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By everyone am hoping you can look at hubbies blood results. His main complaint are tiredness and lots of aches and pains. So thought Thyroid might be involved. Results are

CRP 0.90 range <5.0 mg/L.

Ferritin 240.1 range 30-400 ug/L.

Thyroid Function. TSH 2.33 range 0.27-4.20 mIU/L.

T4 Total 78.7 range 64.5-142.0 nmoI/L

Free T4 16.88 range 12-22 pmol/L.

Free T3 4.41 range 3.1-6.8 pmol/L.

Immunology Anti-thyroidperoxidase abs 8.0 range<34 kIU/L.

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs <10 range <115 kU/L.

Vitamins. Vit D (25 OH) 68 range

Deficient <25 nmo/L insufficient 25-50. Consider reducing dose <175.

Vit B12 51 range

deficient <140 pmoI/L insufficient 140-250. Consider reducing dose <725.

Serum Folate 15.03 range 8.83-60.8 nmoI/L


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  • Pamelashep,

    Can you confirm that B12 is 51 or is it a typo?

    Folate is adequate.

    TSH >2.0 indicates your husband's thyroid is beginning to struggle but his TSH is currently within range and FT4 and FT3 are good.

    Thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

    VitD is optimal 75-100 so your husband could supplement 1,000iu D3 until the summer to see if energy improves.

  • Hi yes definitely 51 marked low on blood test results. Thanks for replying. Pam

  • Pamelashep,

    Your husband is seriously B12 deficient and should show those results to his GP straight away. He will need B12 loading injections but his GP should check his intrinsic factor antibodies to rule out pernicious anaemia causing the B12 deficiency. are the experts on PA and B12 deficiency. You might want to pop over to the PAS forum for advice before your husband sees his GP.

  • Hi Clutter thanks ever so much for the info and think it might explain how he is feeling. Thanks again. Pam

  • Pamelashep,

    I don't think I've seen B12 that low. Please check out PAS and make an appointment for your husband to see his GP ASAP.

  • Hi Clutter managed to speak to someone at Law who was helpful but will need to sign in with them. He was a bit shocked as well of it being so low. He has gone to Dr now with his blood test from Blue Horizon and am hoping that Dr will be receptive to it. Thanks again Pam

  • B12 looks very low indeed, surprised if docs haven't picked up on that for treatment - low B12 can cause a lot of symptoms. Hope your husband finds answers and that his situation improves.

  • Hi thanks for info

  • as per others your husbands B12 is extremely low

    please do join the PASoc forum - link provided - getting diagnosed with a B12 absorption problem is one problem - getting the correct treatment is another problem.

    Really hope that your husband starts to pick up soon.

  • Hi thanks Gambit for replying. Husband saw Dr Friday with blood results from Blue Horizon which he had heard of and said they were a reliable company. So on that basis he is going to have another blood test Tuesday and started on the B12 injections at Same time. One a week for 6 weeks. Have joined PAS. Thanks again Pam

  • are you based in the UK?

    At the level your husband had I suspect that he probably has neurological symptoms - hence the aches and pains. Protocol in UK for treating if neurological symptoms is shots 3xweekly until symptoms stop improving (review at 3 months) followed by maintenance shots every 2 months - but getting that is really difficult.

    Protocols are different in other places, eg in the US (and from state to state) but ideally - with levels that low - he could do with a more frequent regime during loading.

    Hope to see you on the PAS forum.

  • Hi Gamit thanks for your info. Yes in the UK and he starting injections for 6 weeks on Tuesday. Yes signed up yesterday for PAS. Thanks Pam

  • Yes VERY B12 Deficient needs to be 520 to be optimal.

    He will qualify for and need shots asap

  • Hi Riannabri thanks for reply. He starting on injections on Tuesday one a week for 6 weeks and hopefully he will improve. Thanks Pam

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