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Results from Blue Horizon

As per my original post and advice: I got my results from Blue Horizon, the pdf was zero bytes, so I have sent of for the actual results to be sent again. This is the comments, not that I understand the last paragraph. The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is elevated. If you are already taking a form of thyroxine, it is possible that that your dose is too low or that you have forgotten to take it on occasion. It may be that an increase in dose is in order - if adjusted it would be sensible to repeat thyroid function (TFT) testing in around 2 months’ time. If you are not taking thyroxine, and this is the first time TSH has been noted to be high, it is possible that 'non-thyroidal illness' or other medication effects are the cause of the elevation. It may be that hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) is about to develop. In these scenarios, it would be advisable to repeat thyroid function tests in 3 months’ time. I would suggest undertaking this repeat test sooner if symptoms develop. The finding of a positive thyroid antibody result in addition increases the possibility of your having autoimmune thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis or Grave's disease.

The ferritin level is high. In addition to excess iron supplementation, raised serum ferritin can be a sign of inflammation or infection, though in your case the normal level of CRP would suggest that the latter possibility is unlikely. Less commonly, higher ferritin levels can result from damage to bone marrow or liver, genetic conditions, following blood transfusion, and in chronic anaemias such as thalassaemia. If it is unlikely that iron supplementation is the cause of this elevation then more formal iron studies would be useful. I suggest you discuss this result with your usual doctor who may recommend further tests.

Your input will be very much appreciated

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Hi Lindylouisa,

Could you give us the actual results - numbers & ranges (numbers in () ) please. That way we may be able to advise you as the comments are quite generic.


As soon as they send me the correct pdf with the actual results I will post them, as the pdf of the results was zero bytes (empty).


Hi Lindy,

Sorry to hear of this, feel free to email me directly using the email address used to order and I'll get the results over to you again. It would also be useful to know what kind of device you are using and what program or app you use to open PDFs.

Many thanks




Thank you Paul, I have sent that off again but with reference to you.


Hi startagaingirl Paul kindly sent me the results today, which was superbly fast. Not that I understand them. So your input will be very much appreciated.

Biochemistry - CRP 3.10 - Ferritin in Red H 174.3. Thyroid Function - TSH in Red 5.45 - T4 Total 92.1 - Free T4 15.85 - Free T3 3.22. Immunology Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs in Red H 64.5 - Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs in Red H >4000.000 - Vitamin B12 498 - Serum Folate 23.17. Thank you for your consideration. All the Best lindylouisa66


lindylouisa66 You need to put the reference ranges in for people to be able to comment. I use BH so I know the ranges so can comment. I understand from a previous post that you are on 125mcg Levo.

Your CRP is fine at 3.10, it should be <5.0.

Ferritin is high, I assume the range is 20-150. If you're not supplementing then take the advice given in BH's comments and discuss it with your GP.

TSH at 5.45 (0.27-4.20) is too high.

FT4 at 15.85 (12-22) is low in range.

FT3 at 3.22 (3.1-6.8) is very low in range.

The aim of a treated hypo patient is for TSH to be 1 or below or wherever it is needed for FT4 and FT3 to be in the upper part of their respective reference ranges if that is where you feel best.

You need an increase in your Levo. Show these results to your GP and take it from there. If he is reluctant to increase your levo then show him the article by Dr Toft which you can get from louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk

Dr Toft, past president of the British Thyroid Association and leading endocrinologist, wrote this in a Pulse Online magazine article:

"The appropriate dose of levothyroxine is that which restores euthyroidism and serum TSH to the lower part of the reference range - 0.2-0.5mU/l.

In this case, free thyroxine is likely to be in the upper part of its reference range or even slightly elevated – 18-22pmol/l. Most patients will feel well in that circumstance.

But some need a higher dose of levothyroxine to suppress serum TSH and then the serum-free T4 concentration will be elevated at around 24-28pmol/l.

This 'exogenous subclinical hyperthyroidism' is not dangerous as long as serum T3 is unequivocally normal – that is, serum total around T3 1.7nmol/l (reference range 1.0-2.2nmol/l)."

Both TPO and TG antibodies are over range which means that you are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's. This is where antibodies attack the thyroid and eventually destroy it. Hashi's isn't treated, it's the resulting hypothyroidism that is treated.

To help reduce the antibody attacks you can help yourself by

1) Adopting a strict gluten free diet. Gluten contains gliadin which is thought to trigger the antibody attacks.

2) Supplement with selenium, L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily can help reduce the attacks.

3) Keeping TSH very low or suppressed is supposed to help reduce the antibody attacks too.

B12 is just approaching the acceptable level. Anything under 500 can cause neurological problems and it's usually advised to aim for the very top of the range, even 900-1000. You could get Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 1000mg and take one daily dissolved under the tongue to get directly into the bloodstream, don't chew or swallow as stomach acid destroys it.

When taking B12 we also need to take a B Complex to balance all the B vits. Look for one containing methylfolate rather than folic acid. Your folate is just approaching half way through the range of 10.4-42.4. Folate should be half way through range and that is 25.4 and the B Complex will help maintain your level.


Thank You Seaside Susie, it is very kind of you to make things clearer for me. I am seeing my doctor on Wednesday as I was recently diagnosed in the hospital (rushed in with chest pains) with a twisted Aorta, hopefully my thyroxin will be popped up to a level that makes me feel less down.


Hi Lindy,

Have sent off again for you. The document shows as 136kb, I hope that you can open it OK - if not then it may be due to a level of encryption that some Laboratory PDFs follow and may just require a change in settings on your device.

Let me know if it doesn't work and we'll send it through as an image file. I'll also arrange to send you a nice bar of chocolate and enclose your results as a hard copy with that.

Best wishes,

Paul Harris.


Thank you Paul, it was nice and clear, though I won't pretend to understand it lol


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