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New blood work: TSH up

So I got myself up early (11:00 am) for blood work somehow and tsh is double what it is in the afternoon. Bg has been terrible for a few days. Either high for hours and hours or it crashes rapidly or flatlines when I sleep. I’m guessing now my endo will have to address all of this since it is now officially over the range but not by much but it shows it has been higher for a long time most likely. Could this have been caused by going on levo ? I don’t know if it was ever that high because I never got up in the morning too early to get my tests I have been a nocturnal for years.

Here are the numbers. Think I need t3? Oddly enough I think t4 is the same as last time when tsh was lower -does that make sense? I feel so crappy on the bright side my cholesterol is better 😹

by the way I increased Vit d to 6000 but PTH is higher and Vit d low which suggests primary hyper pth again maybe but calcium is the same at 9.6.

I’m still on 25mcg Levo

tsh 4.260 high range .270-4.2 uIU/ml

T3 88 range 80-200ng/dL

Free T4 1.43 ng/dL range .93-1.70

PTH 81.8 high range 15-65pg/ml

Vit d 25 hydroxy 24 low range 30-80 ng/ml

Folate 7.4 range 4.8-24.2 ng/ ml

Vit b12 548 range 211-946 pg/ml * this dropped 2200 from the last two tests.

A1C 6.1

WBC 4.73 low range 4.80-10.8 k/ul

MCHC 32.7 low 33-37 g/dl

Triglycerides 44 range <150

Total cholesterol 210high range <200

Hdl 97

LDL 104 <130

Vldl 9 range <30

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TSH has a daily rhythm and can vary by 75% over the course of a day, so finding that your TSH is higher at 11am than in the afternoon is quite usual and to be expected (even though most GPs don't care). That's why people are advised to have tests fasting as early in the morning as possible when TSH is higher.

Can't say whether you need T3 as no free T3 test was done and there is no obvious correlation between TT3 and FT3 results.


That was my point that it’s actually a lot higher than it should be overall which shows up at that time so something needs to be done. I’m not sure why he did that t3 test he’s never tested it before. I’m going to go for a second opinion I’m sick of feeling like crap all the time. Problem is they’ll just tell my endo or ask why he’s not treating me etc.


TSH should be much lower, nearer 1. Your FT3 is right at bottom of range, should be at least half way.

You need a dose increase. 25mcg is usual amount.

Your vitamin D is very low. Really your GP should give you loading doses. But if you're doing it yourself, at least 6000iu daily. When did you increase to this dose?

WBC - white blood count is low - ask GP about its significance

MCHC low suggests Anaemia. Are you being treated

Were you supplementing and then stopped that B12 dropped so much?


I’m not sure what you mean by loading doses? I may have primary hyperparathyroidism so I have been cautious about too much Vit d but I felt so ill I tried raising it from 2000 to 6000 to see if it helped me. But Vit d is still low with high pth. I did that for 2 weeks maybe. The fact that it’s still low tells me it’s not secondary or I can’t absorb it. That my body is lowering it so calcium won’t go too high. I had two high 24 hr calcium urine tests

I’ve done 2-3 blood works at the hematologist and he said everything is ok. Nothing about anemia. I’ve never heard of mchc low being anemia. Can you give me a link? My hemoglobin is ok etc. I haven’t gone for a year maybe now because too many doctors. WBC has been low most of the time for 5 years since dka but he said it was ok he did much more extensive testing

My Vit b12 was very high- the last two tests were over 2800. No supplementation for over a year maybe. I stopped it because it was already high and it went even higher. Now it has dropped 2200 points in 4 months or so. . I have no clue why. I wonder if it’s related to how crappy I feel ? Not that I felt great before. The first time it went to >2800 he said it must be a mistake but the next one was the same at a different lab. Actually the last time he didn’t test it so I dont know how long it took to drop that much

How can I treat the anemia myself? Is it safe to take iron? I think that will do a number on my stomach.

Dang said on my other post he thinks I need t3 due to diabetes and that a higher dose of Levo made my Bg spike to 250. It can make you insulin resistant if you aren't absorbing Levo and converting it and have reverse t3.



I'm also a T1 & feel for you. I don't know that Levo raises BG, but it does make insulin less effective. Basically, the end result is the same. I take NDT & T3. Every time thyroid dose increased so did my insulin needs. Yet another ball to juggle. Nothing worse to me than the roller coaster between highs & lows. Utterly exhausting, especially with Hashi. Had EMS assistance three times for severe hypoglycemia, I also eat LC to minimize the swings. I was doing 24-30 carbs/day until I read research that LC can further stress the thyroid so raised carbs some slowly to see what I could handle.

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@G2G2 thanks so much💖 I know you get how truly awful this is. I just don’t know how much longer I can go on with all of this. And on top of that my endo etc acts like I don’t even need to treat this and has fought me on everything. I have this weird weak feeling a lot of the time and I feel jittery. I also had to increase carbs because I was crashing and weak all the time. I get my carbs from fruit and veggies only now unless I’m treating a bad low. I’m just off to sleep. I’ll write more later. I’ll try to add you as a friend. So sorry for this and your terrible lows. yes I agree more carbs is better for you for sure. I eat two meals usually though and sometimes a snack. But sometimes I’m high for hours and hours. It’s so exhausting.


When doctors pick a specialty, they must herd them to a large room. Those of you who can be arrogant about your ignorance, dismiss clinical evidence & don't intend to learn anything new, go to the endo section. Those who hate women, go to the ob/gyn section.

Have to say that I despise endos & hope to never go to one again. Sorry how you're being treated. It's wrong, very wrong. Feeling as you do & being told it's nothing is beyond frustrating. I argue with my GP frequently & dread appointments. I go armed with info to make my case, not that it always works. Nothing in writing, but I offer to send research links. Of course, he's never taken me up on the offer.

Yes indeed, highs are stubborn, insulin resistant. What I've found helps some is to divide the correction dose into different injection sites. A large dose in one area doesn't work as well. If you have a pump, use syringes to correct highs.


Yep. Really sucks we have to deal with this as well as the Illness. I do injections only when high and the inset may be problematic. Because I can crash easily with inj. I did one 3 days ago I think and again yesterday because I was high for hours and it just wasn’t coming down correction after correction. I need a larger dose to get me down though. Small doses do nothing most of the time for a high and the. Stack and crash me. I’ve been high for hours again while I slept 2 corrections got myself back to normal and then when I ate dinner up high again. I was 130’s while our finger stick dexcom said 110. I came home ate an hour later I was 180 right before eating nit 130! I Spiked up for no reason. I’m So sick of this crap. It’s NOT a life worth living at all. Last week after corrections I also dropped very low while sleeping.


I can relate. Lows feel worse, but highs are impossible. Had that last night also for hours. Corrections were like injecting water. Not only did BG not come down, it kept going up until I hit 275! I was freaking. Fearing I'd crash, I was up until 5 AM testing. I had enough insulin on board to knock out an elephant, yet woke up still high. Yea, no life. When I've had a bad day of highs, the next day is wonky also.

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So sorry you went that high and so sorry we are dealing with this stupid crap 24/7. It defiantly affects the next day whatever comes before. Today I have been trending lower and fought a low after my brunch. Dexcom kept telling me 50 and lower but lowest finger stick was 64. Still I shut off basal and drank juice etc because I felt like I was dropping. Hugs to you. 🤗. My knee was very bad yesterday but then I ate a snack and it felt better. I’m just hopping this is a sign maybe it is starting to heal maybe.


Happy your knee feels better! Hope you're on your way to recovery. Fingers crossed.

Appreciate the sympathy. Only a comrade can understand.

Hard to know what to go by when Dexcom & finger stick are different. Do you find the Dexcom accurate? I got a free new meter, Contour Next, that was independently tested to be 100% accurate, Sure is helpful to shut off basal. I don't have a pump or CGM. Sometimes I feel lower than a reading & chalk it up BG dropping quickly. Sadly, we have experience, too much experience, to trust how we feel. Diabetes management's far from an exact science. Sucks.

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Thanks 🙏🏻 I know. I’m so glad to have found you here.

Yes it’s sucks more than anything. I would give anything not to have d. That is the worst.

Dexcom is sometimes very inaccurate for me so I never dose off it unless I have a recent close finger stick. But it is also very accurate a lot of the time and the trends are usually right. Arrows going up and down show you how fast you’re dropping etc. if there is any way you can get it do it. It will make your life a lot safer. A pump too.

I think my body reacts to the sensors and insets. Which causes some problems. I just had some sort of test at a dermatologist. He said I’m having a histamine reaction. But I can’t take antihistamines. I’m nit sure if it was accurate

I was on mdi for 2-3 years and I had very bad lows. I’m not sure how I survived it. I can never go back to that. There is a new one coming out- freedom libre which is cheaper but it has no alerts. Dexcom is better.

Since you have severe lows, your doctor should advocate for you to get this- my endo yelled at me due to the lows to try it again. I had tried an earlier one and it was so off I sent it back- it’s much better now

As far as I know there is no meter that is 100% accurate. They are all possibly off by 20% plus or minus. Yep if you feel you’re dropping treat it. I always do. Sometimes I do even if Dexcom says it and I don’t feel it - I treat by shutting of basal. Then if it levels out I usually know it was right. Mine come on so suddenly sometimes I don’t notice them until they’re bad so Dexcom warns me. But shutting off basal has saved me many times I’m sure. I’m using free style lites now.

I have a tslim - I like it for the most part. The new one will connect with Dex to shut off insulin if you go too low hike you sleep etc. I need that. I’m hoping to get that soon when my pump is out of warranty

Yep. No one can understand this unless they live it. A lot of pwd don’t seem to get it either though. I met two more women who also went into early meno who also have type1, hashis and celiac. There is definitely a connection.


How's your knee?

I also would give anything not to be diabetic. If it's not the physical drain itself, it's thinking about & managing 24/7 forever. A curse.

Sorry you have sensor/insert reactions. Did you ever try the histamine diet? Yea I know, yet another limiting restriction in a life of restriction.

CGMs are great for trends. My lows often come on suddenly also. Fine one minute & a mess the next. My GP's sympathetic because his son's a T1, diagnosed at 13 or 14. I should get a CGM. I've never wanted a pump because I know of too many pump failures. I used to be an admin at tudiabetes.org. There's also the scar tissue problem, expense & waste. Have a friend with a pump, the only PWD I know. When he travels, he takes half a suitcase of supplies.

The Contour Next is supposed to be 100%. I've always heard the +- 20%, too. Here's the study, not done by Contour. diatribe.org/are-blood-gluc...

I used Freestyle Lite, too. Have a drawer full of meters. I checked it against Contour Next readings when I had some Freestyle strips. They weren't the same numbers. I think the accuracy gap increases with very high & very low readings.

Agree that PWD often don't get it either. I went into early meno. Another joy.

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My knee is about the same thanks. I think it has reached a better level this past two weeks but not that much better yet that I feel it’s going to be ok yet very worrisome my Pt is going to give me some more exercise next week. I just hope it will get better than this and without surgery. If I’d do too much the pain gets worse again and it still feels tender and injured.

You should definitely get dexcom as much as I complain about it I couldn’t live without it also the pump for me is a lifesaver. I’m like that too with the lows and it has saved me many times. I set the range from 80-130 so I know in advance if I’m likely to drop or rise hopefully. Sometimes I can feel it but they do sneak up on you which is awful.

I was worried about overdoses but tslim is protected not to allow that.

I had 3 pump issues but not insulin delivery failure. Each time tslim shipped me a new pump rapidly. Twice by overnight courier. The first time my top button failed so I couldn’t get into the menue to bolus etc and the second time the refurb they sent did the same thing so they sent a brand new pump. I was able to use first pump still by attaching a small charger which allowed access to the menu etc. Then recently the pump lost the memory and the memory wasn’t functioning they sent me a brand new pump overnight. I’m hoping to get the newer one which will shut off insulin when dexcom shows me going very low while I sleep.

So far I have no scar tissue. I use my hips and back mostly. I don’t care about waste because the Bg is much better so it’s worth it and I’m safer overall. It is a lot of work. I feel safer because I know I always have my basal and I don’t have to worry about overdose with the wrong insulin etc.

I don’t travel anymore because it’s too hard. I took one trip to Boston with a friend not long after my diagnosis to participate in a research study and it was awful.. I was on mdi then. My Bg was all over the place and I was exhausted. It seems awful worrying about all the supplies too.

I also post on tu D that is cool you were a moderator. I did some behind the scenes stuff for a bit.

I’m extremely itchy with this rash on my neck and bumps on arms and shoulders etc. It is so bad now I’m on Benadryl. I wonder if it could be from the vitamin d which is made from lanolin. I’m allergic to wool. I stopped it and ordered some vegan Vit D drops.

That’s great you have a good gp. I need to find one. I looked at that study and it said it has 8.4 % in either direction. Maybe not 100%. I have a few fl meters and they differ a bit from each other. I have them all over and in my purse and car as well as back up meters just in case.

I hope your Bg is in a good streak. I hope one day we get some relief from this. Some better treatments etc.


Hope your knee improves & surgery isn't needed. Know PT's tough.

I definitely have to look into a CGM. Is Dexcom the only one you've used? Glad you never had a pump delivery failure. That worries me. So far, I've never used the wrong insulin. Thought I did once. That was a long night!

I love to travel & won't let D stop me. I've been lucky not to have any problems. People make a big deal out of basal doses for different time zones, but it's easy. For long flights, I bring my own food.

I have a meter collection also, though not strips for them. Unbelievable what retail costs when I've had to buy them for a back-up meter.

Oh, 8.4%. Not perfect, but an improvement.

Being a Tu admin was overwhelming, but I enjoyed it until I got burnt out. The community was a lot smaller then. Think I left at a good time because things were going in a direction I didn't like. Appears that things have changed not for the better, according to members I still hear from.

Sorry about your rash. I didn't know Vit D could be made from lanolin. I've not seen that in brands I've used.

My GP stays out of my diabetic business, but he's useless. Knows nothing about thyroid or anything else. He's also an alarmist, not a good trait in a doctor. I got an urgent msg to go to the ER immediately because I had possible internal bleeding. Went with labs & they didn't know why I was there. Hemoglobin was somewhat low, but nothing critical. Told him I had muscle pain in one hip for a while. He ran tests for degenerative muscle diseases, but won't test RT3. Eye rolling. He refused to refill NDT & insisted on Synthroid because I was overmedicated. Really, how can I be overmedicated when FT3 & FT4 are low? No answer. After months of arguing, he finally agreed to WP again (had to get NatureThroid due to the shortage). We've gone round & round about TSH. I explain how TSH is lowest in the afternoon & after eating & how it's meaningless anyway as long as it's not high. Told him suppressed TSH helps mitigate Hashi's attacks. Talking to a wall. Hope you find a GP far better.

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I’ve only used dexcom. It is the best one I think. Sometimes it is very off for me though like today. I was dropping before teaching. Drank some juice and turned off basal for awhile. I did a finger stick which showed I was lowish. Then while teaching it eventually spiked and I didn’t increase or correct basal because I was in the middle of stuff. Dexcom showed 180 by that point but fs was 235! I Did an injection and then I had to worry about crashing. I hate this. I can barely function in my life at all. It is not possible to do anything really.

That is great you can travel. I can barely do my normal life with of all this. Fortunately I traveled a lot when I was young. Without D I could manage the rest easily. I don’t know how anyone can live any type of life with this even with all my devices helping it’s still really miserable.

I use relion for backups which is cheap.

Yep I think tu has changed fo the worse for sure. Too bad. I’ve hardly been there lately but the last month I was a lot more. Some pwd are just plain mean it’s a shame.

Yeah- what is it with them not wanting to run thyroid tests? I had to argue to get free t3 done and to get any treatment. It is like talking to a brick wall and they don’t care I’m suffering. Just like when all this other stuff was going on. I knew something was wrong but no one listened to me and I ended up in the hospital nearly dead with serious complications when tests showed I was in dka. That sounds crazy about the hemoglobin event 😹

Yes Vit d is mostly made from sheeps wool/ lanolin I just found that out too because I looked it up to see if the increase could be causing my itching I’m ready to shoot myself here dealing with all this crap 😳

I wonder if I need to suppress it too? I just don’t ant to deal with the higher Bg .. I just don’t know how I’m going to get through all this.. it is too much to deal with.. and what kind of a life is this feeling awful most of the time and starving etc.

I think at one point I tried a histamine diet but I’ve forgotten what it is now.. eventually there is no food left to eat though you know?

I’ll prolly still be itchy too lol.


Something else we have in common. I was diagnosed while in DKA, too. I thought I had the flu vomiting & the accompanying dehydration. Refusing to go the ER after days of this, my husband carried me to the car. I was near comatose & passed out cold shortly after getting to the hospital. Spent two days in ICU & two days on a regular ward. What a crappy experience we share. I've tried to explain what DKA is like. I felt like I was poisoned & I was. Sorry no one believed you.

D prevents people from having a life. I try not to think of my life before, but some days I fail. It's horrible. There's no forgetting for even 5 min what we deal with. We never feel normal, like we used to.

I've actually done better while traveling. Maybe it's getting away from the daily stress & being involved with new experiences.

Sorry you had that experience today:(

I can't use juice to correct. Sends BG through the roof because I'm crazy carb sensitive. One carb raises me 10 pts, so I use jelly beans. Easy to count how many I need. Go everywhere with little bags of jelly beans.

Tu used to be highly monitored, or standards have changed. Admins read every post & nipped anything in the bud. We had monthly phone meetings & discussed problematic members, along with other issues. When I first joined, I got a reprimand from an admin for using the word damn. Was a tight ship. Members were banned for inappropriate behavior. That was years ago.

I said to my GP that he didn't seem to care that I feel terrible. Asked him: don't you want patients to improve & feel healthy?

Yea, know how feel about there being nothing left to eat.


Omg. I’m glad your husband brought you to the er! You are lucky you survived. I’m glad you made it through. Dka is horrific.

I went to several doctors for very severe yeast infections and blurry vision and eye problems and severe vulvadynia over about a 2-3year period to eye doctors, gyn and others including my gp who nearly killed me at the end- I was already in early dka when he diagnosed me at Bg 279 and lab work showed- (++1000 sugar in urine, ++1000 protein, ++300 ketones and low co2. ) and he told me to come back on Monday to see if I needed insulin. I also told him I feel like I’m being poisoned. And I was having trouble breathing and kept asking him why and he had no answer. It was malpractice. By the next day I was very ill, I started vomiting and never felt so nauseous in my life. I called them up and an idiot pa told me I couldn’t be in dka!!!

I was so confused and afraid to go to the er at the hospital near me which is what I should’ve done. So I went back to my then dr and he hospitalized me. I’m not sure how I made it through the weekend. By that point I was having more trouble breathing and I could barely walk and I was seeing flashing lights etc. my family took me there.

But when we got to the er they didn’t seem to know I was coming. They started asking me all these questions like why are you having trouble breathing and I thought what is wrong with these idiots?? I could barely think at that point. Then someone came in to the room and yelled it’s dka after hearing what I was saying and they put a bracelet on and rushed me back and started me on an iv etc. I was in the er for 17 hours before there was a bed in the icu and then there for 4 days. Then they released me with a dvt and I was back the next day for 5 more days. It was a total nightmare and I thought I’d die many times.

Most of them never considered diabetes or any systemic condition except for lupus and ocular rosacea as a possible cause of my symptoms, most never did blood work and not one tested me for diabetes until 2 days before the icu even though in the year and weeks before I had very clear signs of diabetes. Blurry vision, itching, yeast infections, weight loss, drinking and eating everything in sight and craving sugar, peeing, dehydration etc. by the end I had sores all over my tongue and I was very dehydrated, I’d lost 20lbs.

Really it could’ve easily been diagnosed 2 years before and all of this could’ve been avoided. If I had been put on insulin early I’m sure I’d have a much easier time managing things too.

Even at the end I was only tested for a finger stick that showed 279 Bg when I was having a physical. And the urine test etc and blood test for the physical. I had done my own ketone test and it was very dark so I knew something was wrong. I had scheduled a physical because I was feeling so ill and my Doc failed miserably. It was surreal. I remember a woman there in the room saying she was feeling light headed😹 and he paid more attention to her than to me his patient who had 279 Bg, high ketones and trouble breathing etc. - just totally bat shit crazy stuff that you can’t make up.

I had gone to my gp 4-5 months before feeling ill with a virus and I remember he tested me for lupus and did blood work but not diabetes. The non fasting was 108 then so not abnormal but I’m sure when I ate carbs it was already going much higher at times as I got closer to dka. I felt stoned every time I ate then.

That is too bad you can’t have juice. I’m very carb sensitive too but when my Bg drops really fast and my digestion is off I need the fluid sugar to stop the fall. If I’m careful it usually won’t spike me too much. Glucose shots and tabs are the worst. Smarties are good cause they are pure glucose and gluten free. I remember I had a 50bg on my second hospital stay, I ate two saltine crackers and it went to 170 in 20 minutes.

That is good that the travel breaks up the stress cycle for you. At least you have something fun you can do to sort of forget about this a bit.

Lately all I do is think about my old life and how great it was. I wish ther was some way to get back there and change future events.

I think tu is still monitored but I’m not sure about how much. The atmosphere is not user friendly any more. We used to have friend s and we could post photos etc. and write on each other’s pages etc. I also feel stifled that I can’t express my true feelings there. But it’s a good source for specific questions etc.

Yep. I think they really do not care for the most part now. I just got a $50 no show fee from a new group for an appointment they made a year in advance that I had forgotten about. I did call them 3 months ago when they sent me an email about it on the weekend before the appointment and told them I’d not be coming and please don’t charge me. She said don’t worry.

Then I went there last week for the itching and saw another Doc who had not even read my medical records and was horrible. Now they’ve sent me a bill for this other appointment. It’s all about the money now. I’m only going here now because my derm of 20 years has moved to this group. How do they even get away with this? 24 hr cancellation- What if you wake up sick etc? This is crazy. My uncle was a doctor In Canada. He was a good doctor and cared. Hardly anyone does any more. I asked the first Doc who they’re trying to charge me for the missed appointment for about the itching then and he said if itching was all I had it’s not that bad And gave me some samples for itching cream 😳

Thanks. I hate when my Bg goes that high and I miss it. I knew I was not feeling well and should just take a break and deal with it right away.

What is wp?


OMG, that was malpractice! Inexcusable! So sorry you were suffering with no medical help at all. When I was admitted BG was 889, so no denying what was going on. Sure I had telltale DKA ketone breath. They knew as soon as they saw me & whisked me to ICU. Terrible you had to wait 17 hours for an available room. I don't know what urine glucose means in relation to serum BG. Like you, I had lost a lot of weight.

Wish A1c was a standard lab for everyone. Should be.

Yea, you're carb sensitive also. I prefer correcting with food when I feel myself dropping, but not fast enough for serious lows, of course. Feel the same about highs--hate them.

Most docs suck. Greedy bastards. I read a survey some years ago. The vast majority entering med school was for the money. No surprise. Really how do they get away with gross incompetence when lives are at stake? Then, to add insult to injury with missed appointment fees. I remember when docs physically examined patients. That's a thing of the past with the corporate model.

Tu's a wonderful source of info. Sad to hear it's no longer user friendly. You don't feel at ease expressing yourself because of the mean people?

WP is made by the same company that makes NatureThroid. It has minimal fillers.


Yep- wish I had sued. I have permanent damage to my vision and more as well as some form of ptsd. I threatened to when my ins denied the second hospital stay. The hospital absorbed the costs and never billed me.

Really high levels of glucose, protein and ketones in urine are another indicator of dka. I’m not sure how it correlates to venous Bg either. I was already in dka when I saw him at 279 and then when I got to the er highest the first Bg test was 364- my ph was 1.2 I think- very low and already severe dka. And blood gases were very low. I don’t need really high Bg levels to go into dka so I have to be very careful.

I never had an a1c test until then if you can believe it. It was 13%. My Doc did c peptide also but would not give me the result because he knew I could sue him for not hospitalizing me immediately. Well I could’ve sued him without it anyway but that would’ve been the nail in the coffin maybe.

Re tu I think it is not things like swearing etc - I stay out of that but just plain nastiness. Also I feel that “positivity” is “enforced” there so people who acknowledge the true suffering of d like me and feel nothing really positive about this do not feel free to express that. Which makes you feel even more alone.

I think I’ve lost my patience with it and I don’t want to waste time. Just recently I made a comment to someone who asked what I thought was not really a question about something I said and he took issue to my reply and used caps at me. For all I know he’s just a troll. I would’ve been better off to ignore it which is what I usually do. When that happens I shut off email notification. Then I can just go to read stuff when I want to. I tend to complain about things I don’t like in my devices etc and that rubs some people the wrong way too maybe. You can’t complain too much about things that are wrong with docs, devices, drugs etc it seems I mean you can but only in a limited way so it gives them the appearance of protecting the medical community etc. and their sponsors more than the pwd sometimes.

I saw several trolls when I was behind the scenes and one was so obvious that I told them right away yet that troll was allowed to keep posting a bunch of garbage for 2-3 days I think. I felt like they cared more about getting traffic and responses than protecting the site from an obvious troll. It was embarrassing.

Do you know the full name of wp? I want to ask if I can try that.. I’m going to endo in 2 weeks and if he doesn’t do something I’m going to someone else for help and an opinion. Maybe even a natural doctor my cde has suggested if they don’t charge huge fees.

Yep many rarely even really examine you now. This derm looked at my mole for 2 seconds with the naked eye and that was it. 😹 He only did a scratch test cause I forced him to address another issue. When I tried to get an appointment at a breast center I’d been to before because I had a cyst my gyn was worried about they told me cysts are non cancerous and would not give me an appointment because it didn’t meet the criteria.


You had a good case for litigation, but finding the energy & time for it is another story. That's what doctors count on. Bastards. A friend went to his GP for a heart arrhythmia. Doctor told him to meditate! Several months later, he had a stroke. We need a revolution.

That's a vast change from the Tu I knew. Really sad. People should feel free to express their feelings & not put on a happy face. What's the point of a supportive community? Anyone screaming in caps would have been dealt with. In my days, there were no sponsors. Tu was leaning in that direction & my reason for resigning as an admin. Members also were not allowed to promote any product or service of theirs. First time was a warning. Subsequent promoting, member was banned. Certain members were being featured & they were selling themselves as health coaches, trainers, pushing their books. I argued against this wanting Tu to remain unbiased & free of marketing. I lost that battle.

Oh, the trolls. I enjoyed exposing them. There was a member with an alleged twin brother. No doubt they were the same person. Neither personality was a PWD either from the things they said. Took a while to convince the other admins to boot this time waster. Another young woman got members involved with her bizarre medical melodrama. She had a brain tumor, which was made up. She was homeless. Also not true. Her stories became more convoluted as time went on. If you followed carefully, there were glaring inconsistencies. Members wanted to help. Some sent money. Women had a mental illness or was enjoying the outpouring of sympathy. Hey, she's screwing with us. Ban her. Of course, many PWD have multiple, serious health problems & deserve attention & guidance. But, trolls set off bells in my head.

WP Thyroid is just WP. WP doesn't stand for anything. It's on backorder, unless you can find a pharmacy that has some in stock.

What kind of natural doctor? Typically, functional & integrative doctors are expensive & don't take insurance. DO's can be good. Nice to have a recommendation from your CDE. In some states, naturopaths can't prescribe meds. Perhaps you can find a good NP. The ones I've met were more open & flexible than MD's. At this point, I'm going to a functional medicine DO. She listens, examines me, examines root causes. I don't feel like a number. Downside is the expense & my credit cards will explode soon. I drive an hour each way to see her. But, I can't go on feeling badly with my clueless GP. The DO won't act as a PCP, so I have to keep my GP for minor stuff. That's also typical of functional & integrative docs.

OMG, your cyst didn't meet their criteria! We might as well die in the street. Sorry.

I was thinking the other day that it would be good to change docs every 2-3 years to have fresh eyes. Feels like the current one is immune to me. Not as if they know our history anyway.


Yeh andI was so traumatized and sick and recovering then but I should’ve anyway. That is terrible about your friend I hope he didn’t have severe damage. I hope he sued them too Yep something big needs to happen.

Now I think I remember somebody talking about the twins I think they might’ve even still been around when I first joined there LOL 😹 yes you have to be very cautious about sending money to people in that situation because there are so many people who will take advantage and lie about everything. Well ended up apologizing to caps guy in case something I said something that offended and then explained my position on things.

that is good you have at least two doctors who are helping you but it must be so stressful and yeah I’m so worried about going to a functional too because it is going to be way too expensive and I have to save all of my money now because I don’t know what my future is going to hold with all of these diseases etc. not long before ended up in the hospital in DKA I went to a functional doctor because I knew I was so ill- it was just like a consultation and they told me was gonna cost $800 to do testing so I said forget it LOL. It would’ve been worth the $800 so if they figured out that I had type one diabetes!

I don’t know what they can do- I’m in New York but I just found out I cannot do any of that independent testing in those online LIVS because New York state does not allow it. I would have to take a trip to Pennsylvania or something if I wanted to get my own independent tests.

Really kind of stunned when they told me that about the breast cyst I mean it’s totally untrue because they do turn into cancer. So I ended up going to another surgeon and he gave me a prescription to get a repeat ultrasound just to monitor it before my next mammogram. Which I’m going to schedule this week hopefully. The reason they gave for not giving me an appointment as well as that non fact is that the Bi rads level is only two and a benign abnormal result. So even though it said it was a complex cyst which had gotten larger with debris in there It doesn’t meet meet their criteria! Yeah you just wonder how many people end up dying because of ridiculous things like this.

I went to my CDE and endo today and she told me the name of this doctor again but I still don’t remember if she said what type of doctor he is LOL. Something that makes me a little leery of him is she said he had a patient who he claims he cured of graves disease. I don’t think anybody ever has been cured of Graves’ disease however some people go into remission for a long time with treatment if they are lucky. My grandfather had that- he had to have radiation treatment and then he was on Levo for life.

My appointment actually went pretty well my endo agreed that T3 could maybe help me and he prescribed some right away from the local pharmacy and also at my mail order. So I’m going to be taking starting tomorrow morning 5 MCG Leothyrononine as well as the levothyroxin.

He said to call in two weeks to see if I am feeling better and if I’m not then he wants to run some more tests because he feels there could be issues with my adrenal gland and maybe some other things. And he also feels that I have probably have celiac even though I have not tested positive for it because of all my symptoms and the way I responded to eliminating gluten and grains. He was going to test again for that but then agreed that there would be no point since I am not willing to eat gluten in order to see if I get a positive result, which he agrees would be crazy to do.

We also discussed what’s going on with my vitamin D and PTH- he seemed to agree with what my thoughts were too. But he thought more d may show if it is primary hyperparathyroidism. Problem is he agreed I may not be absorbing the Vit d. what’s going on with my vitamin B 12 which is still a mystery at this point.

I don’t know I’m still a little worried because I’m scared my blood sugar is going to spike from the T3 plus he said it can cause palpitations at first so he just warned me not to be alarmed. Hopefully this will be what I need and I will just start feeling better again because I can’t stand living this way too much longer.

I asked about testing reverse T3 but he said it would not be worth doing because there was no way of treating it or something like that but anyway this is a big positive step that he was so receptive to everything and is trying to help me more now.

Tomorrow I will see if I get a huge blood glucose spike. I’m trying to go to sleep a little earlier and then try taking it if I wake up around 8 AM which I usually go back to sleep and hopefully I will not wake up with like 250 bg. I’m already up to 180 now five hours after my dinner which I corrected and it’s not coming down as usual even though I have 130% template going.

I’m wondering if anyone else here had palpitations when they took t3? I will make another question about that.

My cde also mentioned trying a totally vegan diet and said some of her patients were doing much better with their blood sugar with that diet even though they had to adjust to the higher carb levels are first. Problem is I can’t eat any grains so what would I eat? And also she said you have to eliminate oils and fat which I’m not willing to do because that’s the only thing that makes me feel like I’m not starving being on insulin etc. she is doing this diet for Hashimoto’s and it has helped her but she does very well on just levothyroxine she does not have diabetes so maybe that is why. She said she does still have some oil though LOL 😹

She said their carb ratio went to very low dose of insulin to higher carbs. so it’s much higher carb- not sure if that would work for me. I saw someone on YouTube who did that with a vegan fruit and vegetable diet she had a carb ratio of one unit just 60 carbs!

She also suggested try taking half a unit more for my meals to see if it helps stop my spikes. I said I was scared to do that because I used to do that in the past and then I start crashing when I eat which is what happened to me tonight I did not take extra but maybe it was a bit higher dose and one hour into the Meal I was already dropping so I had to suspend basil and drink a little bit of juice. It’s an uncomfortable feeling when I start to drop and I have a chunk of iob that I will do anything to avoid that. Tonight my blood sugar was higher but still it feels awful and I never know what’s going to happen.

I think a new perspective might be a good idea the problem is if you get one doc who pretty much gets you what you need I at least would be very reluctant to ever leave them but I might go for second opinions of others.


Thanks. My friend has no outward physical signs from the stroke, but he's not as sharp as he was. Really sad.

How's your knee? The rash?

The twins were ousted years ago. Teenagers & the posts were clearly immature. Doesn't mean she couldn't join again with new emails & ISP. Had banned members rejoin, but not for long because their topics & manner of writing was obvious to admins. We divided up the to read every post. You can see where my burn out came from.

Happy your endo is open to T3 & looking at other possible issues. Yea, pointless to do a biopsy for celiac or whatever other tests are done. T3 didn't cause BG spikes for me, but I've always increased insulin some with increased thyroid doses. Sad fact that thyroid supplementation decreases insulin efficiency. Your T3 is such a small dose that you may not have any insulin problems. Let me know how it goes. I didn't have palpitations. Read here that some people have until they got used to T3. You can do a search to find posts.

Where in NY are you? I'm from NYC. Haven't lived there in decades. I didn't know independent testing wasn't allowed. I shouldn't even say this to jinx it, but my insurance covered some costs of functional med tests. None were any I had recently. Perhaps that made a difference. The cortisol/sex hormone testing was totally out of pocket--$260, tests I did at home & mailed back. I'll find out this week how screwed up I am there. Know it's going to be bad.

Unbelievable about your breast cyst! What's wrong with these supposed healthcare providers? Actually know the answer, but am still incredulous.

Share your pain about highs. Sorry. Hate them! Last week, I had crazy spikes with no explanation. Worried this a new D twist that could continue. I was hoping LDN might help. Guaranteed fasting high if I get little sleep.

Sorry you have problems getting your Vit D & B12 up. What's going on with PTH?


That’s terrible 😔 it could have been avoided totally.

My knee is about the same thanks😊 I went for a walk last night cause I was very stressed and it was hurting more. I just took some Aleve because I had another terrible headache while teaching. Dex said 80’s and I was hungry while there so ate an egg and blouses a tiny bit- fs was 109. When I got home Bg was in the 60’s and stayed there till I finally ate and Dex says 118. I’m in a downward trend obviously. Not sure why.

The rash has gone down a bit but I’m still itchy. And have these tiny weird hard bump scab type things allover. I often get them on my arms but there are more now from scratching maybe. Im not sure what they are. The worse rash is on my neck and chest area. It comes and goes and flares up. I’m going to my regular derm tomorrow so will see what he thinks. I wonder if it has to do with thyroid, adrenals or something else.

Yep it could be I’m confusing the twins with someone else, a mother son pair whom people said were trolls maybe. I’ve only been there for 5 years or so. I got burned out too from all the reading etc.

I took the meds at 8 am the first day and at 3 am yesterday. Each time I felt an endorphin rush sort of but with some anxiety. Then I fell asleep and when I woke I felt a bit more endorphins and happy but then in the afternoon I started to feel weak and more jittery. I had a terrible stress at work last night so that could have played a role. I did feel some palpitations today but not strong ones. Mine are more fluttery and I feel weak too. I wonder if it has dropped my Bg or if it is something else.

I’m on LI. Where are you now? I checked two online self test labs and both said you can’t use them in NY. That’s great your ins paid for that! I’m going to ask mine if they will. I hope your tests go well and are not that bad.

Yeah really hard to fathom. When they refused me an appointment I looked them up and saw that the doctor I saw there who did some spot magnification on some suspicious calcifications 8 years ago was no longer there. I also found out another doctor there had been sued for $15 million successfully. And he is still working there. He told a woman who had a cyst growth that it was not cancerous and a year later she had invasive breast cancer. I think she is still alive but I’m not sure.

I’m sorry your having those awful highs. It really sucks 😞 I hope this is not a new trend. What is LTN? Sleep plays a huge role and my patterns have been off for years I’m hoping if the thyroid gets better it may help a bit.

Thanks.. it has to be non absorption or maybe primary hyperparathyroid which means I could have a tumor. pth is produced in the parathyroid glands and it stimulates vitamin d production. If your Vit d. goes low pth goes up to try to increase Vit d.

it’s all linked to calcium too. If you have a tumor– The only cause of primary hyperparathyroidism – that causes very high PTH and your body lowers vitamin D in order to stop the blood calcium from going too high. What ends up happening is it leaches calcium out of your bones and causes osteoporosis and a bunch of other conditions and symptoms.

My PTH is not super high, 81 is the highest so far, and so far except for 2 tests my calcium is staying in normal range in the nines

However I have had 2 24 hr urine calcium tests that showed I’m excreting too much calcium and when I increase the vitamin D Vit d does not go up etc it went down and the PTH went up. I also have to pee a lot when I increase the vitamin D which could be another sign that my body is trying to stop the calcium level in my blood from going too high. Usually I don’t have that symptom unless my blood sugar is high enough.

The b12 is just a total mystery. No clue what’s going on with that.

Well I better try to get to sleep because I have to get up to go to the dermatologist at 1:30 which is early for me 😹

Hope your Bg is better now!


Hope it went well with the dermatologist. Sorry about the itching. That's torture!

Sucks how we have upward & downward trends. How about some normal trends?

Had a friend years ago with a PT tumor. She went to three or four doctors until she was diagnosed. More sexist malpractice. She said she felt like she was jumping out of her skin, very irritable, couldn't sleep, yelling at her husband. Idiot docs said it was menopause &/or emotional problems. Two referred her to a psychiatrist. Finally, the last doc tested her urine for calcium. Lo & behold she was excreting tons. Fortunately, she's a big boned woman or she would've been bent in half. Benign tumor removed & she was back to normal.

Relieved you're not going through that. Thanks for explaining about Vit D & PTH. Another thing for you to deal with:(

Glad there's nothing dramatic from T3. According to what's been written here, people often go through an adjustment period.

Man, some bad docs at that practice. Wow, a $15 million lawsuit & he's still there.

LDN (low dose naltrexone) lowdosenaltrexone.org/index... helps some people with autoimmune diseases. It's FDA approved & was developed to help opioid addicts at around 50 mg. In much smaller doses, it can be successful with autoimmune disease. LDN is Rx & has to be made by a compounding pharmacy due to the really low dose. My functional med doc said it's helped about 30-40% of her patients. I'd been interested for a while, but of course my GP wouldn't prescribe. Patients start at 1.5 mg & titer up to 4.5 mg in three weeks. The only reported side effect is vivid dreams. In that case, people take during the day instead of late at night. I haven't had vivid dreams.

I live in VA. Not the bustling DC area. Moved here from Atlanta, where I moved when I left NYC. Atlanta was affordable then.

Found out yesterday that my cortisol is quite high. Not good news. Functional doc gave me herbs to help lower & test again. The other part of the hormone panel showed low in estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. The only normal reading is DHEA. For now, she gave me an Rx for low dose transdermal testosterone. She wants to do one hormone at a time.

Hope today is a good one.


Sorry I took so long to reply... had a lot of work stress etc. I missed the new derm appt because I overslept so I’m going on Monday. 😹

I have some of those symptoms too so I wonder still if I have early primary hyperparathyroid too. My endo refused to do a sestamibi scan last time I asked. B I showed him the two high urine calcium so I think he’s thinking about it more now. That’s terrible your friend went through that at least she feels better now after the surgery.

I have been so exhausted. I think I feel a bit better on t3 but maybe I need more. And some days I’m still getting the palpitations etc. for my teaching days at work this week my Bg crashed as soon as I got to work and I had to drink juice and sit still etc. I’ve been really good about lows at work so far except for the one when I corrected so it’s a concern. It may be a combo of daylight savings, t3, switching my meals a bit etc. or who knows what. Ugh.

I’ve increased Vit d to 5000 per day so I’m curious to see what happens and if it goes up.

I’m sorry your cortisol is high- what causes that and did the Doc say what to do? Sorry about your low hormones. I hope the supplements help you. At one point I tried testosterone and I think it made me feel jittery so I stopped. Then I was on estrogen progesterone for a year or so. That was heaven. When I took the first progesterone pill I felt so much better and slept well. I can’t take any hrt anymore because of dvt. My last estrogen was close to 0 I think. Very depressing. Literally it does affect your mood a lot etc. That’s good your Dhea is normal.

Is the ldh supposed to help the hashis? I’m going to read more about it. Can you drink wine etc with that? I don’t drink anymore cause it can cause lows.

Ive been forcing myself to go down the stairs normally at home and I think I’ve had a tiny bit of improvement with my knee- it may be too soon to tell but I’m scared to even say it. I’m still limiting my activity a lot. They keep saying the meniscus will not heal and I just don’t want to hear it.

Feeling very itchy on and off but overall my Bg has been better but still with some highs and lows and painful insets. I hope you had a good day and week😊

Va is a long way from ny. I’ve been there once or twice but not for years. My brother worked there for a bit. I hope it’s warmer there than here. We’re having a cold spell.


LDN (not LDH) helps some, not all, people with autoimmune diseases. When you have time, check out the link, I'm taking LDN for Hashi's, so we'll see. Takes months. I know of no cautions of drinking while taking LDN. Rare when I drink. No problems with food, supplements, herbs. LDN's best taken late at night. I've had no side effects.

Hope your endo tests parathyroid. I hate doctors! Hope the derm helps. Yea, hope springs eternal, right? Glad your knee has more mobility. Brave to do the stairs. How did you injure it? Wonder if cold laser treatments would help? Bet acupuncture would. A friend's going to mine for arthritis & has a lot of relief & more joint movement. Worth it alone just for pain relief.

Sorry about the exhaustion. Awful. Makes me cry thinking what I used to get done in a day. Maybe a little more T3 will help. Give the current dose a couple of weeks & raise slowly in small increments, especially with palpitations. T3 hasn't caused lows for me, but everyone's different. Increasing thyroid doses increases my insulin needs some. Lows at work are the worst. Sorry. Really, there's no calculating the innumerable factors that effect BG. That's an algorithm I'd like to see. I've had several meals in the last few months that needed no insulin. Go figure that out. Granted, they weren't big meals, but still. Had I taken an injection, I'd be dead. Then, I've eaten hardly anything, bolused & gone sky high. Amazing we're not totally crazy from the inconsistency.

Doc didn't offer an explanation for high cortisol. Not happy knowing it's thinning my bones (I'm small & thin) & other bad effects. She gave me an herbal combo to help lower & recommended I lower stress. Yea, right. I'll be tested again to see if the pills help. I haven't had the nerve to try the transdermal testosterone yet. Afraid of facial hair, more hair loss & jitters. Sorry you have virtually no estrogen & can't take HRT due to DVT:( Sucks.

I'm about 8 hours from NYC. Weather's probably only a bit warmer because we're in the mountains. Definitely hotter in NY in the summer. Don't miss NY summers.

Hope you have a restful weekend.

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Thanks. I’ve been swamped with work stuff. And other stuff at home- repairs, appliances etc. This semester has been one problem after another. I hope you had a good few days. And better bg mine is still better overall but I had one or two spikes that threw me off- one to 220 or so which made me think the t3 is not helping but after I got back to “normal” things are better- I’m scared to even say it.

So far I think the t3 has helped but I’m still pretty exhausted. I definitely feel more energy at times when I’m up. And my schedule is even more nocturnal. Wish I could shift that a bit but dls has thrown me off kilter yet again. I still haven’t looked up Ldn. I’ll do that soon. I haven t called my doc yet but I’m going to soon and ask to increase t3 and still run whatever tests he was planning that will mean getting up early though- not sure if I can

How are you and have you tried the testosterone yet? Any word on what’s up with the cortisol? I’m thin too and petite so they said I was higher risk for osteoporosis etc. because your bones a re smaller they don’t have as much mass. my endo has been testing vit D and pth every time so he is monitoring it. I want to know if it is primary and causing my O. But he wouldn’t do a sestamibi scan. My calcium is normal most of the time but I’m excreting a lot in urine

I’ve stopped the therapy for my knee for now which should give me more energy- I was too tired to keep going and I want to see how I do on my own for a bit.

Yep. I think I am crazy from this already 😳 just shutting out the world and relaxing a lot helps to buffer the stress it causes in some way.

That is amazing you needed no insulin. I can get away with a walnut here or there or a piece of cheese but not a full meal. I agree there’s no rhyme or reason to this. It’s awful. Someone at TU said she crashed badly for a few days and could not take her basal. She was in hospital but then went back to normal. I guess that’s proof that the attack can be stopped at times for whatever reason. The worst is eating little and going high I’ve been eating as soon as much bg seems to go up after my last meal and it seems to help even things out a bit

I injured my knee when I tried to dig with my knees/ legs instead of my back because my back was in a big spasm. Very dumb and I’m so angry at myself for doing this. I’ve tried acupuncture in the past but it hurt me and caused muscle spasm so she and I decided it was not for me 😹 thurs to Friday my back went into a spasm from lifting th turkey breast into the oven 😹🙈😳 some Aleve etc tens heat helped. Just taking it easy as much as I can. Y itching got worse again and then it gets a bit better. Around 3-6 am seems to be worse most of the time.

I didn’t realize Virginia is that far away. Yep our summers are too hot for me too. We had 2-3 freezing days here but it has warmed up a bit.

Are you near a hospital there? I worry about being to isolated anywhere.


Hope you've had some time to relax over Thanksgiving break with everything else happening. What do you teach?

I don't follow why you feel T3 isn't helping because of spikes. It doesn't lower BG. Thyroid supplementation, in general, increases insulin needs. Glad T3 has given you more energy! Yea, you probably need a small increase.

Hate that you excrete a lot of calcium & wish the cause was found.

Understand you stopping knee PT. Such a time commitment.

Sorry about your back--eeek! Hope it heals soon. Your acupuncturist must have been terrible to have caused pain & spasms. I've had lots of acupuncture (am seeing one now 2-3 times a month) & it's always brought relief & relaxation. Love it. I usually fall asleep for the 20 min the needles are in. My dog Eve gets acupuncture for arthritis. Really helps her & she falls asleep during treatments also:)

I've started transdermal testosterone. It's .5 ml, not much. Haven't felt a difference yet, though I don't know what to expect. The doctor didn't offer any explanation for high cortisol. I dutifully take Cortisolv herbal pills 2x day. She said they're gentle & work slowly.

VA's a big state. Some areas are closer to NY. There's a hospital less than 10 min away & two more 20 & 30 min away.

You have every right to feel all this is driving you crazy. Who wouldn't be?


I teach art. Between the holiday and the appliances etc it was a bit stressful but I did rest a bit. I hope you had a good thanksgiving and good bg.

I’m thinking that t3 may be stopping the periodic insulin resistance and or high bg periods because I’m absorbing it better and not building up reverse t3. Overall it seems to be leveling things out a bit. I’m scared to even say it. So it seems I’m not converting t4. Overall though I’m taking more basal but I was heading that way before the t3. Some days I don’t need as much though and crash. But that’s my usual.

This am when I took my levo and lio and eventually went to sleep I had palpitations. It happens when I lie down. Bg dropped while I slept after a correction so it could have been that. When I get the palpitations I worry about increasing it.

That’s good you and Eve like the acupuncture. I have fyrbromyagia so I’m not surprised it caused pain etc. I’ve always been very sensitive so I doubt I’ll try it again. I doubt it was a hung to with the practitioner. I hate having needles in me anyway. 😹

My neck/ back are pretty much always problematic from 3 car accidents and injuries but I’ve learned to live with it

that’s great you started the T I hope it helps you. I’ve ever heard of that supplement I’ll look it up. I don’t honk starting on a low dose is good idea.

That’s good you’re near a hospital. Mine is 5 minutes away fortunately.

Yep it seems this disease is about trying to keep your sanity while dealing with the 24/7 lifelong deluge. 😳 my cats help to keep me from tipping over the edge.


Cool you're an art teacher. Happy BG's better, but it's not due to T3. Sorry. Being hypothyroid increases insulin resistance--the usual need of higher insulin doses than a diabetic with a functioning thyroid. Synthroid has a warning about this. "Addition of levothyroxine therapy in patients with diabetes mellitus may worsen glycemic control and result in increased antidiabetic agent or insulin requirements. Carefully monitor glycemic control after starting, changing, or discontinuing SYNTHROID [see Drug Interactions (7.2)]. " I'd wager T3 has the same effect since T4 converts to T3, if you're lucky. Do you have high RT3?

I'm forever tweaking basal. My bad lows tend to be in the afternoon. Questioning lately if Apidra stays around longer than usual in me. What insulin do you use? How long bolus doses last for you?

I get serious palpitations with lows. Scary. Understand your concern. Fortunately, I don't get them from T3.

So sorry you suffer with fibromyalgia & addition pain from accidents & injuries:( Oh, honey. I think it makes a difference where the acupuncturist studied, how long & if trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). My vet, who gives Eve acupuncture, warned me to avoid acupuncturists trained in China because their approach can be rough. A no pain no gain philosophy. My latest acupuncturist is TCM trained in the US & has a Master's in Oriental Medicine. Like all TCM practitioners, he's an herbalist. He does Tui-Na bodywork & I get a massage before acupuncture. Sometimes that hurts a little, but I just tell him to lighten up:) I feel fantastic when I leave. Wish this could help you.

Why don't you think starting on a low dose is a good idea?

So true about keeping our sanity with a 24/7 deluge! Great way to describe it. Happy your kitties help. Animals are the best friends.


I think it is due to t3. I read an article which said regulating thyroid levels can have that effect. If t3 is too high or too low it can cause ir. Someone who is type 1 fir years at tu is having the same effect. She has been on levo and has had terrible Bg and ir with blood sugar in the 500s etc. nothing has helped- more insulin exercise – nothing. So she tried armor and after about three weeks her insulin resistance is gone and she starting to lose weight- that cannot be a coincidence. I do not have the weight issues and neither does my father. Obviously something is going on if my blood sugar levels are much better now that I’m on T3 and t4. I don’t know if I have high reverse t3- my doctor would not test that but I’m guessing I do and it could be largely what causes those long hours of high blood sugar which I wouldn’t come down. If I am not converting t4 which obviously I’m not because my T3 was low and now I’m taking the T3 it is obviously helping to regulate things more but I think I need more and somth8ng else is going on too

UnFortunately my itching has gotten worse again on my neck and it’s driving me crazy I wish someone could figure out what the Hells going on here.

I don’t think it would make any difference for me where the person studied etc. I am very sensitive and to be honest with you I’m not surprised that I had pain from having those noodles stuck in the certain pressure points I’ve had nerve damage from my injuries and I have Fybri so it’s probably not that unusual. I have no intention to ever try it again either LOL.

Yeah I have my basil at about 128 to 130% a lot of the time now and I’ve been doing that for quite a while now. But it seems like it’s really working now that I’ve started taking the T3. before it really wasn’t making that much of a difference. I am having more Lows though I have to be careful

usually my bolus will stay anywhere from 4 to 5 hours. I will not eat until after three hours after a bolus but even then I have to be careful. Even at four hours sometimes I can crash so I have to monitor things and off and shut off my basil for a while at the beginning of the meal. The past couple of days I tried just raising my basil more instead of doing a correction so that I don’t have to wait a long time after I get home so that I can eat. It’s seem to work pretty well. But then tonight I did a little correction and increase the basil and I crashed when I ate after like two hours or so I was at 54 and had to drink some juice.

I’m on novolog and that seems to be the most consistent for me. I tried not apidra but the other one and it seemed to be causing me to go low so I went back to NovoLog.

I meant I thought starting on a low-dose was a good idea I think I must’ve been a typo from Siri LOL.

Yeah I think I really am insane and my students are driving me crazy. This is been one awful semester and I was just saying to one of my colleagues I am so glad it is almost over. The other night 2 students started screaming at each other and swearing at each other all of a sudden I did not hear what happened and I thought I was going to have to stop at fistfight that class has been nothing but problems and I will be very glad when I never have to see any of them again LOL. I really have never been very good at dealing with stress but now with this disease all these diseases just nice it that much harder I just do not have the strength to deal with this kind of thing.

I went back to my gastroenterologist because I needed a refill for lansoprazole. I see a physicians assistant there. She was saying that I should get the breath test maybe for lactose because I’ve illuminated a lot of things but she said sometimes it’s not accurate either way LOL. I don’t know if I can do it because it has it has glucose in it the thing they make you drink. She is going to ask the person who does the test if there something else they can give me. I told her that I had not gone to the celiac send her for testing because I was too exhausted to go there from everything with my thyroid or whatever else that’s going on. I just do not know what is going on with this rash on my neck and why it flares up I have no clue. I have been to so many doctors now and none of them can give me any answers.

Sorry that I have taken so long to reply and I hope you had a good few days of blood sugar and less stress in your life with your dog etc. My kitties are driving me crazy- well one of them is only about 14 months old and he’s siamese as you can see in the photo and he’s a total loony but he is very sweet too and sleeps with me at night. He’s constantly jumping on our older cat so he has to wear a thunder coat, goes into the bathroom for time out and he gets sprayed with a water bottle when he goes really crazy LOL.

Although I feel a little better I really do wish I just had my energy back from when all of this crap happened to me but if I could just get rid of the type one I would deal with the low-energy I even said to my father- we were talking about hereditary health issues in our family, that I would rather be overweight and drink too much then have type one!

Sorry there are so many typos in this but I am just too exhausted to correct them. I had one more incident of palpitations but not again after that and I’m not sure what’s causing it if it is really the T3 or if it’s just something with my heart and it only happens sometimes when I take t3. I asked the gastroenterologist PA if she thought it could be lansoprazole but she didn’t think that could cause that.

Sometimes I do get the palpitations when I go low but I have to be pretty low and dropping a lot usually I don’t know at one point I was getting them all the time but then when I went on the levo though it seemed to help a lot with that. The worst seems to be when my blood sugar goes up too fast I feel very ill. But of course the lows are really really awful too.

The T3 really seems to be leveling things out although I’m still getting them some time so who knows what’s really going on here. I did see a cardiologist at one point and wore a halter a couple times for 2 days. and I did have a rapid heartbeat they said sometimes my heart beats very fastnad is irregular. So I went to one of my fathers doctors and he said I should wear a halter for a month and gave me the name of someone closer to me but then I ended up never doing it. He is a renowned cardiologist and he was not worried about any of my heart rhythms at all. When I was in the hospital last June someone who checked my EKG said that I had had a heart attack. But he said this wasn’t true.

How is your testosterone and everything going- do you notice any changes or that it’s helping you or anything else? I really wish I could go back on estrogen and progesterone I will never forget when I took that first progesterone pill- I felt so much better I felt relaxed and I slept really well.


Wonderful T3 is helping BG! Wish it helped mine because each time T3 was increased I needed higher insulin doses. That poor woman on Tu--awful. Interesting that too little or too much causes IR. Another fun twist to work through.

Sorry about the itching. Torture!

Understand not wanting to do acupuncture. Too much for you.

Many people are bothered by casein (milk protein). Proteins are allergic & sensitivities develop. Of course, you can try lactose-free dairy to see if it helps.

Bolus sticks around 5+ hours for me. Good thing I don't eat lunch because I'd be stacking. Wow, you take bolus 3-4 hours before meals. I'd be dead before hitting the floor injecting with no food. Once I went to the ER & had a slight low. Written on my record "patient took insulin without a meal." Not true. In fact, I inject after eating because I have gastropareisis.

Apidra's the only bolus insulin I've used. For basal, I had Lantus for a short time. Hated it. I now take Levemir. As much as I hate highs, I hate lows more. A pump plus to need just one insulin.

Thank goodness your father's cardiologist found nothing wrong. Shaking my head you were told you had a heart attack when you didn't! Does anyone know what they're doing?

OMG, students screaming & swearing. Really, the semester can't end soon enough. Hope they're tolerable next semester & you have a long winter break. I'd be a terrible teacher. I have no patience for people college age.

I don't feel any different from testosterone. Maybe it's too soon tell. Hope when I go back to the doctor in mid-Jan I'll start progesterone or estrogen. Excited I could feel better as you did. Sucks you can't take it.

Your Siamese is precious. I adopt adult cats because kittens make me nuts & older kitties don't have much chance. Kittens are so damn cute, though.


Yep most of the time so far there’s improvement from it I think. I had two days where my bg kept going up to 160 or higher no matter what I did. I had used an 4 month expired vial of novolog to fill my cartridge, but which was in the fridge etc. has that ever happened to you? I did an injection but later I changed the whole thing out and changed my inset etc. i’m not sure what to do now because when I was first diagnosed in DKA I was using a lot more insulin and then it went down by like 2/3. So I have a lot stockpiled and I don’t want to throw all of this insulin away – what do you think? I have a bunch of vials that are expired that I didn’t realize somehow, I guess I didn’t use them in the right order- I’m not sure. Now I have everything very carefully labeled etc.

Yeah I don’t know what is going on with all these doctors it is crazy that one doctor can tell you had a heart attack yet another one said no that is not true. No one actually told me that I read it in one of my test records from the hospital when I was going back to get the testing for Gastro paresis etc. and before I was getting an endoscopy and I was concerned obviously.

That just happened to my father too. One of his heart doctors told him that he had a blood clot in his heart, he has a fib and a pacemaker. So that Doctor told him to increase his warfarin dose. And then he had some bleeding in his eyes because his INR went too high. He went to his Doctor who I saw who told me I didn’t have the heart attack and he also told him you did not have a blood clot! Really this is malpractice and I’m very upset about that so I told him he should not go to this other doctor anymore, who also overcharges for everything that he does.

Hey so I’m laughing LOL what you said about the bolus – no, I do not wait 3 to 4 hours after I bolus to eat- I would also be dead! 😹

I meant after I eat a meal- I bolus right when I eat now- I have to wait at least 3 to 4 hours after that bolus before I can bolus and eat Another meal. Sometimes I can correct a small correction earlier than that if I’m going up a lot. But mostly I just increase my basil now and that seems to take care of it if I’m walking around most of the time. Or sometimes I add in the small correction with the basil increase.

Lately I have started doing prebolus of 10 to 15 minutes if I’m above 140;or so. Usually if I’m around 140 to 150 I do the prebolus again now. For a while I also was bolusing after I ate because I was getting the beginning of gastroparesis too. When I eliminated the gluten and grains for cross-contamination that seems to be helping the situation quite a bit. But I still have to be careful if I’m constipated I can get bad Lows.

I also fear the lows a lot and I really think you should consider going on a pump because it is so much better for treating them. As soon as I see myself dropping on Dexcom, or I test and it’s 54 etc I shut my basal off and then drink or eat sugar if I need to. Sometimes I can just observe it and I don’t need to do anything. I feel so much safer now because I know I can just turn off the basal and that helps treat the low. Before when I had the long acting insulin in me there was nothing I could do and I would drop much faster and take longer to respond. it was much more frightening.

I was on Lantis too at first and I thought it was making me gain weight so I switched to Levemir. Neither of them was stable for me and they caused bad Lowe’s which is why ended up going on the pump. Now I am trying to get some back up long-acting in case my pump totally fails delivering the insulin and my insurance won’t cover It anymore so I’m going to have to fight that but I have been so low energy I haven’t even called them yet to ask. My endo wanted to rx me Tresiba think but I was worried if I had to switch in an emergency situation I did not want to use an insulin that I had never used before.

Yeah I know what you mean I think I have no patience for anybody lately LOL fortunately next week is my last week so I will get a break for like 3 to 4 weeks after that. But then it’s back to the usual and I have a bad schedule with an afternoon and evening class on One day. Its really hard due to my low energy and trying to control the blood glucose. the blood glucose goes crazy on those days usually. I have not yet figured out a way to schedule my nocturnal schedule and the meals to make those days goes smoother. I really think just staying home and doing almost nothing is the only way you can really have any kind of a life with this disease at least for me 😳

I hope you can try the progesterone and estrogen and I think that’s going to help you feel better and I hope it does not cause any problems for you. You never know how good your hormones make you feel until you don’t have them anymore. Maybe when you increase the testosterone you will feel it is making a difference. The only thing I felt was that it made me a little jittery and I just stopped at not long after I was taking it. I don’t know if that was even causing it because that was when I was starting to get sick but I just assumed it was from that.

My itching has been super bad for the past three days again so I have started using the 2.5 percent steroid ointment that the dermatologist prescribed for me. I was scared to use that because I thought it might affect my blood sugar but so far it doesn’t seem to be having any effect. I put it on and I felt a little better but then I started itching like crazy about an hour later and then it got better again I just have no clue whats going on here and it really is starting to drive me crazy. I’m also using a Benadryl cream now so I don’t have to take the pills and I have the same reaction to that. I’m wondering if I should make an appointment with the allergist she told me to go to.

Another thing I’m going to try is to stop using laundry detergent in case that is making the situation worse. When I was looking at the new washing machines one of the sales people told me about a device system that puts oxygen into the water so you don’t need to use detergent. He said he uses it for his family because they have young children so they won’t get exposed all those chemicals. I used use a filter in my shower but it was not working properly so I turn took that off. I wonder if that could be affecting it although when I first stopped using it my rash at that time got better so who knows.

I have always had very sensitive skin- when I was a child if I went out to walk in the very cold weather my face would turn bright red and I would have to put Vaseline on my face. it was so painfu, l burning etc. and nothing helped. Now though my skin still breaks out so I would never put Vaseline on my face. Although when I was going into menopause my face was so dry that I did use albeline for a while and I didn’t break out at all- crazy. I still have the Abilene I bought then. 😹

Yeah I think it is really terrible what she was going through she said no though she is not losing as much weight as she had thought but I think it may take some time since she had gained a lot of weight. I do not think that I can give up all dairy I mean that is the only thing practically that I could still eat I have eliminated so many things. I have tried some crepe cheese it is lactose freewhich is nice. I don’t know most of the cheeses are not lactose free though. the main Dairy that I eat is cheese and cream in my tea and with my dessert. I’m just wondering if I should try taking the lactose pills again. I just don’t think there’s anyway I’m ever going to be able to eliminate it because it complements my low carb high-fat diet etc. I have tried the vegan cheeses etc. and they taste so horrible it is just not even worth it 😹

Yeah the older cats are definitely easier if they don’t have a lot of behavioral issues and they all get along etc. and for the most part I have taken in older cats from outside or from shelters. Quinn is the first kitten who was a pure breed that I have ever intentionally sought out. I have had three kittens over the past 20 years or so but mostly older kitties and my wizard, an all black part Siamese who I trapped by accident outside, was the most amazing boy in the world. I still miss him so much. I have a necklace with him and my little Angelina‘s pictures. she was a tortie who I got from a town shelter when she was five weeks old. I do love the kittens but Angie and Quinn drove me crazy 😹 in the early phases. Quinn was a little terror and he would climb my legs digging his claws in like I was a tree etc. I had scratches all over me for the first six months. Now he jumps onto my shoulders a lot and loves to sit there and sometimes he will bite my hair and really tug on it and dig his claws in a bit. When he does that he gets the boot onto the floor. I have never had a cat like this before for sure😹

My little Torti Tess who I also got from a town shelter was the easiest kitten in the world. She came everywhere with me and never needed a carrier she used to come to the beach with me- I trained her to come when I whistled.

I was trying to get a cat who our older kitty who is part Maine coon, part Norwegian Forest cat would get along with but I think she absolutely hates Quinn because he’s jumping on her all the time LOL. Because of her peeing problem I knew she would never except an older cat.

When he is not jumping on her though they do get along fairly well but unfortunately he seems to do that constantly and it’s starting to drive me crazy. I have even thought of putting him on medication for a while. he has to go for his physical soon so I’m going to ask about that.

When I adopted Syb I did not realize that she really needed to be an only cat in the house. she has a constant peeing problem but otherwise she’s a great cat. I also have about seven outdoor cats who I feed every day and they have a shelter they can sleep in too. I have two new guys who need to be neutered so I’m gonna try and arrange that soon. My DVM told me about a clinic that will do it really inexpensively. I was taking them to free clinics but now the one that is closer to me has no doctor so I think I’m going to have to pay to go to this other place instead. I also have to find someone who can do it in the afternoon because it’s too hard for me to get there early in the morning anymore my bg usually crashes if I get up too early. I’m wondering if I should just ask them if they can find somebody to trap them for me too because I am worried about my back and my knee going into spasms etc. if I have to lift those traps etc. I hate trapping them because it traumatizes them. It has been snowing the past few days here on and off so I’m not sure if this is a good time or not.


I'd worry about expired insulin. I use Levemir for 6-7 weeks & it continues to work, but I don't push it past that. When I had Lantus, it was kaput at 30 days or so.

Thanks for explaining about the bolus. Couldn't get my head around that:)

Sorry about the terrible itching;( I use greenvirginproducts.com/pro... Completely hypoallergenic, 100% natural. No scent, dyes, chemicals at all & no plastic bottle. Also good for the environment & lasts a long time. Cheaper than regular laundry detergent.

I use a shower filter. Water here is awful. I can smell the chlorine when the toilet flushes. The chlorine in the shower made my skin horrible.

I hear you on dairy. Big part of my diet also. I don't drink milk, though. Hated milk since I was a kid. Vegan cheese--bleech.

Quinn's a great name. Love it. I've had kittens who climbed me & also made me nuts. They're so cute & can be so aggravating. Guess I've been lucky with adult cats since they didn't have major behavioral problems.

Hope you can find someone to trap the kitties. Wonderful of you to feed & help them!


Hi GG,

It has been so hectic for me. Syb went in to congestive heart failure two days after 🎄 and she was in the er hospital. I’m So thankful that she is ok and doing well on her meds now. She is on 6 meds now plus fluid, she had been on fluid for kidney disease and 2meds, it’s a lot to keep up with. Just crazy because one is a dog med and has to be crushed and syringed because the pill is a too big. 2 meds including the pimobendan are 2x per day. None of my cats have been easy to pill I put the pill in gel caps and spray water in their mouth after pilling nothing else works. I’m going to have to pill Quinn now too because he needs a behavioral med to stop him jumping on Syb.

It’s hard to do all this and keep track of my own stuff. Plus my father fell 3x and refused to go to the doctor. Fortunately my bg has been pretty good, more lows, too many and 2-3spikes. Today I feel very frayed and fed up, but I keep plugging along. I also felt very hyper and wondered what is going on with my levels. My father thinks too much levo caused him to fall.

Ive never tried those soap nuts, that looks cool😎. I have a feeling they may irritate me because plants tend to do that. I’m going to check out the fragrance free on though. The steroid creams have helped so much so I’ll keep using them as needed. I was thinking about a device I saw which puts ions into your washing machine water so you don’t need to Laundry detergent- but the reviews said that the device was not well-made and had problems with leaking so I’m going to have to wait on that because there’s no warranty past 30 days.

I ordered and bought a gazillion creams with urea and lactic acid to see if they help my dry skin etc.

I’ve started using the lactase pills again to see if that helps. I love milk with apples but milk spikes me too much so I use heavy cream.

I love Quinn too not sure why I picked it. we call him Quincy and quinten too😹 I’ve had mostly great older cats without issues too, just depends on the cat. I think the problem is mixing them together sometimes.

Gonna have to wait on the outdoor kits because of everything and to top it all off we got hit with the blizzard- it’s freezing here.

Wow your water sounds bad. I used to use a shower filter too.

Today I had a scare when some chicken had frozen in my insulin fridge, the insulin seems ok though and nothing else froze, but I turned it down a bit.

I hope your bg has been good and the hormones are helping you😊



Very sorry about Syb. Poor darling:( Glad she's doing well on meds. Cats are the worst patients to pill! Man, 6 pills. You have my sympathies. I tried the device that shoots it down their throats with a plunger. Worked for a couple of times. Sounds like you've got a good system. I'll have to try spraying water.

Do you think too much Levo caused his falls? Has your father been feeling dizzy or is it balance? Is he on BP meds?

I got the soap nuts because my husband can't handle fragrance & has a reaction to any detergent. A friend who's allergic to everything with chemical sensitivities (she makes her own soap, dish soap, shampoo & toothpaste, etc.) has no problem with soap nuts. She calls them neutral because she says they leave no residue to upset her skin.

Quincy & Quinten are also great names. Love them, too. The outside kitties are very fortunate to have your kindness. Shudder to think what would happen without you feeding them in this weather.

Hope the creams help. I can imagine how frustrated you are! Also hope the lactase pills help. Milk would send me soaring, if I drank it. Fortunately, not something I like. Love cheese, Greek yogurt & I can handle these in moderation. Sucks are lives have been reduced to moderation.

Happy your BG has been pretty good. Mine hasn't been. Been having a 30's low daily. Can't win. What do think of Afreeza? Might be good for us since it's super fast acting & gone quickly, though I wouldn't want to use it exclusively if my insurance would allow a third.


Thanks 😊 she is still doing well, but it’s awful giving her all these meds. Quinn is on Prozac now too- I had both that and pimobendan for Syb compounded. He took that pretty easily last night. Hers isn’t here yet, she has been foaming at the mouth when I crush the pill and liquify and syringe it. I hope it will be easier for her, it’s Tuna flavored. Still no sign of him stopping his antics jumping on her etc. but it’s only a few days. They said it takes 30 days to tell. If you spray water be careful not to do too much cause they can get aspiration pneumonia. I’m worried about that so compund8ng is the way to go. The other pills are small enough to fit into one tiny gel cap, so she gets two gel caps per day, her eye wipes, tooth gel, and fluid eod. She needs to go back on an antibiotic too though because her mouth smells bad again, I guess it’s going to be a chronic thing. I just hate having to torture her this way, she runs away and hides etc


Those lows are bad, what do you do and what causes them, any ideas? Last night spiked up for the first time in a while. I bolused less for dinner because of lows, but then Spiked up too much later. Now I’m at 49↘️ after brunch. I did too much activity. I Just drank 18g juice and waiting for it to come back up. Do you feel your lows coming on? Mine seem to sneak up, dex said 67 ↘️ So I turned off basal drank a bit of juice and usually that works. Activity is the worst for me.

I had a flu shot and I think that may be adding to theses lows. I get a bad reaction and havent had one for 3 years but so many people are dying I was getting worried, this time I’m taking aleve, started immediately, to help the pain and he did the shot in the back of my arm so my shoulder won’t freeze. It’s a lot less painful in my arm for sure, so both are helping. I should have immunity by the time I start teaching hopefully.

Now I’m at 55➡️ So I’m ok. You should get dexcom. I hope I can make it out to shop.

30daily is awful. 😳😪🤯 I can’t use afrezza because I have asthma, and honestly I would not use it because no one knows for sure what the long term lung effects will be. But I think if you use it occasionally maybe it’s ok if it helps you. Just be careful. The studies they did did show some problems like sever broncospasm in asthmatics etc and reduction of lung function over time in some others.

Thanks for suggesting the soap-nuts, I got a liquid form on amazon, I’m using it in the Speed Queen and I like it so far, I’m gonna try it as a shampoo too maybe. does she make them from soap nuts? That’s good it helps your hubby. Keeping my fingers crossed I won’t have a reaction over time

I have to start teaching soon so I’ve been on Benadryl (64➡️ Now)

Daily to help sleep but I’m still going to sleep at 7 am or so😳

Tomorrow I have to get up earlier

I’m having tailbone pain, not sure why but I lifted a heavy cat in a trap who I rescued, he was lost for one month! He had a collar and tag so I called his family and they came to get him. he is a gorgeous Siamese lynx point mix, and so sweet. I miss him. The doc said that could e abused the pain etc.

I’m on aleve now too for the new pain . The doc who did my flu shot gave me an rx for PT if it doesn’t improve. I bought a pillow too but it’s not that great.

Milk spiked me almost like grains , too bad cause I like it. I sometimes get almond and other nut milks but not that much. Even yogurt spikes me too but in on tatziki sauce I can take a small amount.

I’m not sure what is going on with my father he went to the doctor but I dont think he even told them about falling he reduced his bp med I think. I bought him a device for his chair to help him get up and he loves it and another walker, one upstairs and one downstairs. I’m going to get a similar thing for his bed. He hasn’t fallen again recently. I think he reduced the levo too, maybe he needs t3. I think he needs some PT to strengthen his muscles etc I’m going to give him my hand weights to try

I hope your lows are better 😊 at 75↗️ Now let’s hope I don’t spike.


Hope you didn't spike. Know that scenario too well.

Poor smittens having all those meds & poor you having to give them. Hope Prozac helps chill them. I'll be careful spraying water. Wouldn't risk aspiration.

Glad you like soap nuts & hope they don't cause sensitivity. I haven't tried Green Virgin shampoo. I use the soap nuts you put in the muslin bag (that comes with it) at least five times. One order lasts me months & I do laundry every other day because of our dogs. Green Virgin has frequent sales.

I think lows are caused by how long Apidra sticks around for me. I'll be great 2-3 hours after eating & then low 3.5-5 hours after injecting. I've lowered basal in case that was contributing. Didn't help much. I could take less bolus, but don't want to risk postprandial highs. Open to any suggestions. Physical activity also causes lows.

You're right about Afreeza. I've always said I wouldn't take any med that hasn't been on the market for at least five years, but I've been so frustrated by the lows. Better not to risk it. To be honest, I'm probably not up for the learning curve figuring how to use it since dosing is quite different for inhaled.

Sorry about your tailbone. Hurts like hell when you sit down. I slipped down the wooden stairs injuring my tailbone, a bone bruise. Took 3-4 weeks to feel normal. That's one thing I didn't ask the acupuncturist to treat because I didn't want to bare my butt:)

How wonderful the beautiful kitty is home. Yay, you!

Good your father hasn't fallen again. Maybe you could also suggest balance exercises? They're easy. My mother does them. You're a good daughter.

What a nice long break from teaching.


Hi, sorry I took so long to reply. I started teaching and things got very hectic. Syb was back 8n the hospital and also went into jaundice but denamarin and ursodiol saved her. She may have had fatty liver. She started having breathing problems again 2days after the second hospital and then I’ve had her in to our a lot. We finally went to a cardiologist at the second hospital and he increased her lasix more which seems to be helping. But there is a lot of degeneration in her heart.

She has had this for years but somehow no one ever picked up on it. I had kept wondering if she had heart disease due to her asthma Symptoms – she had asthma When she was young but at about two years old she didn’t she have attacks and didn’t need treatment anymore. So now we have her back on The inhaler the aerocat. except this new Doc said not to use it anymore but I’m still doing Flovent anyway. They thought her asthma could be back too no one seems to know. At one point they thought she had lung cancer when there was a lot of fluid on x rays

It’s so hard. She is mostly staying upstairs. And neither Prozac or now elevil has helped Quinn so I’m keeping them separated now. He is on elevil 2x per day now. Syb is on numerous meds and now the inhaler with lasix 3x per day. He said this will end her time here, so hard to hear. I wondered if I should get an oxygen compressor but he didn’t seem to think I would help but I’m not sure.

Ive had lots of lows lately and an infected cat scratch which I’m on a z pac for now. It’s finally healing. I was worried I was going to get sepsis. I increased the t3 to 2x a day now but I had more palpitations so I stopped the second dose until I finish the z pac. Ugh.

How are your bg and lows? Wish I could help but I pretty much have no clue what will happen and play it by ear. When I’m dropping I shut off basil and drink juice and eat etc. I have a lot of trouble with activity too- I can’t do any strenuous activity now really. Even cleaning Etc. I have to eat more etc. and not do too much. It makes life miserable. I hope we get something to help us soon

I ordered a liquid version of the soap nuts. Still using it but I’m using the old soap too if it’s a dirty load. I do lots too mostly because I have too many clothes, lol. But I haven’t done any for 2-3 weeks due to the everything..

Do you know if I need to stop t3 to do my blood tests? Not sure what to do. I have to get them done next week. I had to reschedule twice due to everything.

My tailbone pain is a bit better but still there. I’m doing some exercise from a video for it and I made my own cushion. Now my left foot is hurting, but it’s not fractured fortunately. The worst is the d of course and this awful wound and exhaustion. I’m so relieved it’s healing finally. Quinn abraded me with his back paws when I tried to clip his claws but at first it was a light thing and was ok and healing and the all of a sudden a week later it became awful and infected. I woke up with 230bg and I think it was from that maybe. I git my flu shot and had a reaction but not as bad as 3 years ago.

That’s funny about not getting the acupuncture for that. 😹 I’m at the point where I don’t care anymore. 😹


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