B12, D, a few days a week take a multi, and other vitamins. I was lacking enough of all the B's. The vitamins that I took that got rid of my migraine were B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acic), B6 ( P-5-P, pyridoxal 5'-phosphate), B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin), and COQ10. Studies show that D, B2, and COQ10 are often deficient in people with migraines.

MissFG in reply to ShootingStars

I take CoQ10 and B12 which help a lot with energy levels. Vitamin D I’ve stopped taking recently just due to the good weather so don’t want to take too much.

I don’t overly drink too much water I probably just manage 2l a day if that but urinate a lot. So I take electrolytes as I’m also on a low carb diet.

I have a B complex to take but the smell and taste makes me heave and feel quite ill after.

I think I’ll just have to start adding the B complex and vitamin D and a potassium supplement see if that helps. Otherwise I’m on high dose paracetamol and aspirin most days atm.

I’ve not exercised for nearly 8 weeks as I’ve not felt great and have chronic fatigue so need to get my energy levels up.

MissFG in reply to ShootingStars

I’ve ordered solgar potassium, betaine with pepsin & some more probiotics as they really helped. Going to start taking the B complex I have and suffer the nausea and hope it wears off! And I’ve high dose vitamin d so I’ll just take once or twice a week fingers crossed it all helps

Sally56 in reply to MissFG

Hi Miss Fg,

I don't normally comment, but your low potassium piqued my interest. Now I don't want to scare you but there is an Adrenal Disorder called Primary Aldosteronism which sees an over production of Aldisterone which can cause low potassium and high BP . I have it as well as thyroid probs. it's considered rare but I have it. It's treatable with drugs or removal of a adenoma from one of the glands, always benign. It's hard to get diagnosed here in Australia. It took me 5 years, so UK I'm not sure about. Anyhow google it, see what you think. It has a specific set of symptoms. I believe mine was caused by my undiagnosed thyroid disease and massive stress. I read a little bit about you and thought you might like to have a look.

MissFG in reply to Sally56

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have low blood pressure so don’t think it’s aldosteronism. And my sodium levels were ok. But I appreciate your advice

Have you tried other remedies other than prescription drugs? I’ve found exercise (when I have the energy) meditation and herbal remedies have helped. But as a last resort I’m going to try sertaline as I’ve had such a high level of stesss to contend with over the years I think my body just needs a break from “trying to cope”.

What thyroid meds and dose are you on and FT3 and FT4 levels? My FT3 is optimal and TSH suppressed so know my dosage is right.

I think it’s a process of elimination to find the cause / trigger. I feel for you it’s horrible and so hard for others to understand who don’t experience this x

Aww I understand how hard it is! I only have my daughter too whose lovely but doesn’t get it.

Are you gluten free too? It’s hard when you’ve tried everything possible but still feeling so poorly and panicky! Not coping with any stress literally regular meltdowns and anxiety are debilitating.

Have you a good doctor you can talk to who could help? If not do a post on here. Everyone has always been so helpful to me and sometimes it’s just one thing someone points out that is just what you’ve been missing.

I also find Izabella Wentz a huge help. Hashimotos is a terrible disease which isn’t recognised seriously enough. Make sure your kind to yourself! If you haven’t already try CBD oil as it can help you sleep at night and you really do need your rest x


Considering that people are given injected doses of five grams of B12 for smoke inhalation/carbon monoxide poisoning, it seems improbable that anyone will suffer B12 toxicity from any ordinary dosing.

Some people suffer acne but that is, so far as I know, after injections rather than the sort of dosing likely from a B-complex. Even then, it does not appear to actually be a result of toxicity.

Far more likely is an excess of B6 which can have significant effects.



Can you please link to where you have seen "too much B vitamins causes toxicity".

B vitamins are water soluble so any excess gets excreted, but we're always interested in reading articles with information we may not have come across before.


No, I don't want, nor do I have time, to Google it and wade through lots of links trying to find it. I would be grateful if you will link to where you saw it please.

I do know about long term high dose B6 causing neurological problems, but I have no knowledge of B12 toxicity.


So you don't have any links about B12 toxicity then?



Whoever told you that you have B12 toxicity seems to be wrong.

I did take the time to look up "B12 toxicity" and decided to choose the link to as it appears to be a reliable source of information about B12

And this is what they say

"Vitamin B12 Overdose: Symptoms and Side Effects

Vitamin B12 is very well researched today and even after decades of studies, there are still almost no known symptoms of a vitamin B12 overdose, even with extremely high doses. As a result of this, no maximum dose of vitamin B12 has been put in place. The aforementioned excretion issues aside, it is theoretically possible to safely take even the largest amounts of vitamin B12 without fear of a negative effect.

The only active ingredient which poses any slight risk at all is cyanocobalamin, since this releases a tiny amount of cyanide within the body, which some people can react negatively to. This amount is so tiny, however, that it is considered medically irrelevant in usual doses."

Have a read of the rest of the article, I think that makes it quite clear that B12 toxicity isn't really possible.


Entirely the other way around. Excess B12 found in the blood of someone NOT supplementing can be a concern.

I think being hypo puts on weight due to low metabolism. Drugs from what I read can increase appetite hence some cause weight gain. I struggle with having a small appetite and have managed my weight well I’m only 60kg so wouldn’t kind feeling more hungry.

Sertaline is a last resort but one that I know my doctors will prescribe me. It’s very difficult to get anything like Valium known as diazepam in the UK from a GP. Sertaline or Zoloft can be used long term whereas drugs like Xanax can only be used short term.

Personally I think all drugs have side effects it’s just finding the right one that suits you as an individual. Fingers crossed we both find something that works for us.

Definitely try Headspace a meditation app when you go to bed and if you feel anxious or during a panic attack it’s a huge help in calming you. It’s not preventive but helps you feel back in some control


But you were making a general statement

"too much B vitamins causes toxicity"."

That sounds like you are saying supplementing with B vitamins causes toxicity.

You shouldnt make general statements like that, it's scaremongering, irresponsible and overly dramatic, just like your comment to katgwyn in another thread where you told her she should go the ER and tell them

"you need thyroid meds or your going to die".


So make that clear in your replies then, don't generalise and put the fear of god into members with your responses.


You don't seem to realise that here in the UK with our health service we can't demand anything.


I am very well educated in hypothyroidism thank you, 43 years plus.

Adding my experience of B12 : I'm on B12 injections for pernicious anaemia (PA) and on the PA forum there are people self injecting DAILY with B12 in an attempt to heal their damaged nerves from B12 deficiency. Lots of people self inject weekly, as I have started to as well, because the once every 3 months the government guideline says is adequate treatment just was not correcting the neurological damage, and my peripheral neuropathy has been getting worse. Nobody on there has ever mentioned toxicity.

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