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My recent blood test results

Average Blood sugar level

HbA1c= 6.3 %

Average blood glucose level= 134 mg/dl

Anemia Profile

Vit. D = 32.86 ng/ml (SUFFICIENCY : 30-100 ng/ml)

Vit. B12 = 981 pg/ml (Normal : 211 - 911 pg/ml)

Iron = 107.7 ug/dl (Female : 60 - 180 )

ferritin = 117.6 ng/ml (Women: 10-291 ng/ml )

folic acid =>24 ng/ml (> 5.38 ng/ml )

Lipid Profile

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL = 183 mg/dl (125 - 200 )

HDL CHOLESTEROL = 45 mg/dl (35-80)

LDL CHOLESTEROL = 119 mg/dl (85 - 130 )


TC/ HDL CHOLESTEROL RATIO= 4.1 (3.0 - 5.0 )

LDL / HDL RATIO = 2.6 (1.5 - 3.5)

VLDL CHOLESTEROL = 33 mg/dl (5 - 40 )

NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL= 138.1 mg/dl (< 160 )

Advanced Thyroid Profile

TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) =102 ng/dl (60 - 200 )

TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) =12.2 µg/dl (4.5 - 12.0 )

THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH) = 0.34 µIU/ml (0.30 - 5.5)

FREE TRIIODOTHYRONINE (FT3) = 2.9 pg/ml (1.7 - 4.2)

FREE THYROXINE (FT4) = 1.44 ng/dl (0.70 - 1.80)

ANTI MICROSOMAL ANTIBODY (AMA) = 447 IU/mL (Negative : <34 )

I have been taking supplements of Iron, Vit. D, Vit. B12, selenium, folic acid and silymarin...except iron supplement, all are still continued. I had heard that Iron overload causes constipation, and I felt that for few days,so discontinued a week ago before blood tests. Started taking Vit. C also for better absorption of Iron just for temporary.

Now, it seems except Vit. D, all have reached to it's optimal levels and will take only maintenance dose of Iron now. Vit. B12 sublingually has to be continued still since Metformin I take reduces absorption of Vit. B12, so nonetheless I have to supplement with it regularly to avoid any neurological problems in future.

My TSH had gone high in last May and I have increased dose from 100 mcg of thyroxine to 125 mcg daily and now TSH is under control along with optimal Free T3 and Free T4. But my antibodies levels are still high after 2 months of selenium supplementation, so will continue taking it.

My triglycerides are higher than my last year report (which was 110), so wish to know from all of you, how to reduce triglycerides....alarming it seems.

Request all experts to analyze my blood tests results and comments, if any


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Don't worry about your triglycerides, not important.

Why is the vit C only temporary? You always need vit C. And not just for absorption of iron. Vit C does all sorts of good things.

Who said your FT3 is optimal? If you still have hypo symptoms, then it's still too low. It's only just mid-range.

The TSH is irrelevant. :)



thanks for response..

Is it necessary to take Synthetic Vit. C regularly even if I don't take iron supplement now..I will take iron only once a week as a maintenance dose...

Hypothyroid Mom page on Facebook had given below optimal general ranges for thyroid tests...

TSH = Typically <2

Free T3 = Top half- top 25th percentile of the reference range

Free T4 = Top half of the reference range

Vitamin D = > 50

Ferritin = > 60

Is the above optimal ranges ok? I think they are given by Amy Myers.

what should be optimal Free T3 range as per you?

I don't have hypo symptoms...


Optimal is the level that makes you well. Nothing to do with a number on a blood test. If you feel well with your T3 at that level, then that is optimal for you. But, we're all different, and most people need their FT3 up the top of the range to feel well. Some, like me, even need it a bit over.

Blood tests are only a guide, and not to be confused with the Bible. And, I suspect, that those 'optimal' levels you've cited, are for people with healthy glands, not for people on thyroid hormone replacement. But, if you don't have any hypo symptoms, then that's fine. BTW, there are over 300 symptoms of low thyroid. Are you sure you don't have any of them?

Who said that vit C has to be synthetic? You can get vit C made from cherries, oranges, rose hips, and other fruit. But even synthetic is better than nothing. I take 4000 mg a day - whether taking iron or not - which is made up of ascorbic acid, rose hips and citrus bioflavonoids. It's an anti-inflammatory and protects from bugs in winter. I haven't had a cold in years! (Fingers crossed! lol) But, there's no obligation. You do as you feel best. :)

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thanks for guidance

I will continue with Vit. is synthetic...will do..can't take much fruits due to high carbs and fructose in it as I am diabetic...and supplement daily would give Vit. C dose I need. I am taking only 1000 mg daily

don't know about 300 symptoms of low thyroid but somehow I feel sometimes hyper symptoms due to dose increased may be..? or I read i one of the threads here, that thyroid reactivates from time to time...:-)

Sometimes I don't feel well but I stay confused whether it is due to thyroid or diabetes...because recently I had a very low blood sugar...and when checked my blood sugar level with glucometer at home it turned out to be 63 mg/dl...


Having diabetes does complicate things. But hypo and hyper symptoms do sometimes cross over. There's a list of hypo symptoms on the Thyroid UK main page. :)

I don't think the thyroid does reactivate from time to time, no. But, you do have Hashi's, so that might account for it.


hnn greygoose

thanks, I will look into symptoms of hypo at Thyroid UK main page


You're welcome. :)


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