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Trying my 2nd GP now!

Hi Folks,

I'm trying a 2nd GP next week after the 1st one looked at the results below and just said 'I'm not saying you haven't got Hashimoto's but it could be something else. Go to the cardiologist and let him send you to an endocrinologist if he thinks you need one'. Total disinterest in my symptoms despite the blood test results below:


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FREE THYROXINE 17.17 pmol/L 12.000 - 22.000

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 101.0 nmol/L 59.000 - 154.000

FREE T3 4.56 pmol/L 3.100 - 6.800

REVERSE T3 *43 ng/dL 10.000 - 24.000

THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY *122.200 IU/mL 0.000 - 115.000


VITAMIN B12 259.1 pg/ml 191.000 - 663.000

FOLATE (SERUM) 7.38 ug/L 4.600 - 18.700

25 OH VITAMIN D 113.6 nmol/L 50.000 - 200.000

CRP - HIGH SENSITIVITY *6.6 mg/L 0.000 - 5.000

FERRITIN 247.7 ug/L 30.000 - 400.000


My Symptoms are:

•Feeling the cold

•Tired all the time

•Muscle pain & cramps

•High blood pressure

•Slow healing

•Thicken of the skin – face mainly


•Myxedema – lower left leg & foot


•Weight gain – particularly round the tummy lately


•Tinnitus and hearing loss in left ear

•Hair loss & fine hair

•Brittle nails

•Dentist says I'm making a lot of plaque



•High uric acid\gout

•Eyebrows thinning

•Infection after infection



I left his surgery feeling totally lost to be honest and haven't posted here. I have to say, without the support by the wonderful people on this board I don't know what I would have done, I felt as if I was going mad.

All I want is a referral to an endocrinologist, so what are my rights when it comes to this? The 1st GP insists on me seeing a cardiologist I didn't ask for and won't send me to an endocrinologist when asked. Given the 2nd GP also works in the same surgery as the 1st GP, it would be great to know what I can DEMAND if met with the GP's cotton wool wall of non-co-operation again.

Thanks to all who had the patience to read this far down the post.

Good Luck And Thanks To All Here!


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Why a cardiologist? What are your heart symptoms? Cholesterol? I was diagnosed as sub clinically hypo with a similar TSH, and some symptom overlap. My antibodies were higher. Your GP was probably thinking. low antibodies tho over range, only just, relatively low TSH tho over this range, am I entitled under guidelines to give Levo? I think I'll pass the buck. Sub clinical hypo is normally treated at gp level, not by an expensive endo. GPs are there to guard the gate.

My Gp gave me levo because of my results plus high cholesterol, which brought me into the guidelines, and I merrily and quietly added in some NDT and self test thyroid levels.

Your ferritin is high in my view, it's an old fashioned range, but the fact that you have inflammation will be pushing it up. Any idea what the inflammation is? Sinus infection? Rheumatism? Lots of infections could link to a high iron level. There is a study of the Masai which showed a low iron level is associated with fewer infections.

Your B 12 is low. It might be causing some of your symptoms. Tinnitus, for example, is linked in some studies to low B 12.

Are you gluten free?

Given that your iron is high, you could try some zinc.. hair loss can link to low zinc. Don't overdose.

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My heart symptoms are\is high blood pressure which they cannot get down, even with a cocktail cabinet of pills, all of which made me feel even more horrible than I do normally and really got the gout going! 😣


Well, if the high BP is due to your hypo, the pills won't bring it down, will they! Seems logical to me. But, logic is something doctors sadly lack.

I think I would have asked him what else could cause high Hashi's antibodies, if it isn't Hashi's (more lack of logic!). But I think I know the reply : a shrug of the shoulders and a disinterested look!

Sorry, I can't answer your questions about your rights to see an endo. I don't actually think you have any rights at all, under the NHS. But, if a cardiologist could refer you to an endo - although you will probably be sorely disappointed by any endo you might see - I would go for it.

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you have high inflammation, c reactive protein, very high reverse t3, which means you are not utilizing and converting, what your thyroid hormone puts out..thus, hypo symptoms, plus, your thyroid antibodies are over range all of that with symptoms, indicates hashimotos. Your TSH is too, high, which is low thyroid, also your b12 is too low. Hypo and hash's will cause heart disease and high blood pressure.

Is there a good functional medicine doctor in your area? Can you afford to pay out of pocket? An Endo visit, is often a waste of time, for many actually, they just make a person feel worse. They go strictly by TSH, even tho they may order all tests and a small amount of thyroid hormone will take care of will be sicker than when you came in and they will send you to a psychiatrist.


Thanks so much, faith63, I've found one 30 miles from where I live. I'll be calling her tomorrow!


so glad you chose this route, it may be one way that you waste no more time. Much of what you have going on actually could have simple, natural remedy's. Are you in the US?


No, I'm in the north of the UK. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again! X

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please keep me informed. If you don't like what you hear, don't give up. See Dr. Isabella Wentz and Mark Hyman about reversing hashi's and autoimmune disease naturally. Read about blood pressure, on his site. Its all out there for us, free.


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