Cortisol / Adrenal stress profile results are back (saliva test). Any thoughts please?

I have just had my results back from Genova Diagnostics . I took a saliva test am, noon ,pm and night. Would love some feed back. They said it was "normal" but on the low side. I don't do "normal" anymore? after Tsh results being "normal" for 5 years at 4 and above! So any thoughts would be great thanks.

1. cortisol AM 4.2 RANGE 2.4 - 33.7

2 cortisol- noon 4.5 RANGE 1.2 - 17.8

3 cortisol -PM 2.1 RANGE 0.5 - 12.1

4 cortisol -NIGHT 0.7 RANGE 0.3 - 11.0

5 TOTAL CORTISOL 11.5 RANGE 8.2 - 50.9


6 DHEA (NOON-PM AVERAGE) 2.4 RANGE O.8-7.5 ng/ml

7 Antigliadin lgA 8.9 <=20.34 ug/ml

8 Secretory lgA 240 RANGE 14-259

What would my next step be?

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  • Hi, would you mind telling me exactly which tests you ordered from Genova, I'm considering doing the same but their list of tests is leaving me totally confused! If you could tell me the precise names of the ones you ordered that would be great! Many thanks!

  • Hi, I ordered ( 0043 Adrenal Stress Plus profile- saliva.)

    Good luck


  • Thanks, sorry to be stoopid but I cannot see that one listed on Genovas web site?

  • Was it this one?

  • HI I phoned Blue Horizon Medicals in Tavistock U.K. There number is 0800 0988 751. They organised it with Genova. It cost me £135.00.

    They will make sure you get the right one. 0043 Adrenal stress Plus Profile- saliva.

    Hope that sorts it, all the best.


  • Just to let you know I managed to find, what I think, is the cheapest way to get a 24 hour Cortisol Saliva plus DHEA home test kit from Genova done via the Thyroid UK website

    It costs £75 (called the Adrenal Stress Profile: END01 ) - which is less than half the price of other ones I found. By the way the one referred to in this thread is now called Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile: END02 @ £97. It seems they have changed the names and reference numbers since this post was written 5 months ago! I now await the package. Genova don't even charge to send it out to you. You pay once you send the package back, apparently.

  • Hi My Endo always says that this type of test is not accurate. The only test she likes is a 24 hour urine collection with a cortisone tablet at midnight ( prescribed) and a blood test at 9 am. Also along with most Endo`s she says that it is important to get the thyroid right first, especially T4 and FT3 as often then, the adrenal glands clear up on their own.I am not sure if GP would be willing to do this but cannot think of any reasons why not.!

    Best wishes,


  • thatis strange i heard that adrenals should be checked first before thyroid.

  • Pettals, Not sure what you meant. I said that most Endo`s like the thyroid correct, before having any adrenal treatment. Regarding the test, it can , ideally be done first and then when thyroid stable, again, to see if treatment is then it may be Ok then.


  • Yes that is what I have read too , thanks

  • It definitely should be but is usually ignored by docs AND endos. Most are still in the stone age in the treatment of hypothyroidism because of the false info promoted by pharmaceutical corps. Most, if not all, go by lab results alone and whether you feel just as bad is not even considered. Congratulations ! Lab results say you are fine now. People who ignore low adrenal function symptoms who take T 3 or T 4 meds LEARN THE HARD WAY ! Anyone who has symptoms of low adrenal function, if you insist don't take my word for it, take the docs or endos word and see what happens. Check out the STTM - "stop the thyroid madness" website and you will learn just how disgustingly broken AND CORRUPT the system is. Just T4 meds alone is a corrupt billion dollar industry. My doctor. like most others including endos, ignore adrenal system problems because they take the pharm companie$ BS as gospel. He also wasn't the one in the emergency room 4 weeks later at deaths door with Thyroid Storm. I WAS ! That was a direct result of a very low starting dose of T4 meds.

  • You may want to ask your doctor about the references here:

    Many members discovered their adrenal fatigue when they started thyroid medication – because the increased metabolism strained the adrenals. Doctor Broda Barnes describes this in his lectures “And the thing that we have to think of very often, is a partial adrenal deficiency too. If the blood pressure of a patient is 100 systolic or below, I hesitate, in fact I won’t start them on thyroid, without giving them 5mg of prednisone at the same time. Because, if you raise the metabolism a little as we’re doing with the thyroid, you also have to have a little more secretion from the adrenal. The normal gland, can furnish it and do all right. But if the blood pressure is too low in the beginning, the chances are that this patient is going to get worse, about four days after you start them on thyroid, they will become worse than they were.” (5 mg of Prednisone is = to 20 mg of hydrocortisone)

    5) How do I test the condition of my adrenals? Please read what Janie says here If your doctor insists on blood tests for cortisol, that is fine – just order the saliva labs in addition so you can see the 24 hour cortisol rhythm.

    6) Is saliva testing as accurate as blood labs for cortisol levels? Yes. Here is an article citing many medical references

  • Hi Heloise,

    Thanks for the reply, I am studying the info you have sent me. It does make sense, I have sent the results to my G.P . I believe these levels do need to come up one way or another. I appreciate your time thankyou again .


  • Hi Eloise,

    read your interesting comment about Adrenal fatigue and testing. The blood test for cortisol you mentioned is it the same as the Synacthen test ?

    I had a short Synacthen test .The hospital endo was scornful about the saliva test,so she arranged for the Synacthen; result was baseline cortisol of 320 and 30 minute cortisol 724. on that result she said it was normal and told me to stop taking prednisolone.

    I also had the saliva comprehensive Adrenal stress profile by Genova Diagnostics a month later for my own peace of mind.

    Results: 1st, 2nd, 3rd samples in range,4th sample high 4.2.

    Total cortisol 30.4, DHEA 0.04 low,0.05 low. DHEA: cortisol ratio0.15 low.

    Unsure whether to stop taking prednisolone which I had taken for 5 years, was very worried about stopping it so I did it gradually taking it on alternate days. Stopped taking it 20 days ago and I feel dreadful and getting worse.

    To ma ke matters worse I was taken off Cytomel and NDT combination, back in November last year while in hospital for a week ( T3 sligtly out of range 7.8) and was switched to Thyroxine 75mcg, I have been gettingworse ever since . Was on Thyroxine from 1994-2005 with tremendous hypo symptoms

    and of course they have all come back,but much worse. And now the Adrenal situation is causing even further problems .I feel really bad the Gp wrote to the endo asking for an earlyer appointment and she refused.

    Sorry to send such a lengthy message but feel quite desperate.

  • Oh my, I wish I knew more myself mariolin. I think the saliva test is crucial because it takes the whole range of a day and night into consideration and if even one of them is off, you have a problem. If your fourth sample was high, I wonder if taking prednisolone had something to do with that.

    Now why would they take you off T3 totally, why not just reduce your dose? After your body has been used to the T3, it is probably quite difficult not to have any. And especially when you knew you weren't doing well on T4. I think you should contact your doctor and insist on going back to NDT and if he won't, you can probably find a way to attain T3. Were you in the hospital because of your thyroid or something else?

    You have to raise your voice a little as they will do whatever is simplest for themselves.

    Post a question about the saliva test results as I just don't feel qualified and have tried DHEA once and it gave me a headache. I've also taken glandulars and looked into this which may interest you:

  • READING THE BP HERE IS SYSTOLIC UPPER OR LOWER-- when i was in hosp with what i thik was anadrenal crisis my bp was 97 i am sure systolic, i was sooooooooooooooooo ill an d no one helped or understood i then was vomiting! i am surprised i survived two of these 2007 and 2010 but its been 3 years and i am stil unwwell.

  • Thanks for reply Jackie, I am looking into it.

  • Hello, Paul, I guess you will have already found this link with all its very informative further links, here goes anyway:

  • HI thanks again nostoneunturned .

    all the best


  • So grateful for your reply Heloise especially as I feel so bad and find myself in a difficult situation. I did think it odd that the last saliva sample should be high as you say it could be the prednisolone. It has been and still is a roller coaster, after the Synacthen test mid march I had avery bad rash spread rapidly through the body had to go to A&E was given 30mg prednisolone x 3 days but that was 3/4 weeks before the saliva test who knows!

    You ask why they took me off T3 an NDT totally it is something I struggled to see the sense.

    I am afraid it's a long story I don't really want to be a bore, but I should explain.

    November 23 blacked out fell banged my head paramedics arrived was monitored and pronounced in atrial fibrilltion, admitted to hospital, brain scan. was told I had a small clot on the Thalamus. The day before the fall I had tingling and numbness of hands feet and left outside leg arm and scalp which seemed to wear off towards evening.

    In hospital was given my usual thyorid meds: Cytomel 27and1/2 mcg, and NDT 1/4gr

    on the third day doctors came round said my thyroid blood test were out of range:TSH 0.05

    T4 3.4, T3 7.8 so TSH suppressed (had been for 3 years) T3 high ,they claimed this caused atrial fibrilltion causing a smoll clot to dislodge and settle on the brain.

    In 2012 I had episodes of palpitations seen briefly by an associate cardiologist had an echocardiogram I declined an angiogram as advised by a doctor as I was very unwell, so

    I was labelled with paroxismal atrial fibrillation, may be that's why the decision was taken to take me off my T3 anNDT unnecessarily I feel they could have just adjusted the doses, but I am afraid I stumbled on an endo that refuses to use NDT and T3 and does not obviuosly accept that some people have difficulty to convert T4 in to T3

    My GP from the start when I asked her 2005 she refused to prescribed NDT and still does

    The hospital endo was quite hostile when I remonstrated about being put back on Thyroxine which I had taken for 10 years with continuing and worsening symptoms.That's what drove me to seek private doctor advice. But the main body of endocrinology and the NHS on which

    one is dependant upon especially with my not so brilliant state of health do not accept NDT replacement and or combination therapy. If I could find an endocrinologist that is willing to use NDT or T3 not easy to find and my adrenal problem complicates the situation especially now that the hospital endo has decided my synacthen is normal and I can stop taking prednisolone, I have stopped it as she said and feel very bad I don't know how I'll get through. I am presently doing another saliva test, but the hospital endo does not accept it.

    Thank you for your advice on glandulars and yes STTM is a very interesting site and a lot to take in will continue to scan through it, but I still feel that an endo who uses T3 and NDT is what I need. A relative of mine gave me the name of an endo, but irony of ironies he turned out treat only with thyroxine.

    Thanks Heloise for reading through all this and your advice.

  • Oh mariolin, what a nightmare you have been through. I've been participating here for several months (no real advice, just pointing to articles which may relate) and think that doctors cannot really be that obstinate. I live in the states and it isn't entirely different here. I'm ordering my own "meds" from Canada or Mexico and trusting my senses.

    Your situation was probably very complicated and coming to "right" conclusions about that clot is probably still unclear. I'm sure A-fib can cause clots but to blame your thyroid meds for that is something I have never read. Of course, most of my reading is pro-NDT and pro-T3. A bump on the head can definitely cause a clot but you had the symptoms of a small stroke before you fell so I suppose they ruled that out. I verified that hypothyroids have an enlarged left venticle and a lagging R wave on an EKG by having those myself, both caused by under medication of hypothyroidism. I really fear this is a losing cause to try to change the "system" which leaves people in an untenable situation. There are ways around it that I think are affordable and I think this forum is somewhat helpful to aid people on this course. Unfortunately, it can be guesswork and trial and error which is rather frightening. In your case with the adrenal issues involved, you just wish some magical solution would deposit.

    Just keep posting your questions as some people here will probably have a similar experience and share it. Someone posted yesterday about taking DHEA and the initial response has been amazing. We have to remember that we each come from a different perspective but perhaps you can put this puzzle together. There are lists of sources on this site which may direct you to helpful GP's or Endos.

    But, don't give up and don't be trampled by this disfunctional system of treating hypothyroidism within the NHS.

  • To Heloise my apologies for the delay in replying late to your kind and knowledgeable and helpful advice re my post June 10.You probably have forgotten by now about the complicated medical situation I find myself in.I have had to start taking Prednisone again in spite of the hospital endo saying I should stop taking it as the synacthen test was normal as I was feeling terribly cold and dizzy and loosing my balance even more than before,also taking a bit less T4 50 mcg and started taking some T3 2.5mcg There is a slight improvement.

    My last Adrenal Stress Index, having been off Prednisone for a month, cortisol was in range except for the late evening which was just above range. DHEA all below range.

    My big hurdle now having to cope with the hospital endo at the next follow up as I have gone against her advice to stop taking prednisone.She will probably write to the GP that I have gone against her recommendation and the GP may tell me to look for another GP.

    We shall see.

  • Jesus I feel for everyone going through endocrine disorders. I myself have hist spent six months researching and living the hell of hypothyroid and hypoadrenalism snd I hate to say it the lack of medical attention in this area. I'm still waiting to see an endo and was given a synacthen test that I feel nearly finished me off was bed ridden v weak chronic fatigue and dizziness. Horrible. I have s child on my own to look after too which was impossible. I have written to the manufacturers and asked why a drug that is indicated by previous manufacturers - Novartis - should be given out to people to stress a part of their body already in crisis mode. It's Absurd.

    What has come to my rescue? Bio energy healing. Please look it up. It has reversed sosny symptoms in a week. I'm not on meds. I felt normal immediately do the first time in years. Beyond norm - happy!! I had energy returned and my throat swelling gone down.

    It's your bodies way of returning to its original health assisted by energy field healing. Mine was done remotely and it heals not ot the body but the mind and spirit. On a multi function breakdown you need more than a pill. You need your body to heal itself.

    I believe this works. I have had tired episodes but remarkable differences. The only thing I feel lingering is possibly leaky gut and candidate resistance to leave the GI it's fighting to stay! But all other cells feel different. The body has its own intelligence. Please research it. You will never look back. :) x

  • Sorry for iPhone typos but think you get the picture!

  • Sorry for such a late post but anyone who suspects hypothyroidism or is currently being "treated" should most definitely check the website several people mentioned- Stop The Thyroid Madness. ESPECIALLY if you also suspect low adrenal function. Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism but also having classic low adrenal symptoms which was dismissed with the wave of a hand, was the very first time I didnt bother to do my own thorough research and it nearly cost me my life .What you learn from the website can spare you a lot of endless misery . Most people falsely assume they can get a referral to a local endo and get the help they really need, only to learn they just went from the frying pan to the fire.

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