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Am I hypothyrooid- my blood results are here

These are my latest blood results

T3= 109.38 ng/dl Normal range 60- 181 ng/dl

T4= 9.2 ug/dl Normal range 3.2 to 12.6 ug/dl

TSH=17.7ml U/L Normal range 0.35 to 5.50 ml U/L

Free T4 =0.9 ng/dl Normal range 0.89 to 1.76 ng/dl

Fasting Blood sugar =189 mg/dl

Cholestrol =243 mg/dl

Triglyceride serum =207 mg/dl

HDL cholesterol= 47 mg/dl

LDL cholesterol= 150 mg/dl

VLDL cholesterol= 46mg/dl

I understand that the lipid profile is not good and the fasting blood sugar is too high. But my main concern is TSH. Why T3 and T4 in the normal level while TSH is high. AM I hypothyroid ? . Should I take medicine for hypothyroid? ( Iam on Thyronorm 50mcg now).

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The TSH is high and I presume you have unpleasant symptoms of sluggishness, vagueness, aches and pains etc? So probably low thyroid. Also, the cholesterol may well go back to normal if you receive adequate treatment. Same with the blood glucose, maybe. But I'm on dessicated pork thyroid and my doc goes by how I feel. I presented with borderline blood results and a very little pork thyroid made me feel terrific.


Yes you are . Your TSH is too high and will probably go higher if untreated .

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It is an interesting mix of results.

It certainly looks as if you are hypothyroid, especially with that lipid profile too. Although your T3 is inside the range, there is still room for improvement, especially as that dosage of 50 mcg is quite low. Is the thyronorm prescribed for you?

Have you considered the possibility of iodine deficiency? Do you have any signs of a goitre at all? As you probably know, iodine deficiency is quite common in India, unless you are somewhere close to the sea.

Sorry to ask so many questions, but it is with answers to these questions that you can get the best support possible.

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Your T3 and T4 results don't look too bad, but it's the Free T3 and Free T4 that count, because as I understand it that's what your body is actually able to use. Your Free T4 is almost on the bottom of the range - most people would feel pretty bad like that. Your body has noticed that your thyroid hormones are low and is producing lots of TSH to attempt to kick your thyroid into action. Yes, you need the thyronorm, and probably more than 50mcg. 50mcg is a starting dose.

Your cholesterol figures will improve once the thyroid hormones are sorted out. High cholesterol is a symptom of hypothyroidism.


I am living in Kerala, India very near to sea ( less than 5 km). I am eating sea fish very frequently. No signs of goiter or swelling. I started thyronorm 25mcg when my TSH was just 6.5 and my T3, T4 with in the normal limits. Now almost 6months later it is 17.7 with thyronorm 50mcg. It was good without thyronorm?

So what should I do?

NDT is an alternative? Is it available in India?

Thank you all for the replies


it isn't the thyronorm making your tsh go up and down, it's the disease itself.

This is a common mistake.


Ashokkumart, with such a fluctuating TSH, it is likely you have Hashimoto's. This is the most common cause of hypothyroid. You can confirm it by having thyroid antibodies tested. For some people a gluten free diet can reduce the antibodies and therefore the changes, which come as the result of autoimmune attacks on your thyroid.

TSH of 17.7 is quite high, and your fT4 is quite low. So you're probably feeling quite bad? You will need thyroxine replacement, or an increase in dose of you are already taking it.

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Once you begin treatment, it must be monitored upward until the levels are right for you. As you see, you are at the lowest level of FT4 so you are producing very little hormone but those ranges that are used are arbitrary at best.

Your adrenal glands use cholesterol to make steroids, sex hormones plus use cortisol and adrenaline to control stress. This all has an impact on your thyroid hormone. This is a fairly complicated process and most physicians merely hand you a pill as you see and expect everything to be brought under control. Help yourself by learning all you can about your condition. You can search this website for excellent information. stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...


Get tested for Hashimoto disease. Yes you are hypothyroid big time and that is why you lipid panel is out of whack. Your blood sugar is another issue. You need a good endocrinologist asap.


And also if you do have Hashimoto disease you need to use iodine with caution, talk to a doctor and best of luck, you will feel much better and live longer with proper treatment.


Thank you all


The thing you need to really worry about here is your blood glucose. You most likely have diabetes. Please get that addressed immediately.


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