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Need interpretation of my lab test, desperate to know!

Finally was able to get Rx for complete thyroid profile ! my results are follows

T3. = 101 ng/dl. Normal range:(71-180)

T4. =6.9. ng/dl. (4.5-12)

FreeT4 direct.= 0.96 ng/dl. (0.82--1.99)

FreeT3 serum = 2.6 pg//ml. ( 2.0-4.4)

TSH. = 0.391uIU/ml. (0.450-4.500)

Reverse T3.serum = 18.9ng/dl. (9.2-24.1)

Thyroid globulin Antibody: = <1. (0.0-0.9)

Thyroid peroxidase(TPO) ab =8 IU/ml. (0-34)

TBG (thyroxine binding globulin = 22.6. mcg/ml. (13,5-30.9)

Iron and TIBC

Iron Bind.Cap (TI3C) = 364ug/dl. (250-450)

UIBC. = 268. ug/dl. ( 118-369)

Iron serum = 96 ng/dl. ( 27-139)

Iron saturation. = 26 %. (15-55)

Ferritin. = 195 ng/ml. (15-150)


Vit D3 = .25OH,total=67. (30-100)

Vit B12. = 580

Currently on 60 mg Erfa Thyroid( Canada)

Planning after interpretation to add slowly every 2 weeks by 5 micrograms of T3(Cytomel)

Will Be glad to get any advise !


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When you take anything containing T3 (like erfa) your TSH will be suppressed, so don't worry about the TSH being below range. I understand you should be aiming to get your FT3 above half way in the range (above 3.2) and maybe in the top quarter (above 3.8). You are a long way from this so I would say you can go ahead and raise your dose.

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Thank you for respond. I did try to increase the dose I was taking 1 grain

For 7-8 yrs. 2 months ago I decided to increase slowly for 1/2 grain every 2 weeks by STMC and after 5-6 days of taking 1 1/2 grain ,I start having chest pain with palpitation and shortness of breath on mild exertion...I vent back to 1 grain . Now I take 1 grain before going to bed at night. You saw my results they all on lover level of normal range. I got Rx for Cytomel and I will try to add very small dose of T3 every 2 weeks. Any advice will be very helpful

Thank you,



How are you feeling symptom-wise.

All your results look they're in range.

Not sure why you'd want to take more T3?

Are you just trying to get your levels up????


skyfall, do you notice how LOW in range her FT3 and FT4 are? I hope your own are much better than those. They should be more like:

FT4 1.36

FT3 3.9 (2.0-4.40)


Yes I feel ,that my T3,T4,Freet3,Free 4 on lover side of normal range, but reverseT3 is on higher level of normal range and this is not so good . I tried

To increase my NDT from 1 grain to 1 1/2grain .after 2 weeks I vent back to 1 grain due to palpitation and shortness of breath.


That can be due to adrenals not permitting a higher rate of metabolism. Perhaps if you add adrenal support.


Hi Esy, You can compare some of the numbers with this article from STTM.

The values aren't quite the same but I see that your ferritin is very high and probably due to inflammation rather than high iron.

Here is another basic blood test example.

This video is on TBG.


This video not related to me , if you see my thyroglobuline antibody,thyroid peroxidase(TPO)ab, And TBG absolutely in range. I am worry more about reverseT3 ! Possibly I am not fully converting fromT4 to T 3. It's just my thinking . That's way I am asking advice what to do about ...

Thank you for reply.


Iron is very important for conversion and in spite of the fact your ferritin is very high did you check the other numbers?


Yes ,I checked my full iron profile done and I posted with my

Thyroid profile on my post just above ferritin results . It looks OK for me accept ferritin , 4 months ago my ferritin also was 150

It was in range...

Thank you for respond


Hi Esy

You are correct that you are not fully converting t4 to t3 but instead to reverse t3, your ft3 to Rt3 ratio is 13.8 when it should be over 20. That fact that you have antibodies detected at all, I believe indicates Hashimoto's is present but not in an attack phase at present. When on NDT you should have a ft4 roughly 60% of range and ft3 in the top quarter as eeng stated above. Also your iron saturation is lowish with high ferritin indicating inflammation in your body. Krill oil can help with this. As for rt3 the way to clear receptor cells is through t3 only therapy. Good luck :)

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Thank you for reply.i am on krill oil for 6 yrs. helps to keep my good holesterol on top=82. Didn't now that also help to reduce inflammation . I think, my liver acting out... I have fatty genetically , my 2 cousins have the same problem. What is your advice regarding T3 ? Do you think, I should continue my 1 grain Erfa thyroid at night before bedtime and start

T 3 2.5mkg first thing in the morning for 2 weeks,then add T 3 to 5 mkg...


I think also my adrenals not letting to increase my metabolism . I was checking my temperature 4 times a day. Mostly is lower than have to be.

I have to check my cortisol saliva test. This is my next step

Thank you again



Yes you may need to do a saliva cortisol test as having the correct levels of cortisol throughout the day is critical for t3 getting into the cells. Both cortisol and iron are critical for this process. daily average temperatures taken over 5 days and within .1C indicate good adrenal function. Stable temps indicates adrenal function and correct level of temps indicates thyroid function. In terms of your medication I will send you some info on the protocol helping correct Reverse t3. Hang in there. :)


Thank you! Will wait for protocol! My temperature is stable more or less but low I did with digital and Mercury anderarm. Later I type 5 days 4 times a day on both by Celsius and Fahrenheit .

Be well



When you take your average temps, you take them 3 times a day, 3,6,9 hours after waking and average them out. Have a read of the link I sent you privately for all the exact details. It is very important that they do not vary more than .1C or .2F and that temps are stable before adding in to much thyroid hormone. Cortisol is the bus that delivers t3 to the cells, if you don't have enough you will experience symptoms of intolerance, heart palps, dizziness, brain fog etc. Jenny


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