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Newbie - Adrenal stress profile test

I have been reading many interesting posts but could not find the answer I was looking for, I am sure one of you many knowledgeable souls on here will be able to help.

After 30 years of NHS blood tests and taking T4, T4+T3 and now NDT, I am starting to take matters into my own hands. I have requested an adrenal stress test from Genova diagnostics but I have been taking Rhodiola tablets from Holland & Barrett, will these affect the results or should I stop taking them first and if so how long should I wait before collecting samples for the test. I was also considering a rT3 blood test next but wanted to get the adrenal results first though I have just been prescribed Vitamin D by my GP. I also take magnesium zinc, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin B complex, all from Holland & Barrett in addition to 2 grains of NT. I have had enough of the poor sleep, terrible memory, zero energy, joint pain and headaches.

Many thanks

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Hi. You should probably call Genova diagnostics. Sorry I can't be of more help. :-)

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Welcome to our forum.

Below is a link showing supplements that include Rhodiola known to affect adrenal function so could skew cortisol test results. 

Some say to stop adrenal support for testing but I feel this could be a backwards step in improving adrenal health. I never stop supports as feel I am testing the present function regardless of taken supplements  (unless you are proposing to stop the Rhodiola in the near future).

A Vit D deficiency can inhibit thyroid meds from working.  Have you had Vit B12 & iron tested ? Also ask your doctor to test thyroid hormones and post results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.



That is very helpful, thanks


I too am about to take same test on the advice of a nutritionist and she has told me to stop my supplements for 3 days prior to the test.  Obviously you should still take you thyroid meds.


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