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Blood results

Hi my mum paid for me to see a private Endo, weren't much help. Isn't ruling out a pituitary secretion problem but told me I need to look outside of Endo. I've seen Neuro and Cardio- nothing abnormal. Yet my hormone tests continue to be abnormal!

TSH 1.27 (0.35-5.5)

FT4 9.3 (10-19.8)

FT3 4.3 (3.55-5.44)

TPO Antibodies 81 (0-61)

Serum B12 1189ng/L (246-911)

Serum folate 24.0 ug/L (3.4-20.0)

Serum ferritin 80.3ug/L (20-300)

Serum calcium 2.65mmol/L (2.2-2.6)

Serum vit D 96nmol/L (30-200)

PTH (immulite) 0.5pmol/L (1.3-6.8)

Now I won't swear to it, but from memory antibodies were over 300 6 months ago, and FT3 was high instead of FT4 but I've misplaced old results

Any input greatly appreciated ☺️

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This is a link from re blood tests:-

This is a more realistic page than what the Endocrinologists use and reading the above interpretation along with your antibodies you are hypothyroid and need treatment with levothyroxine and T3 as well:-

FT4 9.3 (10-19.8)

FT3 4.3 (3.55-5.44)

are so low that you have very little T3 (the Active hormone required in our receptor cells to enable our metabolism to Function). A low T4 cannot convert to sufficient T3 and new Scientific paper which has been accepted and won a prize shows that some of us need a T3/T4 combination. It is called:-

Relational Stability of Thyroid Hormones in Euthyroid Subjects and Patients with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease


So what do I do in terms of treatment? He wants me to come off Levo (actually on NDT) for 6 weeks so we have a true reading of whether it's a thyroid or pituitary conversion problem


I cannot answer that question as he is supposed to be the expert. I'd hate to come of any thyroid hormones now as I know what a state I was in due to being undiagnosed.

I do wonder if you'd be better on T3 only. If you were thyroid hormone resistant you'd only improve on that alone. Also a person who cannot convert T4 will have a low T3. I think I'd drop the NDT (bearing in mind I'm in no way medically trained) and take T3 only for a few weeks to see if you improve without NDT. I think rather than take no thyroid hormones I'd try T3 alone first.

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Thanks where can you get T3?


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