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Got my results now, advice much appreciated!

Hello!I finally got my private blood results, just not the Reverse T3 as apparently that takes 14 working days??

I was wondering if anyone could comment on them for me? My main concerns was that even though my results look "normal" I still feel exhausted at all times. But more major than that is trying REALLY hard to get pregnant for 13 months now to no avail. I am showing raised antibodies which is what I expected but they aren't as high as lots of people on here!

Results below! The doc put a star next to areas of concern, but recommended that whilst TSH and Thyroxine are high, I stay on my dose of 175 levo. Also said that my folate and B12 suggest over supplementation - but I am only taking the recommended pregnancy/conception supplements. Should I worry about that?

Thyroid Function

TSH Result: *0.245 mIU/L Range: 0.270-4.200

FREE THYROXINE Result: *30.55 pmol/L Range: 12.000-22.000

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) Result: 115.8 nmol/L Range: 59.000-154.000

FREE T3 Result: 4.48 pmol/L Range: 3.100-6.800

REVERSE T3 Result to follow

Thyroid Antibodies

THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY Result: 37.120 IU/mL Range:0.000-115.000

THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES Result: *96.89 IU/mL Range:0.000-34.000


VITAMIN B12 Result: *971.7 pg/ml Range: 191.000-663.000

FOLATE (SERUM) Result: *>19.98 ug/L Range: 4.600-18.700

25 OH VITAMIN D Result: 91.58 nmol/L Range: 50.000-200.000

Inflammation Marker

CRP - HIGH SENSITIVITY Result: 0.3 mg/L Range: 0.000-5.000

Iron Status

FERRITIN Result: 108.4 ug/L Range: 13.000-150.000

From what I have read about raised antibodies, I think all I can do is take selenium, go gluten free, and dairy free, and reduce alcohol and sugar? (I'm an average drinker not a heavy one!)

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Hi there, I'm not an expert by any means but my fertility clinic wants tsh to be between 0.5 and 2 (ideally 1) and ft4 in top 1/3rd of range. Your ft4 does seem very high. I'm waiting on my rt3 result too as I feel awful even though my tsh is 1.06 and my ft4 17.1.

For antibodies, the diet you suggested worked well for me and knocked my antibodies into the normal range. I take selenium and high dose fish oils. Some fertility clinics suggest steroids and blood thinners too when antibodies are present. There is also an elevated chance of natural killer cells with high antibodies.

I also had off the scale folate levels but I gave up multivitamins and switched to a good b complex (Thorne) and my folate is now at the top of the range. I read an article the other day about good vit B complex and vit D supplements being much better than a multivitamin for conception and pregnancy.

I waited far too long before going for investigations as we knew it wouldn't happen quickly. Much to our surprise, it was a sperm issue. Definitely worth exploring all angles. Wishing you lots of luck.


Thank you! Yes, I had read that TSH should be around that too, so mine being 0.245 is maybe not good for my fertility at all! What adjustment is needed to raise that - an increase or a decrease in Levo? I find it all so confusing!

We have had the sperm test already and that was normal and healthy.

Thank you or the advice on the B complex. I already take fish oils and vitamin D. I will certainly look into a good brand of B Complex unless you can recommend one?

Its interesting to know there are other things you can do for antibodies such as steroids and thinners, I had no idea, so I will mention this when I take these results along to my next fertility appointment next Wednesday. So far I have had the internal scan, all of the blood tests, and we've done the sperm test. All showing normal so far!

Thank you and lots of luck to you too!



I think it'll be interesting to see what your RT3 comes back as. If it does come back overrange there might be a case to reduce your levo dose a little bit - excess levothyroxine can turn to reverse T3, which blocks T3 receptors and stops levo converting to T3.

Although - just thought. Did you take your levo dose before doing the blood test? We generally advise here that you wait until after you've done the test to take your levo. If you did take it beforehand, your FT4 may be reading artificially high...

Don't worry about your suppressed TSH - that often happens when you're on good amounts of levo.


I take my dose in the morning, so on the morning of the test I skipped my tablets and took them after the test (so 24 hours since my last dose).

I'll post again once my RT3 comes through!

Thank you for taking the time to reply!


You're welcome. Your FT3 definitely isn't as high up its range as I'd expect to see it, so there's definitely an issue of some kind. If it isn't RT3 it might be that you'd benefit from taking slightly less levo and having some liothyronine added to your prescription. (Although that's not always as straightforward as it sounds as liothyronine (T3) is very expensive in the UK. It shouldn't be - but it is...)


Hey, my RT3 just came back - its 19 ng/dL (Range 10.000 -24.000). So I guess that's good? So wonder why I always feel groggy and on the verge of sleep all day long! :-)


It's a puzzle, isn't it? Though you clearly don't convert T4 to T3 as well as some. It might be that you'd benefit from lowering your levo a little and adding a little T3. But as you'll have gathered from reading here, getting T3 prescribed by a doctor can be a tall order.

There's nothing else obvious. Your B12 looks good (no need to reduce). Has diabetes been ruled out?

And finally - probably a cruel question for which I apologise - there isn't a chance you're already pregnant?


no, definitely not pregnant unfortunately :-) haha. Its been around 2 and a half years now that I just feel wiped out from the moment I wake up - I still feel half asleep and groggy and foggy all the time, especially bad in the first 4-6 hours each day. Noone has ever mentioned diabetes, there is no history of it and I eat healthily and exercise well, not sure I need to consider that?

Have next infertility appt tomorrow anyway so at least have my full thyroid results now!


It's just something else to rule out and easy enough to do a quick check on. Unfortunately diabetes and hypothyroidism do often go together - very annoying - and doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how healthily you eat.

Couldn't be sleep apnoea could it? That's a condition where you stop breathing for short periods during the night, so lose out on oxygen, and wake up feeling terrible. Also something else to rule out, perhaps?


Or - on a (bread) roll now - possible gluten intolerance? Again, you'd probably have no idea it was affecting you until cutting it out - that's what happened to me. Took me years to put two and two together!


Yes - I am going gluten free as of today (was waiting til we finished eating the top tier of our wedding cake haha).

Will give it a month or so and see how I feel after a month of following gluten free 110%!


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