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Help with results and advice please

First of all I apologise in advance for the long post but I really would value your opinions before I am due to see an endo next week. I started with digestive difficulties and fatigue some 20yrs ago after a long period of looking after an older sick child having had a new baby. When things settled down I seemed to collapse and I have been struggling since. 2 Ultrasound scans and endoscopy was negative over the years and bloods "fine" and I had a few episodes of gallbladder colic. I lost 11/2 stone 3 years and have managed to put only half of that back on. My blood pressure is low, dizzy and lightheaded and I have hypoglycaemia. I won't go into all the digestive issues but I find digestive enzymes with hcl and pepsin helpful although I can't eat much at a time. My salivary cortisol levels were low am and lunch and below level evening and night. Vit D and K2-mk7 help with aches and pains and last level was 110. My circulation is appalling, white fingers and purple hands! Thyroid panel came back from blue horizon today, 9am fasting

CRP 0.10. . . . <5.0mg/l

Ferritin 137.4. .... 20-150ug/l

TSH. 2.29. . . . . . 0.27-4.20mlu/l

T4 total 77.1. . . . 64.5-142.mlu/l

Free T4 14.31. . . 12-22 pmol/l

Free T3 4.11. . . . 3.1-6.8 pmol/l

Antithyroidperoxidase abs 11.6. . . . <34 ku/l

Antithyroglobulin abs 17. . . . . <115 ku/l

Vit B12 778. consider reducing >725 pmol/l

Serum folate > 45.400. . . . 8.83-60.8nmol/l

I haven't been on supplements for the past 8 weeks but used to supplement methylated B complex and sublingual B12 methylcobalamine. And multivitamin and minerals. I had a Dexa bone scan which showed 10% loss in left hip, 6% loss in spine and ostropenia of L3, L4 since last scan 3 years ago, having lost 1" in height. I have ensured I take the bone supplements recommended by functional gp, bit haphazard before due to cost of everything. I have been through menopause and am on bioidentical oestrogens and progesterone creams. My main query I suppose is whilst my TSH isn't overly high, not enough for docs to bother their heads about, my free T4 and T3 whilst in range seem to be at low end and I am concerned he won't do anything about it. He is mainly a diabetic endo but I have been referred to his cfs clinic which has a multidisciplinary team, rheumatologist, physio, counsellor, dietician etc. I already am gluten free as it does not agree with me and avoid sugar because it makes my hypoglycaemia worse. Any thoughts re the bloods would be very helpful, please

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hmmm you going to cfs label slapped on you if your not careful

do you use aluminium or non stick cookware or foil or george foreman type grills ,drink cans of drink ,have water thats treated with any form of alum or aluminium or flouride

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Yes I can see that but it has taken me 20yrs to get anywhere with NHS! I forgot to mention that I had a positive h pylori bacter test treated with mastic gum by functional gp and then a negative result afterwards. U still get troubled with yeasts in gut which I use probiotics and berberine and grapeseed extract amongst other anti candida support. But my main problem is my stomach and gall bladder area. I answer to your questions, I don't use non stick cookware, or have a george foreman grill. Unfortunately our water is fluoridated and have bought bottles in glass in the past but it did not make a difference. Not sure on the aluminium and don't drink from cans, no pop of any kind due to the reactive hypoglycaemia


I am also due to see a gastrienterologist next month who apparently is more interested in functional aspect of the gut. The GP who referred me said she had read a book recommended by a colleague recently regarding how the health of the gut was the centre of everything, I nearly hugged her!!!


sounds like a positive move ....i do agree that the gut is a key player and certainly for hypothyroids its very sensitive

for my husband it was switching to NDT that stopped all the problems

for me who is not a hypothyroid its aluminium and flouride which causes me hell and that includes drinking tea


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